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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2010


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Why did the witch put her broom in the washing machine?

.... She wanted a clean sweep!
23/Oct/10 2:49 PM
I thought my life was over. I have not been able to do anything on my computer for 4 hours. It was the worst 4 hours of my entire life.
My machine, was doing it weekly cleaning job, which ordinarily, I can still chat, shop, or whatever I do on here. But tonight, all I could do was play solitaire. It was horrible, I tell ya, just horrible.
23/Oct/10 4:32 PM
Bless your heart, Karen!
23/Oct/10 4:35 PM
And to make a bad evening worse. I learned today, after 3 PM, that I was volunteered to make potato salad for the bike rally tomorrow and we still had to pack the girls up and take them to MIL's, then return and I was having and allergy/sinus attack that makes one immobile. We did not get home More...
23/Oct/10 4:36 PM
And that is not all.

Thanks Lurker, I needed that.
23/Oct/10 4:37 PM
Mr. I-will-help-you, came in once, to move a pot of potatoes from that thing he brought in this week, to the sink and poured it in that bowl with holes. (I can't think of the name at the moment). Strainer, I think. Then he grabs some meat and heads back next door to fix his dinner on their grill More...
23/Oct/10 4:40 PM
I am praying, or have been praying for rain, so I do not have to go to this biker rally. They are fun, but I just do not want to go. But since, I learned we are providing food, I would like to see who I will be sending to the hospital. There is a 50% chance tomorrow, still not the time to run and find the rain gear.
23/Oct/10 4:43 PM
Really, I should never be kept quiet for so long. There is so much to tell you and things to do, that I cannot remember them all.
23/Oct/10 4:43 PM
I seen Canuk Greg, was really informed on where to find Dino's book.
HalT, started another story and is making my brain cells really go into overdrive. Yet, after slaving away for so many hours in that room, I am pooped.
23/Oct/10 4:45 PM
Other than that, the site seems to have shut down.

Did you all miss me, like I missed all of you?
23/Oct/10 4:46 PM
OH, yeah, now he moves. After that room is cleaned up. How much you wanna bet that tomorrow, he has is messed up again, and all he is going to do is play with meat? And who do you think is going to have to clean up after him!
23/Oct/10 4:50 PM
Hi Karen :) sounds like you are having a "fun" day
23/Oct/10 5:03 PM
Oh, Martha, I am supposed to celebrating nut day.

How have you been doing?
23/Oct/10 5:05 PM
Martha, I know you just showed up and I sort of vented up above. I was actually waiting for the 12 hour allergy/sinus medicine, that I seem to be having to take every 4 hours, in order to breath to kick in.
Well, it has kicked in.
23/Oct/10 5:11 PM
I am fine - but could you please explain that statement... "nut day". Is that the day all the nuts in town show up or is this some type of harvest festival?
23/Oct/10 5:11 PM
I have no idea. I was going to celebrate all the types of nuts day. People nut, the hard nuts, and the unmentionable. I just celebrated one, since I am really not a nut fan.
It was a day on the calendar. Though it did come after babble day, which I am still practing on. There could be a connection.
23/Oct/10 5:14 PM
I must go. Would like to be in bed before my alarm goes off, on a Saturday.
23/Oct/10 5:17 PM
Good night people of the world.
23/Oct/10 5:17 PM
23/Oct/10 5:18 PM
G'day all,

Thanks to all for your concern but I'm OK or at least I will be.

On Tuesday I knawed off part of my knuckle on my left index finger on a router. Took out a piece of bone and some cartilage and cut a tendon or two.

Been in hospital since then getting stitched back More...
23/Oct/10 5:31 PM
Hello everyone, I'm still choking over Neils joke and Karen running for shorts to answer the door. Will read the rest later. I haven't looked yet but has the Phantom returned from his walkabout.
23/Oct/10 6:52 PM
Ahhh the Phantom has returned, sorry to hear of your troubles, hope you heal quickly we have missed you.
23/Oct/10 6:58 PM
Hi everyone.
Yes we have missed the Phantom Amelia.
Cutting tendons not nice.
Hope you recover quickly Phantom and return to us with your witty summaries.
23/Oct/10 7:01 PM
The Avon is going really well.
Put in an order last Wednesday night for a total of $3,050.
I will be a busy bee next week.
23/Oct/10 7:03 PM
Speaking of nuts, poor Karen, what a day she has had.
23/Oct/10 7:03 PM
Mike and Jim were a couple of drinking pals who worked as aircraft mechanics at Glasgow Airport. One day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the hangar with nothing to do. Mike said, "Jeez, I wish we had something tae drink!".

Jim says, "Me as well. Y'ken, I've More...
23/Oct/10 8:49 PM
23/Oct/10 8:57 PM
23/Oct/10 9:40 PM
23/Oct/10 9:40 PM
Not long home from a family get-together which was really nice. Mr P's family. Unusual to be able to gather in numbers.
23/Oct/10 9:41 PM
But like any old fogey, it's now past my bedtime. So......
23/Oct/10 9:43 PM
23/Oct/10 9:44 PM
23/Oct/10 9:47 PM
Hi Amelia, how is the golf going?
23/Oct/10 10:00 PM
Hi Viv, I had a a good day last Thursday had 40 stableford points got runner up. Your Avon is going well keeping you on your toes hey.
23/Oct/10 10:29 PM
I would have answered earlier but for going to have my shower before it got any later, I could have stood outside with my soap and had it there its raining quite heavy but I thought the nieghbours might complain.lol
23/Oct/10 10:33 PM
Looks like I'm too late, never mind.
23/Oct/10 10:34 PM
I could CP I suppose.
23/Oct/10 10:35 PM
One more should do it.
23/Oct/10 10:36 PM
But then again.
23/Oct/10 10:36 PM
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