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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Blessings and salutations Sudokuland!
21/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Sep/11 12:00 AM
all from So. Oregon
21/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Substitute Teacher Day
National Gibberish Day (not in one of the squares, but the radio said it was).
21/Sep/11 12:01 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Vivacious Viv
21/Sep/11 12:08 AM
A very peaceful scene, Wendy - thank you!
21/Sep/11 12:19 AM
HI all! Happy Birthday Viv! Nice day here today!
Yesterday's poozle was much too difficult and only HalT and Kathy SWWA got the answers which were:




Big round of applause for one tired and wet HalT (seems to have rained every day of his holiday!)
21/Sep/11 12:35 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the 'have YOU read Harry Potter?' inbox please!

I'm seven times seventy,
Plus a decade more.
This has all happened before.
Red and gold, I am no liar.
My nursery will be made
From my funeral pyre.

Who am I?

21/Sep/11 12:37 AM
My little celebration today - it's 25 years to the day since I came to live in France.
21/Sep/11 12:39 AM
Some roses to help you celebrate your anniversary as a French resident, Fi!
21/Sep/11 12:41 AM
Good Maen, good people.
21/Sep/11 12:41 AM
It took two full nights' sleep but I am now restored and my TO DO list is long, so I can not stay to catch up. Sorry to miss the birthdays I have. Hope they were happy. Blessings to you all.
21/Sep/11 12:43 AM
Also sorry to have missed poozles, photos, summaries and news.
21/Sep/11 12:44 AM
Happy VIV Day! Fill it with V-V-V-V-voom.
Fiona, France is very much the better, I am SURE, for your influence and contribution. And what a beautiful place to live and raise a family. You made a difficult but wise life choice. Good for you!
21/Sep/11 12:48 AM
Thanks Vici, as you say, a French resident but not a national - I've never taken the dual nationality!
21/Sep/11 12:50 AM
Plum, it wasn't a difficult decision - I didn't have a job in Scotland!
21/Sep/11 12:51 AM
Off to have Starr's wedding dress fitted, then must groom seven goats to go to market (they're not coming back!), clean for a house sitter this weekend, make a shopping list for a trip to Shipshewana, IN, oh, and it's ...
21/Sep/11 12:51 AM
Burl's birthday today!
21/Sep/11 12:52 AM
21/Sep/11 12:55 AM
And happy 25th Franciversary to you, Fiona!
21/Sep/11 12:55 AM
Well, since I'm almost there...
21/Sep/11 12:56 AM
21/Sep/11 12:56 AM
Fiona - I would think there's always a degree of difficulty in moving so far from home and what's familiar. Did you know much French when you relocated?
21/Sep/11 12:57 AM
Vivacious Viv! Celebrate in a vivacious way!
Happy Anniversary to Fiona, who certainly brings much beauty to a beautiful country!
Perfect day here so I'm playing hooky this afternoon and hitting the links--now let's just hope I can hit the ball.
21/Sep/11 12:57 AM
March 1st of this year was the 30th anniversary of my first trip to France, and it was love at first sight!
21/Sep/11 12:58 AM
Thank you, Jane. I'll pass on the well wishes to my handsome hubby.
21/Sep/11 12:58 AM
Yes Plum - it was an obvious choice after a degree in French - either that or Quebec or maybe Congo?!
21/Sep/11 12:59 AM
Ah, the south of France WAS the best-est choice!
21/Sep/11 1:04 AM
Neither "Fiona from Quebec" or "Fiona from Congo" are alliterative. It just wouldn't have worked AT ALL.
21/Sep/11 1:07 AM
grammar mistake. Please be kind, everyone, I'm texting and fielding questions while I'm trying to type here, too. I've gotta go get ready to go to the fitting.
21/Sep/11 1:08 AM
21/Sep/11 1:19 AM
Vivacious Viv!
Happy Anniversary Fiona!
21/Sep/11 1:20 AM
Going to be a great day. Beautiful weather in SE Michigan, all caught up on client work and appts., and now I can do what I want to do, sew. Enjoy your day all.
21/Sep/11 1:20 AM
Congratulations on your anniversary, Fee-o-na! But why not reveal the REAL reason you migrated to France? After going through all of the men in Scotland, and not finding a suitable candidate, you traveled to France to continue your quest! Well, at least you DID find the perfect man!
21/Sep/11 1:20 AM
I already have one load of laundry washed...I think I will use the solar dryer....and have helped TM out of a muddy situation. (He is going to wish he had fixed that water leak a long time ago!) Now to straightn up and use that sucky thingy. I think I will invite everyone over for coffee if the house gets cleaned!
21/Sep/11 1:23 AM
Hello, everyone!

The bat has landed! Still a bit grogged and I need to find my way to the that room to start the climb up Mt. Laundry. It was a great trip. The scenery was spectacular! We were in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I must admit Stockholm was my favorite city, but lovely places, all.
Be back later!
21/Sep/11 1:31 AM
Morning all! Welcome back mountain mama, but you're wrong about Fiona. Scotland just put her in a seriously long timeout and shipped her off to France to spread her 'joy' around. Happy Birthday Vivacious!
21/Sep/11 1:32 AM
Ahh welcome back to Batty too...
21/Sep/11 1:33 AM
to "the that"??? See? I do need a little more sleep....
21/Sep/11 1:34 AM
National Gibberish day, that must be why you are all using such naughty words....
21/Sep/11 1:35 AM
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