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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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You got paid to babysit?
20/Jul/08 6:10 AM
My little didn't show.

Back from eating shrimp and other wonderful foods on yje banks of the Dordogne river listening to the accordian playing.........
Now going to bed to let the red wine out of the system!
20/Jul/08 6:12 AM
I think the red wine reached my fingers and my mascara is in my eyes.... make up off time
20/Jul/08 6:13 AM
Life changed very quickly... salary from less than a dollar/hr to salary that can by one million dollars property... and there we are talking about good old times.... I wounder what our grandchildren will talk about! What kind of berries will be left for them to eat.... I think I should go for More...
20/Jul/08 6:20 AM
Now that they're in season, blueberries are much cheaper here. You can get them on sale for $2 a pint. (Just bought a bunch at Winn-Dixie for that price). It wasn't all that many years ago that you could get them for $1 a pint in season.
20/Jul/08 6:22 AM
No season for berries in here... they don't growth well.... too hot and to dry.... that's the reason for the sky up prices. I Montreal you can buy them for that price....and cheaper. I use to make jam...and freeze some...not here for sure!
20/Jul/08 6:35 AM
Jane, I can get blueberries now at that price, too. They had them at BJ'S (like a Sam's or Costco) last week. This time a year you can get good bargains at the roadside stands. There are lots of them around here and they get into mini-price wars!
20/Jul/08 6:36 AM
Can get rosella berries here... taste is between rasberries and plum... and baby pineapple...to die for...
20/Jul/08 6:47 AM
I freeze lots of blueberries so that I can make crisps and pies and pancakes all winter long. In fact, I'm going to go make me a blueberry crisp right now!
20/Jul/08 6:51 AM
Hi all,
I got blueberries this morning for $1.50 per pint. They are in season, primarily from the state of New Jerdey. In the off-season, they are $4.00 per pint.
20/Jul/08 6:59 AM

Wow, was I tired. I was only up for an hour and a half, then went back to sleep. I just got up again. I wouldn't mind doing this again! Lovely. I figure that the work will still be there waiting, and everybody has plenty of food.

Well, might as well get something done. Or go back to sleep.
20/Jul/08 7:07 AM
Mary, you're lucky. Here, in the off-season, blueberries cost about $5 for a teeny-tiny basket (less than half a pint)! We get our blueberries from all over. The Georgia berries are through for the year, so we're getting them from New Jersey and several other states.
20/Jul/08 7:49 AM
Jane - For some reason, I've never been selected as a juror on a criminal case.

Was on a civil case that dealt with how much a city owed the railroad for building an overpass that required actually making the track be an underpass. The case took over a month to present and the jury argued More...
20/Jul/08 7:51 AM
Jane - before I moved here from Ashland, I use to go out in the back yard and pick blackberries for pies & cobblers. Now I have to walk to a creek to get them. Blueberries are grown over by the coast, they are cheap here at the stands.
20/Jul/08 7:53 AM
Eve - I've never served on a jury either. I was called in once, sat in a waiting area all day and was sent home. I was never even interviewed.
20/Jul/08 8:07 AM
Eve - we used to pick wild blackberries in Richmond (VA). They grew all along the roadsides in our neighborhood. We also had access to wild raspberries in Middlesex County where we had a river cottage. The raspberries were pretty mushy but made incredibly delicious pies!
20/Jul/08 8:09 AM
Speaking of raspberries, I really miss the black raspberries that we used to grow and/or get from berry farms in the Midwest. They must not be commercially viable, because I've never seen them in a supermarket.
20/Jul/08 8:11 AM
Morning Bowie 3:17
Sudokuland, sun is shining a bit windy, good day!
20/Jul/08 8:13 AM
Jane and Eve
I was called to Jury duty a while ago. I checked off my name and was given a number. The 'bad guy' paraded in front of us and the names of the witnesses read out. If we knew any of them we were excluded. Our numbers were then called at random until 12 people sat in the box. More...
20/Jul/08 8:16 AM
Soft-fruits (berries) are also high price in UK. They are sold in small pannets costing anything from 1 pound to 2 and a half pounds. I have always assumed the high cost was because of the time factor in the picking process related to the minimum hourly wage.
20/Jul/08 8:21 AM
I just posted on your page to see how you are doing! And here you are.....
20/Jul/08 8:21 AM
Yes...this is early for me...got up to bring the washing in out of the rain.
50cents an hour babysitting [friends..0 for family]...now if I was quoting in shillings per hour I would really be telling my age!!
20/Jul/08 8:22 AM
Hi RR...how amazing that we finally get to be on same page at the same time.....
20/Jul/08 8:23 AM
This dog is getting more screen time than lassy
20/Jul/08 8:25 AM
Careful there, benny!
20/Jul/08 8:36 AM
It's quite an interesting issue you raised about the dietary demands of religions. Halal is similar to Kosha. Both involve two things (a.draining of blood, b.blessing of food). I suppose Christian communion involves bread and wine as representing body and blood of Christ - underscoring More...
20/Jul/08 9:35 AM
Rayray - there is definitely some truth to the health issue - at least according to what I've read.

