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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/May/12 7:09 PM
What were you saying, Peter?
20/May/12 7:11 PM

Anne, I don't care what the rest of them say about you, I think you're OK!
20/May/12 7:12 PM

....for a West Australian!
20/May/12 7:13 PM

BTW, how did the Dockers go?
20/May/12 7:14 PM
Am I supposes to thank you for that comment?

How did the Cats go?
20/May/12 7:15 PM
FFS "supposed"
20/May/12 7:16 PM
I've just renewed my Passport as I was feeling rather landlocked, but I don't need a Passport to come to Tassie and stir the cr*p out of you.
Must be time I visited that "island" again.
20/May/12 7:18 PM

What's the passport for Anne. To get back into WA.
20/May/12 7:22 PM
Ha! Ha!

No, I'd like to do the Trans Siberian Railway journey or do a cruise ship from Fremantle to Southampton, the reverse of the journey to Australia we did in 1955.
20/May/12 7:26 PM
Although they may not let me back in that country after I've been mixing with the convicts down under.
20/May/12 7:27 PM

Reckon that's on the cards.
20/May/12 7:34 PM

What ship did you travel out to Aus on?

I came on the Otranto in Jan/Feb 56.
20/May/12 7:36 PM
The New Australian, which my Dad recognised as the ship he went to war on to the Middle East. It had been all done up for us ten pound Poms. That was November 1955.
20/May/12 7:38 PM

Then again on the Otway in 1968.
20/May/12 7:38 PM

Fair sky Nov 1960

Yup 10 pound pom
20/May/12 7:39 PM

Even visited Albany on the Otway .....late 60's I think.
20/May/12 7:40 PM
I think my Aunty and Uncle and family came out on the Fairsky. That would have been late 50's, I think.
20/May/12 7:41 PM
I was in Albany in the late 60's. We moved down here early in 1965.
20/May/12 7:41 PM
I'd better take the ton tonight.
20/May/12 7:42 PM
If that was a Navy ship we had a few in port, and the odd submarine, and they were sometimes open to the public. I went on a couple of them.
20/May/12 7:43 PM
Actually Mum & Dad were the 10 pound Poms, my sister & I travelled free.
20/May/12 7:43 PM
Same here, Grass-hopper.
20/May/12 7:45 PM

Says it all eh? You get what you pay for.
20/May/12 7:47 PM
I think they got a bl**dy good bargain.
20/May/12 7:50 PM

Otway was a submarine. Probably the first aussie sub to visit Albany.

They stuck us ashore at some pub so the boat could be open to the public. Can't remember which one.
20/May/12 7:51 PM

Bet you can't Peter.
20/May/12 7:52 PM
Well, I probably had a look through it while it was open. What a coincidence!
There's a few pubs along the Terrace where you could have stayed. My bet would have been the Royal George or the White Star.
20/May/12 7:53 PM

Mr Cee did you see Mr Lowndes today at Phillip Island? Nearly pulled it off after a bad start. I think Mark webber has been teaching him.
20/May/12 7:54 PM
I agree with you there, Mr Cee!
20/May/12 7:54 PM

So you paid me a visit and I wasn't home.......that's a shame!
20/May/12 7:57 PM

I do remember this shiela in a pub who kept winking at me.........might have been Anne. Now I'll always wonder.

20/May/12 7:59 PM

Gotta go and do some reunion stuff.

See yah all later.
20/May/12 8:01 PM
You wish!
I was happily married in January 1968.
20/May/12 8:05 PM
and pubs weren't my thing. Anyway, you had to be 21 to drink in a pub in those days. Pity it wasn't still the same.
20/May/12 8:06 PM
I'd better go and cook my tea or I won't eat tonight.
Been nice chatting with you Peter, Mr Cee and G-H.
20/May/12 8:07 PM

I reckon 25 or 30 Anne.
20/May/12 8:07 PM
I agree, Mr Cee!
20/May/12 9:04 PM

20/May/12 9:26 PM

20/May/12 9:27 PM
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