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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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New page?
02/Aug/12 4:51 AM
I knew when I posted it, yesterday, that it probably wouldn't survive, but I had to try any way... IT'S WAS POLITICAL.

I guess that 'historical politics' are ok, but recent or current aren't.

Or is it that positive comments about one party are ok, but negative comments aren't.
02/Aug/12 5:11 AM
DoA - I would have thought that you would figure out that this is generally an apolitical site.
As I'm sure you know, there are many political sites on the web. Why waste your time here?
02/Aug/12 5:26 AM
Well, Hal, I thought the comment about Booth was political, but I didn't report it as abusive.
02/Aug/12 5:28 AM
Besides I am a equal opportunity basher. Isn't that apolitical?
02/Aug/12 5:30 AM
Hey 44 & 45. They don't make a 46 do they?
02/Aug/12 5:31 AM
That's strange. There were two comments about Booth yesterday. I didn't see anything 'political' about either of them.
02/Aug/12 5:34 AM
And being an 'equal opportunity basher' doesn't make it any less political.
02/Aug/12 5:37 AM
Uggh. The stairwells and halls in this apartment complex are stifling- hot and airless. I literally can't breathe and get lightheaded. Plus I've been lugging 50 # rolls of smooth bitumen. OK. Back to it.
02/Aug/12 6:59 AM
Sarah from DC asked me a good question I'll answer here later. Gotta go back to work.
02/Aug/12 7:00 AM
2.26 hi all. we have a frost here this morning and even with heater on it is still real cold.
02/Aug/12 7:01 AM
How predictable, go out of your way to post comments you hope will be deleted, so you can moan and groan about the injustice of it all. Hal's right, save the political controversy for the sites that welcome it.
02/Aug/12 7:27 AM
Hello everyone! Just back for a sudoku & jigsaw fix before I get back to the sewing machine!!
02/Aug/12 7:58 AM
Wonderful news about Jaime!!
02/Aug/12 7:58 AM
Hello Heidi! One question how would you get rid of the asbestos?!!
02/Aug/12 8:00 AM
Anyway I'm sure your statement was made without any malice and I'll tell you how it's done according to the rules down here. I'm sure you've forgotten that everything has to go out in a boat/barge!
02/Aug/12 8:04 AM
The person removing the asbestos from a property has to have completed a course & received a certificate to be able to legally remove asbestos. He has to where one of those suits pathologists etc have to wear at crime scenes. You know, with hoods gloves & booties!! He/she also has to wear a mask & More...
02/Aug/12 8:11 AM
where = wear!
02/Aug/12 8:12 AM
I may not be commenting much at the moment but I am thinking about you all!!
02/Aug/12 8:19 AM
One more CP for CP - hope everything is improving by leaps & bounds, but I'm also hoping you're NOT leaping & bounding yet!!!! Too much activity can lead to adhesions, or so I was told, but then mine did rupture just as they found it!!!!
02/Aug/12 8:24 AM
I have no idea how to correctly remove asbestos. Is there some way to safely remove it so it will never be a risk to the environment? I looked at that picture and the first thought that popped into my head was that vandals would love to shred the plastic off those bundles and allow the asbestos More...
02/Aug/12 9:06 AM
And no, Kate. No malice was intended in my question. I was just surprised. I'm sorry that I gave you the wrong impression of my tone. I don't always state things as clearly as I might. I have a bad case of Foot In Mouth Disease.
02/Aug/12 9:11 AM
I hope the vandals were caught, Heidi.
02/Aug/12 9:18 AM
Oh, yeah. They were very sick. Mercury poisoning isn't nice.
02/Aug/12 10:16 AM
Our County Fair started off with a bang. The head of the carnival was setting up rides and was standing on the top of the water slide as it was being moved into position. He ended up hitting 2 electrical lines, was knocked off the slide by the shock, fell and broke his back. The accident also fried the main transformer and the fair was without power the first night and had to be closed.
02/Aug/12 10:29 AM
I remember that as a kid, I broke unwanted thermometers and rubbed the mercury on dimes to make them very shiney.
Wonder if that explains some of my posts on this site?
02/Aug/12 11:11 AM
Shiney, shiny... whatever.
02/Aug/12 11:12 AM
Hello everyone,now I know why the old place was pulled down,Kate.
02/Aug/12 11:45 AM
No, Keith, what I hoped is that people on this site were mature adults that, if they didn't like it, would skip over it and go on with their lives.

Being that this is supposed to be a family site, perhaps it should be pointed out that, not infrequently, 'jokes' with thinly disguised
se More...
02/Aug/12 1:01 PM
Aww geez, DoA. I really didn't want to do this, but you have forced me to take a stand.
You wax poetic over what you consider OK and what is not OK.
Reading over what you think about what we think is acceptable, puts you into the evangelical, ultra-right fringe group.
I'm not saying More...
02/Aug/12 1:24 PM
Sorry for the rant folks. But (I think), it had to be said. I would like to suggest that, from this point forward, we simply ignore all posts from DoA.
02/Aug/12 1:29 PM
Waaay past my bedtime. Night all.
02/Aug/12 2:22 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/Aug/12 2:51 PM
Aww...stay up HalT....I'm enjoying this!
02/Aug/12 3:17 PM
No, DoA, what you want is to be able to force your opinions upon us, and bully us into not complaining about it, ostensibly because we'd be immature if we had the nerve to complain instead of skipping over them. Thing is, it's hard to skip over something until you've read it, and by then it's too late. Hal's blunt, but he's right. This is not the place for your extreme views.
02/Aug/12 3:33 PM
CLICK ON more *:see below
v:Only cell left in vertical column for this number.
h:Only cell left in horizontal row for this number.
b:Only cell left in 3X3 box for this number.
c:Only number left for this cell.
02/Aug/12 4:58 PM
DoA would love it on Facebook! Saw a brilliant meme on there today, just perfect for this situation-

'Your relentless political Facebook posts finally turned me around to your way of thinking', said Nobody, ever!
02/Aug/12 5:31 PM
I walked out of my job at the Helium Gas factory...I wasn't gonna be spoken too in that tone of voice!
02/Aug/12 5:54 PM
1.54 Aaargh! Asbestos...the scourge of our times :(
02/Aug/12 5:57 PM
2:08 Good evening one and all!
02/Aug/12 8:05 PM
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