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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Over the TOPP!
20/Nov/12 2:09 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Nov/12 2:11 AM
World Toilet Day
Have a Bad Day, Day
20/Nov/12 2:11 AM
Keith, your information does give some hope. Thanks.
20/Nov/12 2:12 AM
Serena, thank you for your information, I will try it out.
I am going to have a bad midmorning, I get to go and get a lecture on the tests I took last week. After that my world will return to normal. Actually, not, need to do that restocking shopping that we did not do yesterday and make two other stores after that. I am hoping for one more store, but since it is Have a Bad Day Day.
20/Nov/12 2:15 AM
Oh bother, why today of all days to be Have a Bad Day. I've got three boys 6 yo and under making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and candies. ARGH!!!
20/Nov/12 2:34 AM
Oh! Now I know, Karen!
(I almost asked if that was a porta-jon avatar, but thought it would be insulting you!)
20/Nov/12 2:37 AM
Shosho, that sounds like fun to me!
(Messy, but fun!)
20/Nov/12 2:38 AM
Of course, Serena, I have my priorities straightened out! I used to be able to get first posts more easily but that's only when the Aussies are off daylight savings and we're on! It would be 7 AM here at Sydney's midnight.
20/Nov/12 2:41 AM
Just texted my brother about when to show up this Thursday. Told him not to come at 5 AM cuz I might stick the wrong turkey into the oven!
20/Nov/12 2:44 AM
Well grandie is going to be here pretty soon so I won't be here until evening. Hopefully with my sanity intact!
20/Nov/12 2:46 AM
everybody. I refuse to go along with the Have a Bad Day Day plan. This has already started off as a very Good Day!! Kyley just called to tell me she felt the baby move for the first time!! She sounded very excited! One of our other daughters texted that baby is More...
20/Nov/12 2:47 AM
Kathy that is good news.
20/Nov/12 2:51 AM
Heidi - as you are headed south tomorrow, we'll be headed north. Where in Florida are you going? How was your early Thanksgiving dinner yesterday?
20/Nov/12 2:53 AM
Man called, he is having an exciting day. He came into one of the small little town around here, and his engine lights came on. He did whatever one does to engine, when lights come on, I personally call someone. Anyway, got back on the road and topped a hill, only to have Marlin's entire police More...
20/Nov/12 2:55 AM
Shosho - We'll all be by at 6 AM...
What's on the menu...?
20/Nov/12 2:59 AM
Anybody - now that the new format has removed the Search bar from the top of the screen, is there any way to Search this site for previous comments made? I am trying to remember who posted the info about the 'Duckumentary' on PBS. I'd like to tell them We were able to find it on our More...
20/Nov/12 3:03 AM
Must go get packing now for our stay in the much colder northern climes. Will be back later with a baby report (I hope!).
20/Nov/12 3:06 AM

Keith, thanks for your efforts! I will try submitting a smilie and see what happens.

I missed the comment about the ''Duckumentary'' on PBS. I'll have to look that up, too.
20/Nov/12 3:16 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. mar 2. see 3. ugly 4. bad 5. waning 6. barred (bar)

#5 gave a few some trouble, but what the heck, they tried!
Therefore, the newly coveted Turkey Crown goes to winners, HalT, Shosho, Daplap, Heidi, Serena, youkidme, and Sarah!
20/Nov/12 3:20 AM
And for today.....


12=DD + 11=PP + 10=LL + 9=LD + 8=MM + 7=SS + 6=GL + 5=GR + 4=CB + 3=FH + 2=TD + 1=PPT = ?

Answers to the ''Too early for that'' inbox, please.
20/Nov/12 3:28 AM
I think the monsoon season has arrived. Steady rain and wind steady at 25 + mph, gusting as high as 35.
20/Nov/12 3:31 AM

For those looking for the 'Duckumentary' on PBS:
(remember to omit the space between pbs. and org)

http://www.pbs. org/wnet/nature/episodes/an-original-duckumentary/full-episode/8068/
20/Nov/12 4:26 AM
For Dick Clark fans and those interested in architecture check out


When the page opens, click on one of the pictures...
20/Nov/12 4:55 AM
Kathy/Val.... I'm headed to Ocala to spend the holiday with friends.
20/Nov/12 5:04 AM
O Boy! I won a coveted turkey hat! I need a new one. My dogs ate my old one. It was really cute. If I pushed a button, it gobbled.
20/Nov/12 5:09 AM
Heidi, I think Ocala is a very pretty area of FL. It's actually got a few rolling hills, unlike the rest of our very flat state, & of course, you will probably enjoy seeing the many beautiful horse farms there. Drive safely & enjoy your time with your friends.
20/Nov/12 5:14 AM
Daplap - thanks for posting the Duckumentary link. I highly recommend it for all animal lovers.
20/Nov/12 5:16 AM
20/Nov/12 6:50 AM
1:51. Good morning everyone.
20/Nov/12 7:07 AM
Morning all,lovely area that Northern Rivers.
Have just been told we are leaving to go clean the house ,it might be better if he waits till I get dressed.
20/Nov/12 7:14 AM
I have returned and according to my doctor, I will live. Then she started in on her lectures. The numbers we have been trying to get down for the past year are better, not good, but consistent. Then she looked at some more numbers and started her lecture with my full name. Actually, she added my More...
20/Nov/12 7:18 AM
After I left her office, and went to the grocery store, there I came up with a brilliant diet plan. Do not go to the grocery store. My gosh, I have been pushed, shoved and poked, and 3 times by one old biddie, in different areas of the store. You really do not want to come between this woman and her eggs. She gave bulldozer a new meaning.
20/Nov/12 7:22 AM
My goal now, is not to go to the grocery store, until next year. If I have to go, I will go to the over priced pick up store, in this little town or send Man.
20/Nov/12 7:23 AM
Just watched the Ducumentary, Kathy. Those ducklings launching themselves out of that tree was amazing! Thanks for the link, Daplap.
20/Nov/12 7:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! Good to see the community involvement about CSG, but unfortunately and sadly, health concerns are low priority when it comes to energy fuels.
20/Nov/12 8:00 AM
HI all! Serena, CSG in France is a tax that everyone has to pay! Hope all's well with everyone and that the yanks are getting really to decimate the turkey population of their country. The EOTW goodie bag is a special American one this week...what item concerning Thanksgiving will you absolutely More...
20/Nov/12 8:07 AM
Catching up:
Jamie, are you enjoying retirement yet?
Heidi, safe travels on your Florida trip.
Shosho, I do hope those gingerbread houses are for decoration and not eating. Glue?
20/Nov/12 8:08 AM
Well hello Fiona. You have been a stranger lately. How goes everything?
20/Nov/12 8:09 AM
So slose....
20/Nov/12 8:09 AM
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