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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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TOP - we all need each other particularly now!
21/Mar/20 1:14 PM
, Anne! If it sounds like a beehive ... looks like a beehive ... and smells like a beehive ...
21/Mar/20 1:34 PM
Be well, Peter. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
21/Mar/20 1:35 PM
You're absolutely right, Judy.
21/Mar/20 1:48 PM
Ah, I think some of you have misunderstood me. I do not have Covid-19. I was referring to the fact that Arachnid no longer needs me to post his puzzles whilst he's away. His trip has been cancelled, therefore I no longer need to post his puzzles for him, putting me out of a job. All because of Covid-19.
So, I don't have Covid-19, but I am now unemployed because of it. Capice!
21/Mar/20 2:02 PM
Well, I surely had that all incorrect - thankfully you were still around, Peter, to clarify your convoluted explanation about 'being out of a job' because of.....!
21/Mar/20 2:09 PM
He was seeking sympathy ladies - he is a crafty old (and that;'s the key word) bugger. He just wants lots of good looking nymphs tending to his every needs
21/Mar/20 2:19 PM

Peter Precious.....Oh dear me

Precocious maybe but Precious never.
21/Mar/20 2:22 PM
Good maeN again, good people. I didn’t drink coffee today so I hope I can get some sleep tonight.
21/Mar/20 2:48 PM
Maybe if I wear my scanty Plum spring outfit the snow will stay away this weekend?
21/Mar/20 2:52 PM
Though I don’t suppose it much matters since I don’t need to drive anywhere.
21/Mar/20 2:53 PM

Sorry I missed your puzzle Wombat! I have been asked to work full time until the end of this school term, if we don’t get closed before then. It’s only been 15 months since I gave up full time work, but boy, am I feeling it! By the time I’ve cooked dinner and cleaned up I’m like a zombie! Three weeks to go! Xxx 😉🤞
21/Mar/20 7:20 PM
The puzzle is there for you to enjoy, it is not as the Phantom would have us believe, a test. I really like to have lots of responses but realise that like you, other events intervene for the regular posters. You will be very welcome to submit again when you are under less pressure. Thank you for letting me know why you weren't able to join in this week.
21/Mar/20 8:24 PM
Good Maen
We go into lock down today, but the restrictions seem to be the same as before - stay home and be safe.
Being somewhat of an introvert it’s okay, but I need my fresh aire and walks
21/Mar/20 9:23 PM
The weather just needs to cooperate for a walk,
21/Mar/20 9:24 PM
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