Shosho mentioned that Christians do not have dietary restrictions, but she forgot about the Catholics' avoidance of meat on Fridays. Not being Catholic, I don't know if this is still widely practiced, but it was when I was growing up.
20/Jul/08 9:53 AM
Hey Jane, no, the friday fish rule has been relaxed. What is a blueberry crisp?
20/Jul/08 10:07 AM
2:14 Good Morning everyone.
20/Jul/08 10:41 AM
2.13 Bowie, you are as adorable as yesterday.
20/Jul/08 10:51 AM
Morning all - lovely day in Brissie. Hello again, Bowie.
20/Jul/08 11:50 AM
MizTricia, year I started (boy will this ever date me) teaching was 1975! Started off as a special ed teacher because there was a scarcity teaching positions. I was desperate for a job and I didn't want to go back to the auditing job I had even though it paid twice what this private school offered.
20/Jul/08 12:04 PM
Mary - Blueberry Crisp is kind of like a cobbler, but the crust is...well...crisp (not soft & soggy)! I have a recipe in the cookbook under "Desserts - Misc." for a crisp. You can use any fruit.
20/Jul/08 12:07 PM
JANE!!!! Save me some blueberry crisps, PPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEE!!!
20/Jul/08 12:08 PM
Ooops! The recipe's not there, Mary! I could have sworn I included it. Anyway, I'll be posting it on the recipes page. It will be included in the cookbook when it's updated. The title is "Apple Crisp", but as I said, you can use just about any fruit.
20/Jul/08 12:13 PM
Hello Sudokuland....Its been a pretty good day here. As for those of you who may be wondering how things are going...I'm good. Family (blood, church and Sudoku) are still checking in throughout the day. I'm being questioned about my comings and goings....I know everyone is looking out for me, but More...
20/Jul/08 12:14 PM
The last time I was called for jury duty, the officials said that the selection was for a murder case. I freaked out and quickly wrote a letter to the judge stating I couldn't vote for the death penalty so please let me serve in civil cases as many as they wanted. He not only let me off the hook More...
20/Jul/08 12:15 PM
Mamacita, you go girlfriend! You're a lady with integrity and intelligence that surpasses a lot of people. I believe if anyone can overcome obstacles with finesse, you're the one! And you come and go as you please, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
20/Jul/08 12:18 PM
Rayray, I remember a comparative religion class I took in college mentioning that when working with a group of people with very little education needed basic rules to help them with their day to day lives. Thousands of years ago that was our society and simplistic rules were enforced assiduously More...
20/Jul/08 12:23 PM
Shall I? Does seem immature but I do get a thrill out of it!
20/Jul/08 12:24 PM
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