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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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22/Oct/14 2:47 AM
Woohoo veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
And a CP to boot!!!
22/Oct/14 2:48 AM

... it has been raining here. Actually, that's a big deal, considering our severe drought situation.
22/Oct/14 2:49 AM
Happy birthday Glenn. I hope you make it home today to celebrate your special day. Take care my friend. (Glenn has just had a big heart operation-5 bypasses)
22/Oct/14 2:49 AM
still morning here, still cool especially with 2 sliding doors being replaced.
22/Oct/14 3:23 AM
They only got the big slider replaced yesterday. Of course they got here late, then had trouble getting the new door to fit.
22/Oct/14 3:31 AM

Sue - I meant to ask you yesterday why your slider doors need to be replaced. I thought this was a new place when you moved in just a couple years ago. I hope the replacement is being done under a house warranty.
22/Oct/14 4:18 AM
, y'all! Been sufferin' with a headache yesterday and today - doesn't feel like a migraine so I'm trying to avoid the migraine meds. It's better than it was earlier thanks to Alleve, but since I'd wake up in the night feeling it, I'm not rested enough to get rid of it completely.
22/Oct/14 5:30 AM
Morning all,beautiful Crocus to brighten our dreary day.
Bill and I celebrate 51 years of marriage today, I find it amazing that June and Ken were married the same year 3 days earlier.
22/Oct/14 5:51 AM
Happy birthday Glen,wishing you a speedy recovery so you can celebrate.
22/Oct/14 5:55 AM
Silvergal,nagging headaches are no fun and so hard to get rid of. Fingers crossed for you.
22/Oct/14 5:57 AM
It's going to be a long while before we see spring colors around here again. At least the fall ones are pretty.
22/Oct/14 6:44 AM

15 days.

In the today we have Silvergal, Darwen Jim, Judy, and lonewoof. Here's some food for the snail once you help him out of the well.
22/Oct/14 6:46 AM
22/Oct/14 6:52 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
22/Oct/14 6:55 AM
Happy Anniversary, Amelia & Bill! ♪♫ and many more!
22/Oct/14 7:16 AM
Amelia and Bill!
Wishing you many more happy years together!
22/Oct/14 7:37 AM
Happy Anniversary, Amelia and Bill.
22/Oct/14 7:55 AM
And Happy Anniversary to June and Ken for 3 days ago.
22/Oct/14 7:56 AM
Good morning.
22/Oct/14 7:57 AM
It's supposed to get to 26*C today.
22/Oct/14 7:57 AM
But the heating kicked in a little while ago. At the moment, it is grey and very cool outside. I hope wel will get to the projected temperature.
22/Oct/14 7:59 AM
ALSo, Happy Birthday, Glenn.
22/Oct/14 8:02 AM
Good afternoon everyone. Back in St Simons and now off to try Cheese Grits as today's local delicacy.
22/Oct/14 8:34 AM

Amelia and Bill. (Well, it's a new year for you, right?)
22/Oct/14 8:56 AM
I am home. I feel pretty good....except for that ^@#$ catheter. I do feel the sudden need to nap a couple of times a day.
22/Oct/14 9:57 AM
Naps are good, Sarah Beth. Always look on the bright side.
22/Oct/14 1:46 PM
However, it's time for me to find my pillow. Night all.
22/Oct/14 1:48 PM
22/Oct/14 3:27 PM
I'm having the same problem as you, Silvergal. I have woken up a few times lately with a headache that feels like a migraine. I think I must have slept through the aura. The headache hangs around for most of the day but I seem to manage without meds too
22/Oct/14 3:58 PM
Goodness me, I think everyone's been having naps. 4 hours no posts.
22/Oct/14 8:32 PM
I have had a large huntsman spider on the wall in the TV room for the last 3-4 days. It was interesting today to watch it shed it's skin. I was not sure what was happening at first and when hubby came home he thought that we now had two spiders. I once had some eggs hatch and I had lots of tiny More...
22/Oct/14 11:13 PM
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