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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Can I get in before Karen.
20/Mar/15 3:31 AM
20/Mar/15 3:31 AM
I did the smart thing. I wanted till girls were not at home to do my dumping out. Man made a huge mistake Monday, and a girl saw a favorite item crushed by the big machine. Before we get in trouble for throwing out favorite things, what she saw was a wind catcher that has been all over them place and in many pieces, which cannot be found. It just happened to be a Mickey Mouse wind catcher.
20/Mar/15 3:32 AM
Nope. June beat me. I'm way out of practice, I guess.
20/Mar/15 3:32 AM
20/Mar/15 3:33 AM
Dottie, how horrible and what a pain. Glad you caught it and hope no real damage has been done.
20/Mar/15 3:33 AM
Good grief, it was just on 33.
20/Mar/15 3:34 AM
You two are too funny.
20/Mar/15 3:36 AM
Warm here too, June, but only from humidity and physical labor. Now, off to get machines running. Along with all sorts of collective items, the girls do not seem to know where the laundry basket for dirty clothes is located. I know I have showed them where and how to use it, several times.
20/Mar/15 3:38 AM
Darwen Jim

Harish lal
20/Mar/15 3:41 AM
WOW!!! Great crown, Kathy! I shall wear it with pride. It will look great with my hat collection, as well. I can't have too many hats.
20/Mar/15 4:04 AM
Oh, no, Dottie!!! What a pain in the arse! What I don't understand is why anyone would file a tax return under someone else's name. Wouldn't the refund, if there was one, come to you?
20/Mar/15 4:09 AM
Dottie, that's the kind of news nobody wants to hear, especially not the IRS. Hope you can straighten it out.
20/Mar/15 4:49 AM
Two cute kids having fun in the water.
20/Mar/15 5:08 AM
So sorry, Dottie. What a hassle. I have had to cancel credit cards and get a new driver's license because I lost my wallet, but nothing like what you're going through!
20/Mar/15 5:11 AM
Lynne had her purse stolen in Spain years ago. She lost her driver's license, all credit cards, our passports, and saddest of all, irreplaceable pictures. It was a challenge getting all of that stuff canceled, and getting replacement passports so we could get back to the states, but it all got done. We didn't have much money to enjoy the rest of the trip. Oh well.
20/Mar/15 5:34 AM
Morning all, Nal's nieces would be in their teens now.
Sorry to hear that, Dottie. Hope they can catch them .
20/Mar/15 5:46 AM
It was actually IRS mailed me a letter asking for Form 8962 which reconciles the Obamacare tax credits. I haven't yet filed my taxes for last year since I owe money, so I hadn't filed that form. But the thieves filed a 1040-A without any Form 8962. So I guess I should say Thank You to Obamacare or we might not yet know about the identity theft.
20/Mar/15 5:48 AM
Heidi - I think the thieves must ask for electronic deposit into a fraudulent account for them to get the refund.
20/Mar/15 5:50 AM
Happy Birthday Darwin Jim and Harish lal,hope you both have a great day.🎂🎂
20/Mar/15 5:51 AM
to Univ. of Kentucky with the start of the NCAA March Madness Tournament this afternoon. I'll be thinking of you, Heidi. It's such a beautiful campus. I have cousins in Lexington (Louisville, too, for that matter).
20/Mar/15 5:53 AM
1:10. Good morning everyone.
20/Mar/15 6:41 AM
20/Mar/15 7:20 AM
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. Please forgive me if i have missed yours.For the past few weeks i've been having problems in that all i'm getting is the easy puzzle and easy comments.
20/Mar/15 7:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nal, you have beautiful grand daughters.
20/Mar/15 8:07 AM
Serena, I copied your pyramid earlier and I'll send my answers shortly. I'm saddened to hear this will be your last one, as I look forward to them every week. I do know, however, how time consuming it is to create unique puzzles. Thank you for those you have challenged us with.
20/Mar/15 8:10 AM
Let's DANCE!!!!!!!
20/Mar/15 8:14 AM
If you're ever coming to Louisville or Lexington, Dottie, let me know. Maybe we can get together for a meal. I'm only an hour from Louisville, and an hour and a half from Lexington.
20/Mar/15 8:15 AM

Off to Lake Echo for the weekend.....see yah all l8er.
20/Mar/15 8:54 AM
Well, I remain a resident of Kansas for another month. It seems all the I's were not dotted and the T's were not crossed. And here I thought I had everything complete. Two more minor crises, and I am having a non day. Considering having food delivered. Or going back to bed again.
20/Mar/15 10:04 AM
20/Mar/15 10:28 AM
Sorry to hear that, Sarah Beth. My condolences.
20/Mar/15 10:30 AM
Thank you, HalT. I am strong, and know I will get over this, I was just hit by too many 'no's' this morning. I was becoming incapable of stringing together complete sentences. Especially ones that do not contain the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. Tomorrow is another day.
20/Mar/15 10:48 AM
I hope the extra month will allow all the needed paperwork to get in order, Sarah Beth. Bummer when best laid plans don't quite work out.
20/Mar/15 10:56 AM
Same here, Sarah Beth. At least you won't be moving during March Madness.

There has been some fantastic basketball so far today.
Kentucky starts in about 25 minutes.
20/Mar/15 12:56 PM
Oh Sarah Beth! Hang in there, you'll get there! Sending lots of positive thoughts! And And
20/Mar/15 12:58 PM
Well, my timing is great!
20/Mar/15 12:58 PM
Will push the site to the next page!
20/Mar/15 12:59 PM
Anyone around to race with me???
20/Mar/15 12:59 PM
No??? Well BOPP!!!
20/Mar/15 12:59 PM
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