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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello All
Such a long time to go back to this It is always
feel confident to do this. I have tried other harder. It really takes lot of time. Sometimes I dont feel that I am good enough. You all can try other to get experience.
hi all
02:16 - nice light show
Greetings Times are getting better
4:39 and enjoyed the pic. Happy 300th Birthday to Ben Franklin!
still up waiting for last guest to arrive
Very cool picture!
To Gath.

As you would expect, your poll shows a majority who don't want to be bothered with puzzles needing a Forcing Chain. But there is also a substantial minority, around 30%, who welcome the challenge and want to see such puzzles continued. If we have for or five categories on the More...
Krissy get to work!
I'm on earlier than usual, so thought I'd say 'hi' before there's too many comments - now on to the puzzle!
2:43 Double Lightning!
What fun! This is a great brain starter for students.
Great picture - time so-so. 4:36
Nice to look at.... scary to be under
Good. I was getting tired of cats and dogs!
Sudoku is work, Karl! Sheesh.
4:18 Wow!! what a great picture
2:09 good morning! fantastic picture. cheers to all for a wonderful weekend
4:14 great picture - what city is it?
Just under 4 mins,
Karl glad to see you were working just as hard as Krissy!!!!
Great picture. Does anyone know where it is?
Is it just me, or was anyone else looking for Godzilla in this picture?
stupid question : what is Nishio and Focing Chains techniques ? can i read up on that some where?
What a great picture. Have a nice day.
Just you I think Amelie!!!
3.04 getting slower :-(
4:35 Wow!! Where is that?
http://www.sudokuoftheday.com/pages/tech niques-10.php
1:40 - amazing show of the power of nature!
Good MAEN to all in the world.
Solving Sudoku : Forcing Chains
This technique (thankfully!) is quite easy to understand, but can take quite some time to work out within a puzzle. This is a technique where having a separate copy or notepad overlay really helps, because you'll be making lots of notes!
A simple forcing chain More...
To Dave, cathy, LP, rosemary, sweta, g in napa, Jane/Wash.,& HH (did I miss anyone?) - thank you all very much for your comforting comments. I feel so much better now. It's nice to know there are many more kind & understanding people than jerks among us. Still I will consider becoming a member in order to avoid imposters in the future. Good suggestion - thank you.
2:56... eat my dust dude!!!
a high voltage discharge.great to look at.like to know from where it is.looks like a professional one.
3:23, not fast, but consistent.
Love to watch lightning, from a safe distance.
We don't get much in western Oregon.
Have a great day everyone, awesome picture!
Go Steelers!
Hi all. 4:46
Hi sweta - good MAEN to you, too! Kym, thanks for the tennis report - sorry about Lleyton's loss. I was happy I won my ladies' doubles match yesterday playing with someone I had never met before! We went to 7-5 in the 3rd set in very windy conditions. Today I am off to tutor my student in the More...
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