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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Jun/09 12:58 AM
Be careful out there!
Wonderful, Ray!
02/Jun/09 1:01 AM
Your crown, Your Majesty!
02/Jun/09 1:03 AM
1:56 Maen! My first thought as the picture was fading in was "amber waves of grain"
02/Jun/09 1:06 AM
Yippee! Thank you, my dear!
(Think I'd better leave now. I've got my quota for the day, I think!)
Be back later checking in for possible baby announcements!
02/Jun/09 1:07 AM
Good Maen to everyone!

This is a very pretty golden color.

This place is hopping today!
02/Jun/09 1:13 AM
I think I'd like to be DaVinci. He could do it all.
02/Jun/09 1:33 AM
DanM - I thought of "amber waves of grain, too"
André - gee, that's a tough question. Even tougher than some of Fiona's riddles!

Is anybody besides me watching the French Open tennis? I'm pulling for Federer.
02/Jun/09 1:39 AM
This picture must have been taken right after a rain. Incredible colors!
02/Jun/09 1:39 AM
Heidi - did you read DaVinci Code & Angels & Demons? I just finished Angels & Demons last night. Now I can go see the movie & find out how it compares.
Some of you may have seen this amazing website which shows many famous people throughout history all together in one painting! More...
02/Jun/09 1:44 AM
I should add that some of them are not so famous. In fact, there are many that I have never even heard of!
02/Jun/09 1:48 AM
02/Jun/09 2:13 AM
Glinda, yes I made it. Would also make a good stretching exercise.
02/Jun/09 2:16 AM
Good afternoon to all! I wonder what is kurking in that marsh grass? Duck hunters maybe?
02/Jun/09 2:47 AM
Hello, this is the Brown residence. We're in the middle of a family fight right now. Leave your name and number at the beep and whoever wins will call you right back.
02/Jun/09 2:51 AM
Glinda, yes, I can touch both of my elbows to the outside of my opposite knees. But dammit, I cannot reach that spot right in the middle of my back just below my shoulder blades when it is itchy!
02/Jun/09 2:53 AM
André, what a wonderful question. I think I would prefer to stay being me (less some of my bad habits and with more money in the bank), as I have family and friends I care for and I would hate to give them up.
02/Jun/09 2:55 AM
A guy walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered a drink. He starts eating the beer nuts at the bar and he hears a voice say, "Wow! You look GREAT tonight!"
The man looks over at the bartender who didn't say anything and just keeps drinking and eating beer nuts and he hears something More...
02/Jun/09 2:58 AM
"That was a GREAT one, Greg!"
02/Jun/09 3:08 AM
I'll go kurking with you, CG! Is that ... like ... exploring Scottish churches?
02/Jun/09 3:08 AM
Andre, Think I would just be me
02/Jun/09 3:08 AM
Kathy, what a wonderful painting! I'm with you, I didn't recognize several, but absolutely loved Lewis Carroll peeking out from under the table. How appropriate!
02/Jun/09 3:12 AM
♪♪ Judy and Greg, sitting in a tree,
k-u-r-k-i-n-g! ♪♪
02/Jun/09 3:14 AM
Yes Kathy. I enjoyed that painting too - what a fabulous idea - and very informative too. Funny mixture of the historically famous and contemporary disreputables. The linking is marvellous as you can directly and quickly access biographical information on each person.
02/Jun/09 3:16 AM
02/Jun/09 3:18 AM
Judy, I'll go kurking with you any time, anyplace!
02/Jun/09 3:18 AM
That picture remnds me of rice paddy after harvest time.
02/Jun/09 3:18 AM
Did any of you find the cat that is in that painting Kathy told us about?
02/Jun/09 3:18 AM
Be still my heart ...
02/Jun/09 3:20 AM
Greg I was just going to say the same thing de cat in de pockett
02/Jun/09 3:22 AM
Quiet time over - now busy,busy, busy.
02/Jun/09 3:24 AM
No cat noticed here, but I did find some sheep in Kathy's picture, and noted that Charles Darwin was in very inappropriate clothing for his era.
02/Jun/09 3:26 AM
The LOL cat on the table!
02/Jun/09 3:27 AM
All the way to the left, Ray.
02/Jun/09 3:28 AM
There is another one Kathy.....
02/Jun/09 3:33 AM
Okay, let me have another look....
02/Jun/09 3:34 AM
Mo found the other one. Sorry Mo, I hadn't noticed your comment.
02/Jun/09 3:37 AM
Greg, I had to go back to look for the cat. And then I found TWO - the one on the far left on the table & the "lolcat" in the camel pocket. I definitely had to click on that to find out what a lolcat is!
02/Jun/09 3:41 AM
Funny how there are all those influential people & we are more interested in the cats! Jim from Jupiter will surely want to look for them, too - we know how he loves cats!
02/Jun/09 3:44 AM
The famous animals aren't given names. How modest of them.
02/Jun/09 3:45 AM
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