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Easy Sudoku for 22/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I respect your views and it is great to debate these issues. Of course people should not be persecuted for their religious beliefs and I believe both our country's are extremely tolerant to other religions, something I think we can be proud of, however, it is a tolerance that is sadly More...
Chalkboard: Unfortunately it was too liitle and too late, and it hasn't been heeded. 'Police actions' continue to be the way of life and death. To quote an appropriate song 'Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too
Imagine all the people, More...
So sad to hear of the passing of Robert Altman. May he rest in peace.
To all: Gath had pointed out that M*A*S*H related to the Korean War, not Vietnam. I erred in my post, and for some reason he altered his post in which he pointed out it was Korea. Not sure if he was trying to ease my mistake, but a class act on his part.
The lyrics to the song were written by Altman's 14-year old son, Michael (supposedly, in a couple of hours).
anew: I will post the site on the recipe section, that way those not interested don't have to bother with reading it.
anew: Here is the site

kq98.com, go to 'features' then click on 'pictures' scroll down till you see 'take me backstage' click on the photo of Dierks and the 4 girls. my daughter is the one on the right, next to him, so our right, his left, she has KQ98 on the front of her shirt! if More...
the cats are back
have a great day/night one and all
I alredy have enough cats so I don't need to see pictures of them.
LK~ Does your daughter have a pink hat on, in the pic w/ you and keith?
André and Anew: I'sn't this fun, putting different thoghts and twists into the story? We should make this a 'Choose Your Own Ending' story and give a variety of options!
anew, no, it is #52, the photo is kind of dark, she is the one with very long hair, keith has is arm around her, she is on his left
LK---your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Didn't find a Keith Urban pic with her, though :(
Canuk Greg~ YES! I love it, I would enjoy doing more of it, with all of us, or only us.
About ''Jol'', I think he should travel some more, personally, because Rosemary's goal, was to get him around the world~ But for the ending, YES, we should all put in an ending~ SHOULD we have people VOTE on it?? and then, the winner, or the most votes, is the ending??
Angie: Thank you see the comment above, for the Keith Urban photo.
Jol: I was trying to get him to Canada, but he got routed to Jamaica and ended up still in the US, and in going to the US he missed Asia, etc. Move him out of there!
LK: You have a good looking daughter! Does she take after you (pant, pant!)?
LK--thanks, I found it! Very cool!! Kept looking for you in there, but didn't find anyone to match your description of 'the big lady on the left' :)

I have only been to 3 concerts so far (not too bad considering I'm only 30). Can't even imagine what it would be like to see them up close and personal.
LK~ IS it under ''Takes you backstage''?
Greg, thank you, and she favors me when I was that age, of course that was 25 years and a few pounds ago!
anew, yes, click on the >> and it says slideshow, Keith Urban is #52, there is a group of us
i LIKE cats! cute photo - wish we knew it's name

I thought the whole idea of the Jol story was to keep the story going as long as possible without ending - the neverending travels of Jol...
Ooooh! Great pictures! You're both, beautiful peopole...Now I see what you mean, about the dark photo!
I was only looking for 3 people :/

I tried to put some pics on of me, and of me and my husband and my nephews', but my KB's- too large. Though my pix ratio-just fine. So I dunno, maybe i'll dabble in photoshop or something ;/ ?hmm.
oops people*

Canuk Greg~ I actually had a plan for canada, and Florida, for Jol, but it did get diverted from my attention in Colorado..If he hasn't yet, I'll bring him out of the US!
Brad, You are a far more patient person than I am or could ever hope to be. I just can't accept it. Putting myself into their situation, I'd be highly pivved off. If I had just came from a religious summit. Already checked out of my hotel. Was at the airport, probably already called my family More...
Okay Canuk Greg~ Take them out of the US, it's set up!
I've gotta run, my husbands' after me to get our laundry done!
When I check back, i'll add more, or my ending if that's where it is! Everyone who adds a part, take him to your LAND!! :)
Angie, thanks, it is fun to meet them up close and in person. Emily and I enjoy music and have been to about 6 concerts together, kind of a nice bonding time for us. Emily friend is with her in the Dierks picture, but I am in the Keith picture, 'the big lady on the end'
Sorry for assuming you're a girl in the Jol story :/
Anew - I am a girl (Oh that makes me sound SO young) but beehive's not.
Geez LK (laughing)---I really did find you in the pic. I was trying to be nice/funny. :) You are one pretty lady! And a side note...my parents never would dream of taking me to a concert, now or when I was younger. Kudos for you!
4:43 He's left his catskin hat sitting on his jeans. Quite life like really. I wonder if he has pigskin boots to go with the outfit.
Maybe we should stick to using our Flying Carpets (sadly no in-flight enertainment!)
Angie: Thanks, but there is not hiding the facts, I am a big, wonderful, person! and just a little side note, I have lost a few pounds since then but still no model. My friends love me for who I am, now what I look like, plus I am one HE** of a lot of fun!
Try PopeAir - our motto 'Fly Pope, Have Hope!'. We take allcomers by the way.
suppose to be 'not' instead of 'now'
I think I will stay at home in my cave.
OK guys. I hope I'm not being too nosey, but where is the story. I'm dying to know more. Can I read it? If its none of my business, that's OK too.
Canuk Greg, when I go to that page it says 'no comments available ...' I can't find it. What am I doing wrong or where am I going wrong?
Never mind. Found it. Didn't see the other jigsaw link. Thanks.
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