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Easy Sudoku for 21/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Wombat - loved it. When I was watching your link a vintage video of the same song was suggested. As I was born in 1961 this video would have been JUST the thing to send me to sleep in my youth, had there been a way to watch it back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1UXSdFlVOs
21/Jun/17 12:01 AM
The calendar turned while I was writing train video posts. good people!!
21/Jun/17 12:03 AM
21/Jun/17 12:26 AM
21/Jun/17 12:49 AM
Oooh, my new stove/oven comes today!!! It's been a hassle using my induction stove (one burner) and my pressure/toaster oven in place of a stove/oven. Kind of feels like living dorm style.
21/Jun/17 12:51 AM
New stove has 5 burners! One big one, two smaller ones, one that can be big or small depending which way you turn the control knob and the last one is a warmer. Hmmm. . . Anyway its finish matches my frig and pressure/toaster oven.
21/Jun/17 12:54 AM
21/Jun/17 12:54 AM
Happy American Eagle Day!
21/Jun/17 1:22 AM
On June 20, 1782, the Bald Eagle became our Nation's symbol and national bird. On June 20, 1982 President Ronald Regan, in accordance with a joint resolution of Congress in celebrating America's 200th Bicentennial, proclaimed the day as 'National Bald Eagle Day'. The first 'American Eagle Day' was More...
21/Jun/17 1:37 AM
WOW! That's one dark sky!
21/Jun/17 2:28 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Wonderful photo!
21/Jun/17 2:48 AM
Very dramatic photo, Dino. The touch of blue sky is a whisper of promise in a dark landscape.
21/Jun/17 3:43 AM
Morning all, some rain heading your way, Dino .
We are fogged in again ,hope it clears before we help a friend move.
21/Jun/17 7:24 AM
Good arvo all. Barbara and I are in Charlotte for a few days. Grandson 2 is home after basic training and a tech school and we wanted to see him again. He'll be going to Nellis AFB (in Las Vegas) next week.
21/Jun/17 7:28 AM
Good mAen 🍰 I sure would like a piece of cake !
21/Jun/17 7:41 AM
I have only to take one step ! To get my Fitbit steps in !
21/Jun/17 7:42 AM
⛈ have class tonight ! ! I guess our pool light is out over my pool - should be interesting- maybe I will look better in that light ! I sure was sweating during my morning classes .
21/Jun/17 7:45 AM
The hordes must have lost their GPSs, with only 18 posts up to date. There isn't even anyone competing for 22.
21/Jun/17 9:55 AM
Wombats aren't really capable of gallumphing - trundling is more our speciality.
21/Jun/17 9:56 AM
What'd you say, Wombat?
21/Jun/17 9:57 AM
21/Jun/17 9:57 AM
21/Jun/17 9:57 AM
Trundling to the point of stupidity might characterise our species, but we always give way to our friends. So it is over to you keith.
21/Jun/17 9:59 AM
Well I was a bit too late to be gracious, but I'm glad you got there Keith.
21/Jun/17 10:02 AM
Thx Wombat!
21/Jun/17 10:04 AM

well, it is so ling since I logged in here, that I had to renew my membership. I'm hardly a new member! Still, finished the easy to find one of my own pics as the jigsaw. Hope you all liked it.
21/Jun/17 11:38 AM
To bring you all up to date: I no longer live at Sandy Point but have moved to Inverloch. Closer to various facilities, especially health ones. Maybe I should post some of my sunnier Inverloch photos
21/Jun/17 11:49 AM
21/Jun/17 1:07 PM
Dino, It is good to see you posting. I used to teach at Allambee Estate (back in the Strzelecki Ranges towards Yarragon from you. Every year the children and their parents made an excersion the Inverloch on school picnic day (more accurately Melbourne Cup Day) and frolic in the shallows. It was a highlight of the year. That was in 1955 - 56. Cheers.
21/Jun/17 3:36 PM
Dino and Wombat, I used to live in the boys home on Phillip Island in 1956 - 57 and I went to school in Wonthaggi. We sometimes used to visit Inverloch when we had the 'day out'.
21/Jun/17 5:13 PM
1:39. Good evening everyone.
21/Jun/17 9:13 PM
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