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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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Guess I could start a new page.
21/Feb/08 2:13 PM
Aahh - lovely Phalaenopsis Orchids, my daughter's wedding flowers. I have posted a couple of photos on my page.
21/Feb/08 2:23 PM
Off to bed - the shoulder aches, and it is often taking me a long time to get to sleep. Have a good evening all.
21/Feb/08 2:24 PM
Eve and CynB thankyou for the jokes. I have been trying to see the eclipse with a smile on my face that makes all the people around me be aprehensive. I can not stop laughing at those two.
Eve you just clarified the situation on time. I was feeling sorry for Jaime being draged to a full air conditioned restaurant with all the flu.
Enjoy your wines.
21/Feb/08 2:24 PM
Second part of the last post is not Eve it is Jane. Sorry.
21/Feb/08 2:28 PM
Col, I missed your anniversary because I didn't get on the pooter yesterday and my smileys have gone walkabout again, so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
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21/Feb/08 2:30 PM
Spelling whizzes needed. How do we spell the plural of smiley? I always thought, vowel before y so just add s.
21/Feb/08 2:32 PM
Susan.... it is a "smilie" therefore the plural would be "smilies" Hope that helps!
21/Feb/08 2:39 PM
Susan - I think smiley is a made-up word, so I'm making up the plural: smileeze
21/Feb/08 2:40 PM
Thanks Susan and it was being kept very quiet until a couple of witches/devils/angles (hrmph) blabbed.

Today's orchid should have been on yesterday - as they were also the flowers that my wedding bouquet was made up of.
21/Feb/08 2:54 PM
Been sooo busy that I missed a few events, so here's a try to catch up!
Col, I hope you had a memorable celebration for your anniversary! Here's a for you and your hubby!
21/Feb/08 3:00 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Catherine, Noblewine, and txsxyrd!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
21/Feb/08 3:02 PM
I just did some googling, Angie, and it is smiley. It was devised by Harvey Ball in 1963. It took him 10 minutes for which he was paid $45 but silly man didn't trademark it and it fell into the public domain, so he never made any more money out of it. I notice that you can also google smilie, but it was a smiley. The things we learn from Sudoku....
21/Feb/08 3:02 PM
Oops slipped up on my last sentence. I meant to say that when it was created, it was spelled smiley.
21/Feb/08 3:04 PM
Trying not to CP, but another good Windows game is Internet Spades, but our newest laptop doesn't have it.
21/Feb/08 3:06 PM
I raise orchids and the phalaenopsis is one of my favorites. I have two, one a lovely white like this one and the other a light lime green. I have a total of 4 branches full of blossoms! But my absolute favorite is my oncidium because it has a strong chocolatey fragrance!
21/Feb/08 3:07 PM
sorry, Susan! I'm soooo sorry! You're so fast! The time it took me to type one message about orchids, you slipped in three! WOW!
21/Feb/08 3:09 PM
Today I had my first telephone conversation with my grandson! It was garbled screeches as he tried yelling and eating the phone at the time. As his mother pulled the phone away from him, I got one more screech of indignation, I imagine it was a mixture of good-bye and "how dare take my phone out of my mouth".
21/Feb/08 3:14 PM
You're find shosho. I didn't want to CP! It was only meant to be one post, but then I wrote a crazy sentence plus forgot about mentioning internet spades. Off to shop now. Oh joy! Definitely not w00t w00t.
21/Feb/08 3:19 PM
fine fine, I meant fine.
21/Feb/08 3:19 PM
Susan, Harvey Ball came up with the big round "Smiley Face" on yellow paper.

:) First recorded use was believed to be in 1982.

Jump in anytime, Boston Ian... I know you're lurking and shaking your head.
21/Feb/08 3:23 PM
I personally like Jane's plural - smileeze
21/Feb/08 3:25 PM
Just as I got out of the Church Service this evening at 8:00 the Lunar Eclipse was Total with just a glow around the red brown shadow. All day they said it would be cloudy - it was perfectly clear. There were a couple of planets (don't believe they were stars right near it) - anyone know which ones?
21/Feb/08 4:05 PM
Eve, from what I've read today, you saw the moon, Saturn and one of the Leo stars.

We had VERY clear skies. Which also meant it was VERY cold outside!! My daughter and I watched from the living room window.
21/Feb/08 4:11 PM
Shosho - the Chocolate Oncid - is really neat. Most of the time you see yellow oncids in boquets, but they come in quite a few colors. That brown/white one is really neat.
21/Feb/08 4:13 PM
Hi, Everyone!
Col, I hope you and hubby had a wonderful anniversary!
Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating, including catherine, S (from France), T, txsxyrd (from @aol.com), and noblewine (from Oklahoma, US)! I hope you have or had a wonderful day!
21/Feb/08 4:17 PM
Eve, even though the oncidium blossoms are small, they pack a punch with their fragrance. Every spring, I drool over the delicious smell! And they go hog wild with the number of blossoms per branch. I think I counted almost fifty on one branch! But perfume of one small branch can fill a huge room!
21/Feb/08 4:37 PM
This is without doubt the most boring day of comments imaginable. Greg's f*rt joke was the highlight and that in itself is telling. Harumph!
21/Feb/08 4:49 PM
While these may be funny - it is not a Joke - thus posting under the "Other" category.

I like the comments under the instructions. Good for a couple of laughs!


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21/Feb/08 5:17 PM
Eve, they should definitely have been posted under the Jokes category..they were as funny as!
21/Feb/08 5:44 PM
Karen: Keep away from Boones Farm, Thunderbird or Nighttrain.

All wine is - is the squeezing of grapes - that have sat around for awhile. Sometime on the skins, for a bit, others a little longer on the skins, then strained poured either into big steel containers and/or put in wooden More...
21/Feb/08 5:56 PM
Gail - they may be funny - but on the other hand it is sad to see how stupid people have become. I know that many of those have these various instructions because some A--whole sued them.
21/Feb/08 5:59 PM
Updated my U-tube - to honor all the friendships that abound on this site:


Say Eve -- Eve

& to all

Oh yes, and God Bless
21/Feb/08 6:06 PM
Catherine,txsxyrd,and noblewine.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.
21/Feb/08 6:47 PM
An English professor wrote the words, "woman without her man is nothing" on the blackboard and directed the students to punctuate it correctly.

The men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."

21/Feb/08 7:32 PM
Women's Bumper Stickers

21/Feb/08 7:35 PM
Lynda - the women were right!
21/Feb/08 7:36 PM
Lynda - had to copy the bumper stickers - love 'em
21/Feb/08 7:41 PM
Many thanks CynB. Is life treating you well today? How do you copy one post? When I try I get the whole page, ads and all. Where to copy them to, by the time I have decided they have disappered. Just not computer savvy. Have a good night.
21/Feb/08 7:50 PM
Oh we are close!
21/Feb/08 7:50 PM
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