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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I remember what it is like to be stuck in a storm damaged area with no power - we went through it here in 2004 - three times in six weeks! And I had just finished chemotherapy, so it was particularly hard for me. My best wishes and prayers for all who were affected by this storm!
Deb-I am like the coffee bean. I turn clear, pure water into a dark liquid that causes people's hearts to race, and fills them with anxiety.
Susan, thanks for the report. So very glad you are safe and relatively undamaged. We get virtually no news here, just a brief mention last night. Do we really need to isolate ourselves this much?
hope you have all survived the cyclone. it is 0900 on Monday 3/20 here.
I hope our below Capricorn Sudokuites fared well in the tempest.
Amelia, things are going fine here, busy as always. Hope things work our for Ben & T-Ball. Hormone has started softball practice last week.
Hope you and yours in Australia are safe after the storms.
Good Maen everyone, Thinking of all fellow sudokuer's in OZ, hope all are safe and sound. Thoughs and prayers are with you. [heart]

Morgana, hope you are doing well. Still thinking of you.
The above comment was from me. Don't know what happened!
6:45 on the easy, which is my personal best - then I read comments for the first time. There are some terrific sudukoites out here. This is a great sharing of thoughts, jokes, stories and good news from the areas Larry impacted. Glad you are here.
Deb - liked the carrot/egg/coffee story. I'm not usually a fan of these allegories, but that one got through the stony heart!
What do you call a chicken that crosses the road, rolls in the mud, and then crosses back?

A dirty double-crosser!
Good mAen all! What time (USA) is it usually when the puzzle changes? Hope all had or are having a great Monday ;-)
A young lady came home from a date, rather sad. She told her
mother, 'Jeff proposed to me an hour ago.'

'Then why are you so sad?' her mother asked.

'Because he also told me he was an atheist. Mom, he doesn't even
believe there's a hell.'

Her mother said, 'Marry him anyway. Between the
two of us,we'll show him how wrong he is.'
To KT, The puzzle changes around 7:00am CST
Good Maen all. A lovely, sunny Spring day in Seattle.. I have sore gluts and hip flexors from bending down weeding the garden yesterday, first of the season. Really out of shape! Amelie, good to hear from you, I've missed you! Thought of you this AM as Franklin got ready for school, looking quite More...
Thanks Steph!!
Deb, your comment today was perfect. Today's game was easy. Life is hard, Suduko helps... as did your comments. Peace to all from North Carolina. e
Suzanne, guess I said something wrong again, kicked me out

Gath, sorry, didn't realize I said a taboo word until it kicked me out
Susan from Ingham, so glad to get your report. I thought of you yesterday and again last night when our news carried a report of the cyclone. Thoughts continue to be with you and others in area.

Deb, loved your story. I'll strive to always be a cup of coffee. I also loved the quote 'It's easier to build a child than repair an adult.' How true.
Thank you Gath, won't happen again
mAen all.
busy with a bathroom reno
not enough time in the day
its my house ,an other reason for no puzzles
4:07 Good mAen all!
Good one, Sarah UK. it made me laugh out loud.
They have reopened the Cairns Airport but not the Cairns campus of James Cook Uni. Big cleanup for Innisfail (50% houses damaged, 1/3 lost their roof) and Mission Beach. So good no-one badly injured. Unfortunately for all the kids, schools will be open today in the Townsville region!
Gath Webmaster is in Melbourne / Aus
Anyone heard from Catherine from France lately?
Susan, glad you're okay!
Baz, waiting for news...
Deb your carrots, eggs, coffee parable is very great!
Hope everyone was safe from Larry cyclone.
Bonjour Amélie, on est tous un peu patraque ici:le printemps est long à venir. De nouvelles aventures avec les enfants?
Bonjour LK et Suzanne, je pense bien à vous.
horrible time, to go with horrible sinuses...
glad Larry didn't do any lasting damage. It must be hard still to deal with all the material damage, and especially the loss of possessions.
Deb, loved the coffee, carrots and eggs, also got a laugh out of Tom P Loverin's egglike coffee More...
3:57 What a gorgeous sky!!!!!!!!!!!
2:31 and a nice picture for this mAen :)
ca fait longtemps! Tous mes enfants vont bien pour le moment -- Ben a drollment envie de commencer a jouer baseball, mais puisqu'il va neiger demain... ce serai pas demain! Tous mes fleurs sont ouvert, alors ils vont souffrir demain. Moi, je serai heaureuse de ne pas avoir du 'pollen' (qui vient des fleurs?)pour un jour!
thank you for your good thoughts I am much better thank you,
Hope the T-ball gets up and running soon as the kids look forward to it all starting. my boys are waiting for soccer to start.
Fraz, Hope all went well
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