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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2011


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GmaJackie - two things I love to discuss are recipes and books. I'm trying a chicken chili tonight. Not sure how chicken will work, but thought I'd give it a try. I'm also planning on making a couple of apple pies for the freezer today, which will be handy when the relatives all arrive for the Thanksgiving weekend.
22/Oct/11 1:39 AM
everyone from cool and clear So. Oregon ...
22/Oct/11 1:44 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Oct/11 1:55 AM
Babbling Day.
22/Oct/11 1:55 AM
Happy Advancing in age Glenn.

You know since retirement, he has been scarce. He must have a huge honey do list to finish.
22/Oct/11 1:56 AM
GmaJackie, love chili cheese fries with extra onions. When waiting for Thing I's arrival, I could not get enough of this delight.
22/Oct/11 1:58 AM
For tonight, there is going to be an attempt for enchiladas. Or that is the thought plan for right now.
The urge for rice pudding is still there, but not as strong as it was last night.
22/Oct/11 1:59 AM
I make a pretty good chili if I do say so myself. Use ground venison when I have it but otherwise I use good quality ground beef. I plan to have a pot next week. I will have some friends over to share it with me otherwise I will have left-over chili for ever. do occasionally freeze the left over and have it later.
22/Oct/11 2:00 AM
I serve it over Fritos and top it with grated cheese. Then add a dollop of sour cream.
22/Oct/11 2:03 AM

Chili? Mine has ground beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, celery, onion, hot Mexican chili powder, sometimes corn....I also top it with grated cheddar. I never thought about serving it over Fritos. I'll have to try that!
22/Oct/11 2:11 AM
everyone. It's a glorious day in Valrico - sunny, temp. around 70 F., & no humidity. I just got home from my last tennis match before the wedding which is exactly ONE WEEK from today!! It would be wonderful if we could get a day like this in Ft. Lauderdale next Friday or at More...
22/Oct/11 2:18 AM
I usually use ground beef, the chicken I'm trying today is a radical departure from the norm for me. I also make a good black bean chili that I serve with grated cheese and sour cream.

I think Woolworths used to serve something they called a Frito Pie, which was chili and cheese over a bed of Fritos. Probably not very healthy - but yummy!
22/Oct/11 2:22 AM
I'll keep my fingers crossed for glorious weather for your daughter's wedding, Kathy.
22/Oct/11 2:23 AM
More finger crossing for good weather from me, Kathy!
22/Oct/11 2:29 AM
Here is today's puzzle....

You can draw me, fire me or fill me in.

What am I?

Answers to the "I prefer to be drawn, thank you" inbox, please.
22/Oct/11 2:31 AM
Thanks for your good wishes Linda & Kathy.

Kathy - love your new avatar! Is that a cat in a batman disguise or are those really the cat's ears??

Linda - is your chicken chili a version of "white chili" with white beans & sauce, too? I had never heard of white chili More...
22/Oct/11 2:40 AM
Must step away from my computer now & get busy cleaning my house for the shower on Sunday. Hope everyone has as good a weekend as I think mine as going to be.
22/Oct/11 2:42 AM
Kathy, I've got several chicken chili recipes I'm going to try. This one isn't white, but I've got a white and a verde in the to be tried lineup. I'll use the last of my garden's tomatillos for the chicken chili verde. Have a great shower!!!
22/Oct/11 2:54 AM
In today's picture there are steps for walruses, whales, and elephants.
22/Oct/11 3:05 AM
Karen's avatar today is an oxymoron.
22/Oct/11 3:06 AM
Hello again, the crock pot is cooking away. I have made white chili. I really liked it but gpa wasn't a "fan"of while chili. Funny how things like "fan" "LOL" and such slip into ones vocabulary. Yesterday at my Bible Club I refered to FB "like" "dislike" during the lesson. Ya gots to keep up with whats happen, esp.with kids.
22/Oct/11 3:14 AM
My cousins have invited us over for Taco Soup tomorrow evening. Gpa isn't a "fan" of that either but he will eat it and brag on it.
22/Oct/11 3:16 AM
Gorgeous beach, and I am a beach person. Wish I could go right now. .Lovely photo, Wendy.
22/Oct/11 3:30 AM
Kathy (M), you have never had a Frito Pie. Another one of those great inventions, which we had last week. Oh, don't forget the onions, need to take care of the heart.
22/Oct/11 3:54 AM
I have decided it is safer for all who live in this house if I stay out of that room today. I should go back to bed and cover my head and not come out for a very long time.
22/Oct/11 4:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo. Between Anne and Wendy, we've had a chance to see many of the beaches in WA. Thanks!
22/Oct/11 4:15 AM
Karen, no avatar for Babbling Day? You could have shown a head shot of almost anyone on this site for that category!
22/Oct/11 4:18 AM
Well done to the Wallabies! I thought the Eden Park curse would come back and bite them on the butts, but I was wrong. I'm sure it was a great match. Go All Blacks and get the win at home!
22/Oct/11 4:20 AM
Ah. Karen has now a proper avatar - even if it is a blinkin' cat that is green !
22/Oct/11 4:58 AM
1.37 Straight 9-1
22/Oct/11 5:27 AM

I must go turn my veg soup into Tom Yum but with 2 cats insisting in aiding me on the keyboard this may take time
22/Oct/11 5:51 AM
Congratulations and good luck with your interview Chris. No word yet on mine. I think TM asking me 50 times a day "Any word yet?" is driving me crazier than no word!
22/Oct/11 6:52 AM
Cooking discussion for me today involves frozen pizza. I'm on a roll!
22/Oct/11 6:53 AM
I just finished listening to "Water for Elephants". Great book. I am reading the books by Jennifer Chiavarini (SP?) who writes a quilting series. I am up to "The Runaway Quilt". Not Pulitzer prize material, but entertaining.
22/Oct/11 6:55 AM
What do you call a ghost who presses a door bell?

... A dead ringer
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
What is a witch with poison ivy called?

... An itchy witchy!
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
What's a cold, evil candle called?

... The wicked wick of the north!
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
What happens to a fast witch on a slow broom?

... She flies off the handle!
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
What has webbed feet, feathers, fangs and goes quack quack?

... Count Duckula!
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

... No body!
22/Oct/11 7:15 AM
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