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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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The sun! The sun! Finally. The lakes, however, are still overflowing and won't recede for a while.
02/Jun/15 12:07 AM
WOW...where is everybody?
Hope you are all well
02/Jun/15 12:21 AM
Morning. Good news, Wolf.
02/Jun/15 12:29 AM
Cute little watermelon.
02/Jun/15 12:36 AM
I bet you guys were thinking that I haven't been around because of baby girl. Nope. Hubby took time off. I totally empathize with Karen and someone changing their routine. Fortunately for me, there is a limit to his vacation time.
02/Jun/15 12:38 AM
02/Jun/15 12:40 AM
02/Jun/15 1:38 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Jun/15 1:48 AM
Dedicated to our friend.
02/Jun/15 1:49 AM
Having another set of Things in the house is thrilling and exhausting. Though I believe it their father that wears me out more, because he is so afraid that a one and two year old are going to get into something. Had to tell that man to back off this morning and let those darlings go.
02/Jun/15 1:51 AM
June has arrived, which is a sign of the end of the rainy season, for me. We did not get the rain like Wolf and I think Jamie was having fun in his area. Surrounding areas had some flooding, but that was mainly drainage issues. The humidity is high now, but not like I was expecting, but the More...
02/Jun/15 1:55 AM
Since birth, Man has been teaching the girls about the differences in snakes. Last year, we did a big project on rattle snakes. This year the girls went snake hunting. My eldest knows all about snakes and what to look for and is not scared of the slithering creatures.
02/Jun/15 1:57 AM
Saturday, she flew into the house and plowed into me and would not take her death grip from around my neck, speaking a language I have never heard before. I got red, black and long, before getting her vice from around my neck loose. She was playing with her cars in the grass and came face to More...
02/Jun/15 2:03 AM
02/Jun/15 2:31 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!!! Seems you'll need it with all the happenings down your way! Bet after hearing your older daughter's screams concerning snakes has your brother up at arms! Wonder if the little darlings will ever see the outdoors again?
02/Jun/15 2:34 AM
How nice to see Serena back!
I have spent the morning emptying the laundry room in prep for our semi-annual furnace/AC inspection. If that weren't bad enough, we are also having the carpet cleaned, so I have to clear everything off More...
02/Jun/15 2:39 AM
We all agreed not to tell my sister's husband, of K's incident. Though if he does not give me full bonding time with my niece and nephew, I will tell him so he can go away. Of course, he has to leave his babies with me.
02/Jun/15 2:42 AM
I might add that this is 2 hallways, living room, dining room, and family room. As I said, LOTS of stuff!
02/Jun/15 2:43 AM
I understand all the rain in Texas is bringing a lot of snakes out of hiding. My son has seen several in his yard. I told him I would visit when they go back into hiding.
02/Jun/15 2:46 AM
Around 11, I sat down to regroup and now it is going on 12 and I do not think my moving parts are working. I should be refreshing, since the house is empty, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen in a timely manner.
02/Jun/15 2:46 AM
I'm here.
02/Jun/15 2:47 AM
02/Jun/15 2:47 AM
Our across the street, on one side, neighbor has the best water hole, aka drive-way, when it sprinkles. With last weeks T-storms, my girls have been in heaven. (We have permission to play). One day, M was out playing and when I checked on her, she showed me these huge worms. At first look, my heart More...
02/Jun/15 2:52 AM
You would show up and gallump on me.
Congrats, dear.
02/Jun/15 2:53 AM
Cloudy, but not overcast.
I couldn't get to sleep last night, so when I finally fell asleep this morning, I stayed there!
02/Jun/15 3:23 AM
02/Jun/15 4:08 AM
Karen, those are nightcrawlers, a fisherman's dream. Harmless.
02/Jun/15 4:09 AM
Back to, yes, packing. Kitchen done soon, then on to the bathrooms, then sewing room. I hope to be out of here Wednesday Meeting up with Jane on Saturday!
02/Jun/15 4:10 AM

I've been to the cardiovascular doctor to get my lab results. Blood pressure and cholesterol are fine, but I have to stay on the medicines. All other blood test results are fine also, but no meds. I think it's crazy to be on cholesterol medicines since I've More...
02/Jun/15 4:29 AM
So good to see Serena stop in for a quick chat. I do hope her children are all doing fine with the newest addition.
02/Jun/15 4:30 AM
, y'all! Gonna be a crazy week at the Silverhouse. Last week of school, last minute activities, S'Teen's a graduation usher, then there are half-days, plus I have a freebie health screening at S'Guy's workplace. Friday I'm taking off to get ready for the rafting and caving trip.
02/Jun/15 5:11 AM
Silverteen as a baby had an apple-themed romper, very similar. Cute young'un!
02/Jun/15 5:14 AM
Logic puzzle answer!
Greg, Cynthia's brother, has 2 kids - brought the salmon
Ralph, Mark's brother, no kids - brought the watermelon
Sara, Cynthia's sister, has 1 kid - brought the cookies
Wanda, Mark's sister, 3 kiddos - brought the potato salad

In the winner's circle, we have More...
02/Jun/15 5:27 AM
1:13. Good morning everyone.
02/Jun/15 7:20 AM
Morning all, I used to make my girls these romper suits.
I'm pleased that Wolf, Jamie and Karen are at last seeing some sunshine.
02/Jun/15 8:25 AM
Happy Birthday Nola, have a great day being spoiled by the family.🎂🎉🎁💟
02/Jun/15 8:28 AM
Good morning.
02/Jun/15 9:04 AM
Another broken night's sleep.
02/Jun/15 9:05 AM
So I think I'll head back to bed in a minute.
02/Jun/15 9:06 AM
But first - BOTP
02/Jun/15 9:06 AM
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