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Easy Sudoku for 22/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I missed my curfew again
Goodnight all
22/May/19 12:12 AM
Rage & everyone who visits later.
Day started out sunny.
Overcast now.
Hope your day is more sun than not!
22/May/19 1:00 AM
Lack of posts may be indicative of the difficulty people have getting onto the site today... Lots of comments on TOS...
For some reason I have had no problems... very strange
Have a good day everyone
22/May/19 7:16 AM
Morning all,not happy that I couldn't get on the site till now.
Bean, you were lucky!
22/May/19 7:54 AM
I couldn't get on a few hours ago. Straight in this time.
22/May/19 8:08 AM
1:49. That's a neat photo! Good Afternoon all! Glad the site is back (I sure missed my morning fix!).
22/May/19 8:11 AM
Nice to have the site returned … been trying to submit my answers for Wombat's poozle - all done. Have a good day with what's left of it!
22/May/19 8:11 AM
Glad to see I can get back on the site, even if I don't comment often.
22/May/19 8:28 AM
I have to see if I can get answers in tonight. Off to visit my FILbat the nursing home.
22/May/19 9:02 AM
Glad to see back on line!!
22/May/19 9:28 AM
Ålmost went through withdrawal symptoms!
22/May/19 10:32 AM
... what everybody else said.
22/May/19 11:18 AM
22/May/19 11:21 AM
What Keith said. I even tried a couple of other sites. Not good! Glad to see my 'goto' page back up!
22/May/19 12:01 PM

Good to be back!
22/May/19 12:12 PM
So, what was the problem?
Did someone contact Gath? If so, thanks!
22/May/19 12:14 PM
Hello everyone...I can see that we are still 'addicts'. I can hear the collective 'sigh' now the site is back in action
22/May/19 12:17 PM
So good to have the site back! Yesterday I did the easy, photo didn't show, and couldn't go on to any others. Was definitely showing withdrawal symptoms. Wondered whether my son might be somehow blocking my access (I spend way too long on here when I start 16x16s). Even checked last night to see what other sudoku sites there might be...

Yes definitely addicted!
22/May/19 1:59 PM
Still feels good to click on my desktop Sudoku link and not get a Google search list of Sudoku sites ... everything but this one.
22/May/19 3:22 PM
You know I'm going for it. May never get the chance again.
22/May/19 3:23 PM
22/May/19 3:23 PM
22/May/19 3:23 PM
CP Feels so good.
22/May/19 3:24 PM
Good job, Keith!
22/May/19 3:38 PM
It is good to have an explanation as to why there were so few posts. It is great to have everyone back and specially to have Keith being able to get 22.
22/May/19 4:21 PM
Apologies to all those people who struggled to get answers in for last Saturday's POOZLE. Extreme persistence was shown by Joyce and Plum, so we now have 12 responses.
22/May/19 4:28 PM
1:44, great to have the site back! Good evening everyone.
22/May/19 7:01 PM
2:11 Good evening one and all.
22/May/19 7:33 PM
I had no problems logging in this morning. I did wonder how I got first post though. All's well with the world now I'm happy to hear. So I will wish you Bonne nuit
22/May/19 11:12 PM
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