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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Jun/13 12:00 AM
They're so cute when they are that small.
22/Jun/13 12:07 AM
Happy first day of summer. Did I ever mention that I'm a sun person?
22/Jun/13 12:08 AM
Congratulations to Canuk Greg and Sacky. Your answer is your prize. I know a little lame but I've had a long week.
22/Jun/13 12:11 AM
Good morning.
22/Jun/13 12:11 AM
I have time for a little visit here.
22/Jun/13 12:12 AM
My work tonight is sorting out a special storeroom.
22/Jun/13 12:13 AM
So, I'll work, and then take a break on and off all night.
22/Jun/13 12:14 AM
Or at least until I get a patient to look after.
22/Jun/13 12:14 AM
The explanation:
Water makes up about 90% of your lungs and 70% of your brain. The three states it travels are liquid, solid and gas. The first clue has to do with the symbol H2O. It’s talking about the letters in the alphabet.
22/Jun/13 12:15 AM
everyone!! How I have missed you during the past 6 1/2 weeks since we drove up to North Carolina. I thank Karen & Jane & Greg & whomever else may have relayed information to you here from my Facebook posts & e-mails, etc. Although it was a very rough time for Rob & me & many of More...
22/Jun/13 12:29 AM
Kathy, that is great news. Glad you are finally home and settling.
22/Jun/13 12:33 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Jun/13 12:40 AM
National Flip Flop Day
National Take Your Dog to Work Day
First Day of Summer
22/Jun/13 12:42 AM
Good maen from beautiful Portland, Oregon on this first day of summer.
22/Jun/13 1:30 AM
Good morning fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world......
is the best way to describe work, there is a full moon tomorrow!!!
22/Jun/13 1:31 AM
Such a sweet photo today. Perfect for the first day of summer.
22/Jun/13 1:53 AM
Then that means my work will be tomorrow, LizzyG.
22/Jun/13 2:02 AM
Full moons have a marked effect on my line of work.
22/Jun/13 2:03 AM
Meanwhile, even without a full moon, work here, for all shifts, has been for weeks.
22/Jun/13 2:04 AM
I actually don't mind if it is tonight or tomorow, whenever the full moon is.
22/Jun/13 2:06 AM
Because I won't be here!
22/Jun/13 2:06 AM
Did I hear this one referred to as a super moon - and what does that mean?
22/Jun/13 2:07 AM
A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth.
So in other words be grateful you have the night off CP!!
22/Jun/13 2:59 AM
Good to have you back, Kathy. Hope things have settled down for you and Rob.
22/Jun/13 3:37 AM
Anyone play percussion out there? I could sure use a drum roll because ... our bathrooms are done! From mid-February until now--good things come to those who wait? They're beautiful, we're happy, and ... clean! The wine will flow with dinner tonight.
22/Jun/13 3:40 AM
Cathy -- Now that you're all warmed up, come on out and clean ours...
22/Jun/13 3:46 AM
Cathy, no drum roll but I do have a happy dance.
22/Jun/13 3:49 AM
Rat-a-tat-tat! And congrats, Cathy.
22/Jun/13 3:49 AM
Try this Cathy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t925JwYXhVA
22/Jun/13 3:58 AM
Only 30 comments? Slow day.
22/Jun/13 4:20 AM
wish work was as slo
22/Jun/13 5:39 AM

oops.............wish work was as slow as the posting here..........have a good day one and all!!
22/Jun/13 5:41 AM
A winter Saturday morning in Oz; they're all hibernating.
22/Jun/13 6:30 AM
And the Kiwis too.
22/Jun/13 6:31 AM
HI all! Can't believe I'm still whining about this...can now get my pms sent to my mailbox but can't read the old ones, so would whoever sent me the original mail try again?!! God I hope this was worth the wait! I'm so excited!!
22/Jun/13 7:23 AM
Daughter turned 14 today and is 'entertaining' her friends at the moment. This will be a long night methinks!
22/Jun/13 7:24 AM
Glad to hear your good news Kathy and in between Serena's sun avatars was most appropriate.
22/Jun/13 7:25 AM
What do you mean HalT? Hibernating? CP and Lizzie have been keeping you company all night. The sun has just popped over the horizon so the rest of us will now appear!
22/Jun/13 7:27 AM
Just kidding, June, just kidding.
22/Jun/13 7:30 AM
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