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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all. at work, so not much time. Glenn, sorry your dad is ill.
those photos of the recent pink car trip are way too funny.

a great effort and lots of fun
to Topaz for yesterday.
Hope your Dad gets to feeling better. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Sorry that comment is for Glenn.
Happy Birthdat Topaz on our 19th... hope the day was special for you on either our's or your 19th... Keep celebrating until you get it right...or we do.
Gle: Wishing your dad a speedy recovery and peace to you and your family. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
Boy..stay away a couple of days and you lose every thing.. Topaz, Happy Birthday! Glenn, Keeping you all in my thoughts.
Belated birthday wishes Topaz! Did you get the case of wine I sent to you care of Rosemary?
Chris from Canberra; are you still thinking of coming to France in March? I have been out of touch, recently, due to a variety of reasons, none of them happy. I am away to England from 15th to 20th March, visiting my 'children'. Let me know if you want to stay over for a night or two...! I'll try to stay in regular contact through this page, or I have my own homepage, if you prefer.
Glinda - you never did get back to us re trying out the clotted cream/double devon...hope you didn't over-indulge?
Glenn in Winter Springs - sorry to hear about your father. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Billy - thanks for calling us at the Celtic Ray! What a nice surprise to hear your lovely voice & Aussie accent. We were glad to have you with us in spirit if not in person.
Noemi, Now its my turn to worry about you. Hope all is ok. I left a message on your page last week and am beginning to get concerned.
Kathy - I wish I could have driven over to join y'all! Unfortunately I was up in Palm Coast visiting my Dad in the hospital. He was moved to a regular room today. They have gotten a lot of the fluid out of his lungs and will try to take him off of oxygen tomorrow. Then they plan to implant a More...
Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to Topaz. I hope you had a great day.
Have a wonderful birthday Topaz, hope you had a great time xx
Linda your page is brilliant, rotfl xx
2:31 for me today Maen all
Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he gets better soon.

Topaz for yesterday.
Glenn, good to hear that your Dad is on the mend. Will keep you in our thoughts.

LK, What a trip!!!!
Quidnunc - based on the game of Quidditch, this game is played in a convent using balls of heavy fabric wound with elastic bands known as whiffles (due to the excessive whistling sound as they travel through the air). The main players are the Quidnunckery Turbine Nuns known for their speed and the More...
all, hope you are having a great day/night where ever you are.

Andre: ROFLMO!
LK: ditto to Andre, great trip!

Topaz. hope you had a great one.
Glenn,Good news about your dad. Hope he continues to improve day by day.
Looks like you have lost your SM again. I managed to use the back door and let myself into your own page. Have left you a note, let me know if you have received my email.
Glenn - tell your Dad that we'll do our best to shift the prayers into high gear! Hope all goes well.
Happy Birthday, TOPAZ ... and many more!
Mamacita - Is it Noemi B of Israel that you are worried about? She has gone to visit Italy for 8 days & will be back on the 22nd , I believe.

RE: Noemi - I have a favor to ask of everyone. Noemi feels bad that she will be away from home & not with her husband to celebrate their 32nd More...
Yes, Topaz,
Topaz - from me, too. Sorry to be late. You are another one I did not have on my birthday list! Oh, and by the way, another name to add is Carol from Punta Gorda whose birthday will be on May 20.
Glenn, I thought you had said you were going to be away on business, but it's good you were home & able to go to your Dad when he needed you. Sounds like he's making great progress. Modern medicine can accomplish amazing things.

Do you or anyone else have a desire to try Vegemite? More...
Um ... KATHY ... are we going to get a Vegemite report??? Gotcha!
I had an opportunity to try vegemite when we were in Australia in 2005. So suffice it to say that I didn't mind giving my tube to Suzanne. She actually liked it!!! I'll let Carol & Ed speak for themselves......
By the way, Greg, thanks for YOUR call to the Celtic Ray, too. We felt the Aussie spirit all around us!
hasil euy
So you have to appreciate vegemite to truly be an Aussie. Brave bunch I'd say. I told Barb it's great spread thinly on a cracker. Can hardly wait for her reply. Probably best I not be at home at the time.
with some butter first, then the vegemite on toast or crusty bread.
cute kid
sorry greg, wasnt being smart, just thought perhaps we should fully explain so that the taste testers could get the whole experience like us aussies do.
1:59 - love it when the numbers fit so easily! Beautiful baby - congratulations to the parents.
2:35...It was quicker this morning...I just forgot to time. :) Good night everyone.
Afternoon all, thanks for all the chuckles. Happy Birthday to Topaz for yesterday, and I'm glad to hear your Dad is improving Glen /WS. All this talk of vegemite and crusty bread is making me hungry. BRB.
Glenn, Prayers and best wishes for your father and his doctors.
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