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Easy Sudoku for 22/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, everyone!
22/Apr/17 12:00 AM
22/Apr/17 12:04 AM
22/Apr/17 12:04 AM
Missed it. Morning Wolf & Denny.
22/Apr/17 12:05 AM
1:51 Good night one and all! Have a great weekend.
22/Apr/17 12:14 AM
22/Apr/17 12:24 AM
APRIL 22 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second letter of the word, in alphabetical More...
22/Apr/17 12:35 AM
Good morning to those late to bed and to those who are early to rise. Sleep well and/or have a good day.
22/Apr/17 12:39 AM
Bad luck Keith, but there is still 22 to go!🦅🦉🦇
22/Apr/17 12:42 AM
Guess what, Wombat?
I was early to bed & late to rise.
Problem is: I didn't sleep much in between.
22/Apr/17 12:50 AM
Not sunny today.
22/Apr/17 12:51 AM
22/Apr/17 1:45 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
22/Apr/17 1:45 AM
Yay! Got my smilies back!!!
22/Apr/17 1:46 AM
Nothing like doggie hugs!
22/Apr/17 3:42 AM
Good mAen, good people. Mother Nature suddenly recalled the early summer weather. April weather in April is the rule of the day.
22/Apr/17 3:49 AM
Wombat, when you awaken, please check your inbox.
22/Apr/17 3:50 AM
22/Apr/17 4:12 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
22/Apr/17 5:30 AM
Morning all, no sun here today too many clouds around.
22/Apr/17 5:59 AM
Lori, have a great day.
22/Apr/17 6:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! Overcast and rainy today, but sunshine forecast for the next two days at least. Yeah!!
22/Apr/17 6:05 AM
It seems like I'll be on the anti-bacterial IV r another month until all my wounds are healed. Seems like the road to travel just got a little longer.

22/Apr/17 6:11 AM
Well, Greg, hope it's some consolation that you nailed today's 22 spot?
22/Apr/17 6:24 AM
Greg, the longest journey begins with a single IV. Or something like that.
22/Apr/17 6:32 AM
I thought I'd cracked it today, that is, no errors. I printed it out and found the rhythm and the too many As and no Y errors, and made the corrections. Then I decided to send it to my iPad so I could post it if I woke in the night. Guess what? Yes I transferred the earlier version.
22/Apr/17 6:52 AM
I'll send the corrected version in an hour or so. It is too difficult to edit on an iPad.
22/Apr/17 6:56 AM
Amended Version
APRIL 22 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the More...
22/Apr/17 7:53 AM
Home again. Had a lovely few days in the Blue Mountains with hubby and our grand daughter. I did a few short walks but I lack energy and I had a few good sleeps. Autumn colours were fantastic, especially the golden ash.
22/Apr/17 8:24 AM
I certainly identify with the lacking energy and having trouble with the hiking. I do have fond memories of the Blue Mountains. They must have been especially pretty in Fall.
22/Apr/17 10:51 AM
Happy Friday day off!
22/Apr/17 11:35 AM
Oh Peter, What happened in the second half? They looked good up until then. Was it tiredness, lack of discipline, bad luck, umpiring or all four and some more. I hope the Cats can do better than that.
22/Apr/17 11:42 AM
June it is could to see that you can get out and about and continue to enjoy life. Your chemo must be coming to an end soon, and that will be an important milestone.
22/Apr/17 11:45 AM
I love hiking, but with my ankle problems, one of my favorite lines is from the jimmy Stewart movie, 'It's a Wonderful Life'
The line: 'Youth is wasted on the young'.
So true!
22/Apr/17 11:48 AM
If you can still hike - GO FOR IT!!!
22/Apr/17 11:49 AM
Wombat, Four more to go for this lot and then A CT scan. Depending on the results it could then be another six lots of this treatment. This one is really effecting me more than the last two effort with Chemo and radiation. So much less energy!
22/Apr/17 3:31 PM
It is not good to hear that this treatment is having such an adverse effect on you, nor is it good to know that you may have to undergo a number more such rounds, but you do seem to be in good spirits and doing everything you can to win the battle. We are all barracking for you.

22/Apr/17 7:30 PM
Yes, good luck June - stick with it. Thinking of you.
22/Apr/17 9:22 PM
Thanks Guys. I remain positive.
22/Apr/17 9:43 PM
Just realised it is the bottom of the page.
22/Apr/17 9:44 PM
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