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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Morning all!
Not my idea of a yummy breakfast...
22/Oct/09 4:28 AM
Did I make it to the TOPP?
22/Oct/09 4:28 AM
Nope! Hello Suzy! Not my idea of breakfast either!
22/Oct/09 4:29 AM
I'll also pass on a Tako for breakfast.

Jim - your photos are excellent - good work - keep it up & posting.
22/Oct/09 4:38 AM
Were we supposed to come up with as many words as we could for Fiona's puzzle? I just came up with one for each length.

Seems strange to see the date and realize that I am now a year older in Australia than I am here in Florida!
22/Oct/09 4:43 AM
It's a bit easier, methinks, to do Fiona's puzzle if you start right away with the 10 letter word and work your way backward. Doing so solves the 10 and 9 letter words right off the bat, and makes 8 and 7 pretty easy, too. Then the rest are take your pick of any number of available options.
22/Oct/09 4:45 AM
I agree, Eve! If you haven't had a look at Jim's photos, do so. They are terrific!

Okay. I'll try Fiona's latest mind melting puzzle.
22/Oct/09 4:46 AM
Happy Birthday (tomorrow), Glenn!
And thank you for saying something about your birthday. After over a year on this site, one would think I'd learn to look first thing at the new members and birthday bits, but I tend to ignore the right column where the ads are. I am SO dependant on other people clueing me in, and I really DO want to wish people happy birthday.
22/Oct/09 4:48 AM
Plum: It's much easier to notice that right hand column when you are a Supporting Member, as you don't see the ads.
Glenn, no, Fiona only asked for one of each. I just wanted to overwhelm her!
22/Oct/09 4:54 AM
You're such an over-achiever, Greg ... ... or a kiss a**!
22/Oct/09 4:57 AM
Been there and done that Judy!
22/Oct/09 4:59 AM
Why do witches fly on brooms?

Because vacuum cleaner cords are not long enough!

22/Oct/09 5:24 AM
Good Morning! (just barely) - I'm late because I got sidetracked in Jim's gallery...what super photos!
I'm lovin' your Halloween humor, "Goblin"!
Just finishing my preparations and off I go! My count-down has reached "0" now. I could barely sleep last night. Will be in touch from Oz.
22/Oct/09 5:34 AM
Also, wanted to thank all of you that have been posting well-wishes to me. I'm so blessed to be sharing this adventure with all of you.
22/Oct/09 5:35 AM
22/Oct/09 5:36 AM
Right you are, Plum, you super-puzzler, you!
22/Oct/09 5:38 AM
Remember to look for the other unique attributes of Oz, Vici, in addition to the fabulous flora and fauna and the lovely people ... the Southern Cross ... and the potty swirling in the opposite direction! Bon Voyage!
22/Oct/09 5:42 AM
Be safe and have the greatest of trips, Vici.
22/Oct/09 5:43 AM
Keith - I understand Bean and I are staying at the same hotel (Holdiay Inn Oldtown) that you and Lynne stayed at. Mike is treating us to that hotel...it looks wonderful. How did you like it?
22/Oct/09 5:53 AM
1:52, everyone.
22/Oct/09 6:08 AM
I couldn't actually say what direction potties swirl in, Judy.
22/Oct/09 6:17 AM
Goblin - ain't that the truth? Vacuum cleaner cords are NEVER long enough -- except when they're so long they're tangling your ankles.
22/Oct/09 6:20 AM
Do you mean the Holiday Inn in Sydney? If so, we stayed there the last night we were in Australia. The hotel is nice. There's a beautiful view from the roof ... don't miss it. Our room had no chair, which annoyed Lynne. It is just up the street from Circular Quay.
22/Oct/09 6:20 AM
Judy spent her time in Australia looking into toilets??? Perhaps a little less of that good Aussie wine.....
22/Oct/09 6:23 AM
Must have been a poopy trip for Judy...?
22/Oct/09 6:37 AM

Happy birthdays Glen.
(The one in Oz and thge another in Florida)
22/Oct/09 7:11 AM
*and the other
22/Oct/09 7:11 AM
Have fun Vici, and watch out for wild kangaroos!
22/Oct/09 7:16 AM
Jim, thnaks for answering about the camera. You have some excellent photos from what looks to be an easily affordable, compact and quite decent camera. I may look into one of those for myself. Cheers!
22/Oct/09 7:24 AM
CG - Good luck to Vici if she can find a wild kangaroo in the heart of Sydney (or Melbourne for that matter). They are a bit few and far between unless you are at a zoo.
22/Oct/09 7:35 AM
CG, the Canon SX110IS that I bought in January 2009 is no longer being produced.
Amazon still had some in July.
The Canon guy in the mall photo store said they were expecting a new Canon in this class of camera in time for fall, so maybe they have an even better one by now.
22/Oct/09 7:39 AM
Now, now, good people ... before leaving for Oz, everyone should observe the direction of the swirl (clockwise)in a sink, tub, or toilet. It's an incomparable delight to then see it spin in the other direction (counterclockwise) Down Under! Some people just don't comprehend what's truly cool ...
22/Oct/09 7:48 AM
Thanks Jim. I'll check it out. There may still be some here in Canada, but I'll ask about a newer equivalent model.
22/Oct/09 8:17 AM
What did the witch do when her broom stick broke?

She witch-hiked

22/Oct/09 8:31 AM
2:08 Hi to all. Yuk...

Thought for the Day:

Continue to be yourself because in the end that's what people will remember about you.
22/Oct/09 8:34 AM
Quick hello and even quicker goodbye/goodnight. I did actually open the site twice this morning at work, and that's it - got busy again and had to go before posting. So now I'm very tired and need to get to bed. Goodnight.
22/Oct/09 8:37 AM
Don't bother looking at my toilets Vici, they just flush with a rush of water. The bath plug is a different matter...it swirls!
I did Fiona's puzzle yesterday but I do not think I have the time today to even look at it.

22/Oct/09 8:50 AM

Vici, have a great visit. And June, don't bother looking at any toilets...or tubs.


22/Oct/09 8:54 AM
Where do baby ghosts go during the day?

....Dayscare centres.
22/Oct/09 9:27 AM
What's a witches favorite sublect in school?

22/Oct/09 9:28 AM
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