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Easy Sudoku for 22/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Jul/15 12:00 AM
Off to the 'Y'.
22/Jul/15 12:00 AM
22/Jul/15 12:06 AM
Hi, Hal! Bye, Hal!

Wolf, and all to follow!
22/Jul/15 12:19 AM
It's time for a poozle!

Take a word from the first column, and a word from the second column, to create 5 lots of eight letters.
Each of these eight letters is an anagram of an animal - what are the 5 animals?

22/Jul/15 12:24 AM

Hey Kathy, Im working an extra shift tonight with only two hours sleep, not much chance of me getting anywhere near an answer on that one
22/Jul/15 1:20 AM
to all.
, we can really use it.
22/Jul/15 1:42 AM
Almost unpacked these go up until next time.
22/Jul/15 1:46 AM
22/Jul/15 2:05 AM
I'd like to tour that building.
22/Jul/15 2:08 AM
Another day, hot and muggy.
We didn't always have this much muggy weather. In the past we'd have a hot dry summer, not see any rain until winter and only a couple of weeks of muggy weather in September, then Indian summer in October (a hot spell for a couple of weeks, very desiccating, only time of the year where lip balm was a necessity).
22/Jul/15 2:10 AM
Now we get the sporadic rains, hot muggy weather from July to October. We still get the Indian summer (we call it the Santa Ana winds - winds blown in from a very dry desert east of LA. And our winter is not as cold as before. I haven't worn my thermal underwear in a very long time!
22/Jul/15 2:18 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
22/Jul/15 2:18 AM
Why didn't you just give us the answers, Kathy?
22/Jul/15 3:36 AM
Sunny & pleasant today.
Retired hubby has no 'retirement projects' today! Yippee!
(Usually it ends up as a mutual project for us both, not just for him!)
22/Jul/15 3:53 AM
good morning.
22/Jul/15 4:03 AM
I hate sleepless nights.
22/Jul/15 4:04 AM
For medical reasons my pain meds got cut way back yesterday, I hate that too.
22/Jul/15 4:05 AM
no, not addiction problems.
22/Jul/15 4:06 AM
My liver hates them
22/Jul/15 4:07 AM
hateful liver.
22/Jul/15 4:09 AM
22/Jul/15 4:09 AM
But ... but ...
22/Jul/15 4:16 AM
You see too many of those around.
22/Jul/15 4:35 AM

-8. Using this formula, square the number (multiply it by itself) and subtract nine.

7 x 7 = 49 - 9 = 40
3 x 3 = 9 - 9 = 0
8 x 8 = 64 - 9 = 55
1 x 1 = 1 - 9 = -8

In the More...
22/Jul/15 4:40 AM
I have been purchasing songs and burning cd's for Elijah lately. Eclectic would be an understatement.
22/Jul/15 4:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's always nice to see an old mill that is still working away.
22/Jul/15 5:27 AM
Elijah performing on the Parent's Page today.
22/Jul/15 5:29 AM
Slow again were you Keith?
22/Jul/15 5:31 AM
Just after the nick.
22/Jul/15 5:44 AM
, y'all! Another hot one in mid-SC. <---that's sweat burning my eyes.
22/Jul/15 6:15 AM
I hadn't been to the local Tuesday Farmer's Market since my friend stopped selling her bread the year before last. The items on my shopping list today all were good bets for being at the Market, and they were!
22/Jul/15 6:17 AM
Plus a few extra things, like peaches. And boiled peanuts from The Peanut Man - the guy actually remembered me. Shopping locally has its advantages.
22/Jul/15 6:18 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
22/Jul/15 6:52 AM
Morning all, wouldn't mind having a look through the mill myself.
22/Jul/15 6:56 AM
I hate running errands, in & out of the car too many times for me. Did a little grocery shopping, which I also hate.
22/Jul/15 7:45 AM
The only good thing is we are having a cool spell, only made it to 80F today. Supposed to be cool again tomorrow with the
22/Jul/15 7:47 AM
Rain is so much better for the plants than out of the tap. I do not know why but the plants like it better, also saves on the water bill.
22/Jul/15 7:50 AM
I should be starting dinner, but
22/Jul/15 7:50 AM
I really need to do this
22/Jul/15 7:51 AM
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