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Easy Sudoku for 20/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Going up.
20/Aug/11 8:43 AM
I received an email earlier today, it is visual. It shows the Correct Pronunciation of OKLA HOMA.
Look if you dare.
20/Aug/11 8:47 AM
Just a tad too late!
20/Aug/11 8:49 AM
Look where, Sue?
20/Aug/11 8:52 AM
Ok, I've read the posts now.
20/Aug/11 8:56 AM
Don't know where all my Aussie mates are.
20/Aug/11 8:57 AM
It IS Saturday morning, so maybe folks are sleeping in.
20/Aug/11 8:57 AM
Mr P and 4T just returned from dropping 4T's car off at the tyre place.
20/Aug/11 8:58 AM
There are moves for breakfast - I'd better go and cash in.
20/Aug/11 8:59 AM
1:54 Friendly possum? Hmm, not when you've had them in the roof.
20/Aug/11 9:06 AM
Sue, I will share that with TM. He is a K-State fan, but I'm sure he would appreciate the pronunciation lesson.
20/Aug/11 9:09 AM
That is a cute possum. Ours here tend to look like rats on steroids...and at like it too!
20/Aug/11 9:10 AM
TM had to go to a neighboring town to pick up some replacement discs for his discer (that spelling doesn't look right). The green tractor place in our city was closed, and he is feuding with the red tractor place. I decided to go along, instead of going to town as I had planned. We had a nice More...
20/Aug/11 9:13 AM
Kathy, you forgot to ask who illustrated the books. (O'Neill did the later editions, I will have to google the original illustrator, my forgetter is working.)
20/Aug/11 9:19 AM
W.W. Denslow! My avatar is John P. O'Neils rendition of Dorothy.
20/Aug/11 9:28 AM
All this WOZ talk. I should unpack all my treasures.
20/Aug/11 9:30 AM
I was right, TM was glad to learn the correct way to pronounce Oklahoma.
20/Aug/11 10:32 AM
20/Aug/11 10:58 AM
Guess I forgot to say OKLAHOMA is in my gallery.
20/Aug/11 11:26 AM
Sarah, regarding very few mosquitos this summer. It has been too d@mn HOT and very, very little rain.
20/Aug/11 11:31 AM
Fewer bugs of all sorts, thanks (?) to the drought.
I heard someone on the radio say he drove from DC to Florida without having to clean the windshield.
20/Aug/11 11:46 AM
This is amazing. I received a message from the Hall Monitor. I seems that the poem that I tried to send yesterday, and again today, contained a ‘word’ that the ‘automatic word censor’ (AWC) decided is a ‘no-no’ and sent me to the naughty corner. Here is the poem, with suggested changes. I’ll let More...
20/Aug/11 12:38 PM
We have the bugs.
So tired of sqeeling because a darn bug has the nerve to walk in my path.
20/Aug/11 12:38 PM
Yep, HalT, words within words have been known to send us to the naughty corner.

It's no fun, is it? Though at one time the naughty corner had a nice couch and big screen TV and any beverage your little heart desired.
20/Aug/11 12:43 PM
Karen, you never cease to crack me up.
Wait, is 'crack' a bad word?
20/Aug/11 12:48 PM
It's great to be back. And know why I was chastised.
20/Aug/11 12:50 PM
Ya just never know what is going to come out of my fingers, HalT.
20/Aug/11 12:52 PM
Nah, don't reset the AWC - it's fun to get kicked out once in a while and revel in being "bad".
20/Aug/11 12:53 PM
HalT - Cleave it alone... ;-)
20/Aug/11 12:54 PM
People used to go to the naughty corner for posting too much!
20/Aug/11 12:54 PM
Nu-huh. It is not fun, when you have something to say and can't say it. The other day when I got put in the naughty corner, it was the longest 30 minutes of my life. It made me go and clean the relief room and do something else. That is not fun.
20/Aug/11 12:55 PM
I would not mind getting kicked off, CP. I'd just like to know why.
20/Aug/11 12:57 PM
I would never do that.
20/Aug/11 12:57 PM
I'm not much on ice cream, especially vanilla, BUT, a little coffee liquor poured on - - - - Yum!
20/Aug/11 12:58 PM
When in doubt, symbol it out! I th!nk th@t &very%n& c@n f!g#r& !t %#t!
20/Aug/11 12:58 PM
Wow, Jim. You're really pushing the envelope.
20/Aug/11 1:00 PM
It finally dawned on me the other day that I could replicate my favorite chocolate Jack Daniels ice cream. I have also used Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or Crem de Menthe! Oh, don't forget Bailey's!
20/Aug/11 1:00 PM
Well said, Sarah B#$%.
20/Aug/11 1:01 PM
Well, it's too close not to try..
20/Aug/11 1:02 PM
Is it time?
20/Aug/11 1:02 PM
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