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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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WAY TO GOx!!!!!!!!!!! Fab news - what a nice Christmas present!!!!!
He would look like a girl if he didn't have the beard! lol sorry
To Libby: Glad you visited my page and remembered the tree that you helped decorate! It was a lot of fun, we will have to do it again sometime. Oh wait, we are on the 30th!!
When Mozart passed away, he was buried in a churchyard.

A couple days later, the town drunk was walking through the cemetery and heard some strange noise coming from the area where Mozart was buried. Terrified, the drunk ran and got the priest to come and listen to it.

The priest More...
Where is everybody????
SUSAN - now if that's not a good excuse to indulge in some bolly over the next few days, then what is? Have a great Xmas!!
I've been on this site a few times, always enjoyed the puzzle and I'm amazed at the comments...everyone seems so nice. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Joline - now why would you be amazed at finding a bunch of really nice people on here?!! It does happen you know! Have a Happy Xmas!
OK all you Yanks..I announced last night but it was mostly the Aussies in here. My divorce was final yesterday. Somehow seems fitting that the marriage ended at the Winter Solstice. Time for new beginnings. A huge thanks to ALL of you that got to hear my process, my tears, my vitriole..and who More...
I usually work the puzzle and run, but not today. For those of you wishing for cooler weather, I'd happily switch places with you - I'm taking a break from shoveling 3' of snow left by yesterday's blizzard.

Thanks Barbara, for the peach yam recipe - I've printed it out to give it a try. More...
Chris From Massachusetts, USA

If love makes the world go round, then today's picture is proof it's still turning.


I absolutely agree Chris. Although, my mother does think the guy would look slightly like a woman without the More...
Oh and Happy Christmas to you all. Only three more sweet days until Christmas. May you all have a pleasent time and a New Year you won't forget...in my boyfriend's case...a New Years he WILL forget.
Missed the big Nebraska ice storm by 60 miles. Lisa we were thinking about skiing in your beautiful state next weekend, but, don't think we'd make it very far.
Merry Christmas to you all!! Have to head back to work.
BARBARA...I always loved the sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top. I always thought that was a US eastcoast thing as I was raised in NY and Ohio. (Where is the sailing capitol of the World?? Australia??)
Suzanne from Seatlle...Congrats on divorce...now we can get married....(Just kidding)
A New Year's Picture of a nice looking couple.
Don't try to sing this after you've had a few....All together now:-

Me husband is a keeper, he's a very busy man,
I try to understand him and I help him all I can,
But sometimes of an evening I feel a trifle dim,
All alone and plucking pheasants when I'd rather pluck with More...
Nice one Hugh. I'd only ever heard the chorus before.
Seasons greetings to you and yours
Susan: Congratulations to your son! My son is just heading into the whole college app process so I know how stressful it can be. Glad to hear yours turned out well.
To all. Sarah Beth You have a lot of snow to love and Lisa, I really understand...hope you both fair well with the snow. Lisa, your sweet potatoes sound great..I'll have to try them. I fix mine very much like Barbara's, except I use pinapple chunks instead of peaches. Think I'll try them too. Oh, boy, my mouth is watering.
Susan/Ingham, Congratulations to your son. May he continue to reach his goals in the same manner. It was a great gift to the family, coming as it did, at Christmas.
Keith - burls in Australia are known as 'pearls of the forest' to us woodies. They are actually abnormal growths on eucalypt trees - not unlike a cancer. They don't usually kill the tree though. The cause is not fully known but the tree reacts by growing around the problem - sometimes a broken More...
Good morning to all in Sudokuland. Haven't posted for a little while as I have been flat out, and earlier in the week the computer was at the doctors. Why is it that Christmas decorations come out in the shops in Aug/Sept, and we all know it happens every year at the same time, yet it always just More...
That's it, the night shift is nearly over - see yas all termorrer.
Suzanne/Seattle, Congratulations! Nice way to start the New Year, with a clean slate, clear mind and a zest for life as it comes, Enjoy! AP: My wish for you is safe travel and a wonderful experience while in Boston, and family pleasures to keep you warm with memories for many years to come. Happy holidays to all.
Hugh, Mozart decomposing gave me a good chuckle. Thx
See you tomorrow Hugh, Loved the jokes today. CP, any news from your stranded hubby??? Hope he's okay. GannieMo, I loved your comment last night about treating every day as special as Christmas when you are with loved ones, no matter the calendar...Couldn't agree with you more. I'm off now to try More...
Love that shot, what a happy pair.

Hugh, I've not heard of Craft disease, but figured I'd try to make an acronym out of it, knowing your sense of humor. Sure enough, but not printable here. I like it, and can use it a lot.
Lisa from Colorado, where are you? We got 2' on the patio, but oh, the drifts!
Hugh, is CRAFT disease the advanced stages of CRS?
for a great ginger cake
1 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
i tsp ginger
50g sugar
100g butter
150g flour
3-4 tbsn treacle
i egg
125ml milk
*melt the butter, treacle & sugar in a pan until small bubbles appear
*put ginger bicarb of soda & flour in a More...
merry christmas everyone hope you all enjoy yourselves, has anyone got any easier ways to do soduko i have started doing them in the last month or so and still find them very hard, so if anyone has any ideas i am more than willing to read. thank you very much & merry christmas and happy new year xxxxxx
2.33 hope they are both still smiling and baby sleeping.
congratulations on your sons great effort, very rewarding after his year of hard work at school.
enjoy your day/night everyone
dont forget christmas party at noon onwards australian EDST.
BYO food, drinks and christmas carols.
see my room for venue.
Suzanne, wishing you all good things in the coming year. And we want our troops home too.
Hmmmm another couple of 'ecstatic' young people. Remember this: Kurt Cobain couldn't deal with pain but at least he didn't score an own goal against Columbia. Wise words. Now for some more acid.
and another wise morsel: If a tree falls in a forest and there is no-one there to hear it, can you use it as firewood?
my brain hurts
hurts!! hurts!!! Get me a rental car immediately.
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