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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Obviously backwards sdrawkcab is difficult for us some...

!tac a yllaer si skcihc looc" ro "toh" esoht fo eno taht kniht I

I also like the fact that Mamacita was yllaer tnereffid ni gnivah reh sdrow nettirw sdrawkcab tub daer sdrawrof!

Good one érdna
20/Jan/09 7:14 AM

gniyrt neve tuohtiw!
20/Jan/09 7:16 AM
Of course that should have read some of us... and "looc"
20/Jan/09 7:18 AM
well I must be alone
20/Jan/09 7:18 AM
llew I tsum eb enola
20/Jan/09 7:19 AM
enola eb tsum I llew
20/Jan/09 7:20 AM
my own CP
20/Jan/09 7:20 AM
Got it "Two Fat Ladies" 88...
20/Jan/09 7:20 AM
?melborp a TAHT sI .melborp on htiw eseht daer nac I

20/Jan/09 7:21 AM
!suG iH
!enola ton era uoY
20/Jan/09 7:25 AM
.sdrawka ssab rieht htiw ydobemos erutcip ot draH
20/Jan/09 8:02 AM
20/Jan/09 8:08 AM
20/Jan/09 8:24 AM
20/Jan/09 8:30 AM
As if! I have trouble typing frontwards! I am not even going to try backwards!
20/Jan/09 8:39 AM
Gail, they are just messing with our minds, I really don't have a lot to mess with though
20/Jan/09 8:53 AM
The only good thing to come of all this is that we now have a new name for andré: érdna
20/Jan/09 8:55 AM
Nice bass, Kathy!
20/Jan/09 8:59 AM
The carpet people have been here again to restreach the carpet. They will be back Wednesday to reclean the carpet, it looks horrable. The drywall person came this morning to patch the holes in the walls, has is to come back later to check how the mud is drying. After he is done with the holes then More...
20/Jan/09 9:01 AM
That's my GOOD side, Judy!!

In honor of our historic inauguration tomorrow and MLK Day today, I've changed my YouTube to Frank Sinatra singing "America the Beautiful" Some very nice scenes go with it. Hope you enjoy.
20/Jan/09 9:07 AM
Good mAen, everyone, I Can read the "backWords" and Backward sentences easily, but also will not try to type that way.
65ish here today and the wind chimes on front porch are keeping a steady "tune" going with the north wind blowing. Beautiful sunny day! We've had the doors open most of the day and the fresh air is nice but a little cool on the fingers for typing.
20/Jan/09 9:10 AM
My eyes have gone a bit funny after reading the sdrawkcab stsop.
20/Jan/09 10:18 AM
Another very hot one in Melbourne today. Already my Rainbow Lorikeets are swimming laps in the birdbath!
20/Jan/09 10:20 AM

Hiya all, not wrong kate out here in the bush at 10.30am it was 35 degrees outside, think I will stay in today, keep cool aussies, stay warm our overseas friends.
20/Jan/09 10:34 AM
Getting ready for my colonaopys tomorrow. I'm starving. (can't spell that even forwards)
20/Jan/09 10:40 AM
No fun, dorthea! Hope all goes well!
20/Jan/09 10:49 AM
Best wishes for tomorrow, Dorthea. We will be thinking of you.
20/Jan/09 11:21 AM
You'll be fine, Dorthea. The test is a breeze ... it's the prep that's a beach!
20/Jan/09 11:54 AM
I have changed my Youtube to one for our US friends to welcome their New President!
20/Jan/09 12:03 PM
Oh Dorthea that does not sound like fun at all. I do hope all goes well.
20/Jan/09 12:16 PM
!sinnet evol I !nepO enirtS eht rof yarooh pih, piH

20/Jan/09 12:18 PM
!amabO tnediserP rof yarooh pih, piH
20/Jan/09 12:20 PM
(!stsop suoiverp ym ni sammoc ym decalpsim I !spoO)

!frut & frus rof yarooh pih ,piH
!sbir kcab ybab deucebrab rof yarooh pih ,piH
!koogedelbbog rof yarooh pih ,piH

!slrig dna syob ,thginot rof ti s'taht dnA

20/Jan/09 12:33 PM
Strine! hehe Haven't heard that term in donkeys ears.

My father used to have a book called 'Let Stalk Strine', a dictionary of Australianisms (eg Emma Chisit? - How much is it?)
20/Jan/09 1:04 PM
4.33 Here's a funny for inauguration eve:
The Bathtub Test
During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director how do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized.
'Well,' said the Director, 'we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup More...
20/Jan/09 1:38 PM
I'd say "I am thinking about you!" for tomorrow, Dorthea, but tonight is the hard part. I actually OD's on water last time I had one of those wonderfully fun tests. Came very close to the water poisoning level. It's hard to do, but somehow I managed. (NOTE: Don't drink ten 20 oz bottles of water in an hour.)
20/Jan/09 1:40 PM
Oooh I'm overdosing on fragrant sticks. My bottle with rosemary scent and sticks for diffusing the fragrance tipped over and after trying to clean up the mess, I'm stuck with the powerful aroma! Ack!
20/Jan/09 2:24 PM
Oh Shiela, that was dangerous. I remember when I went in for a sonogram for a pregnancy, the nurses told me to drink 20 ounces before coming in. I did and boy I nearly had an accident trying to wait for the technician!
20/Jan/09 2:27 PM
Jane's going overboard with the backwards speech! I knew she was a bit on the daft side but this confirms it. Welcome Jane to the crazy critter club! As self appointed president of the insane asylum I welcome thee!
20/Jan/09 2:29 PM
Shall I attempt it?
20/Jan/09 2:30 PM
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