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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3.59 good night all 11.30pm Tues 22nd
2:30 today, a good time for me, cute picture, but it didn't come out too clear
3.36..seem to be boing in the wrong direction!*!*!*!*
3:58 not too bad

Joke for the Day:

As Henry VIII said to each of his wives, 'I shan't keep you long.'
4:44. I'm so slow.
3:30 - I feel like I've missed out on a joke - you guys have lots of extra time on your hands!
3:41.... 3 little pirates..... cute!!!

Hey Gath... where's my picture?
glad I forgot to time it
if all i get is a
Poor Pic. of Pirate Puppies
I wasn't so fast. I think that I need practice...
Big up people! bless!
database errors stopped me confirming our next port of call - yes, we're off to the sahara to learn belly dancing, complete with jewels in the navels and long flowing robes, all under a tent filled with silk drapes and cushions. Oh, and there are a few camels coming too... col, susan, fraz, chrissy, andré and pete, sleep well, tomorrow it's physical!
andré, didn't get a chance to congratulate you on the poetry - well done, and chrissy too - you gave us all a laugh - keep it up. GiGi - where's the joke of the day?
2:33! 2:33! I actually broke the 3:00 barrier for the very first time! Working from 9 to 1 did it! Thanks for the hints! (Does that mean I cheated?)
2:33! 2:33!! I actually broke the 3:00 barrier for the very first time!!! Working from 9 to 1 was the trick! Thanks for the hints! (Does that mean that I cheated?)
Oops - didn't mean to repeat that...

Kostis - where in Athens do you live? I lived in Zografou and worked in Nea Kosmos from 1973 to 1975. I haven't been back to Greece since then and still miss it to this day...
Hi to Andre, Trevene and all Ive been a very poorly person this week!! aw poor me!! It doesnt help when the weather is sooooo cold
first time I've seen 2 pages of comments - lost my time - think it was 3:49 - my fingers and head just don't move as fast as some of you - don't you think it depends on the puzzle whether to start at 1 or 9 or somewhere in between? I usually look for a number that appears more times than the others - maybe that's where I'm wasting part of my time!
Hi Yvette sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, come over here sun sun sun
Well shiver me timbers! its the scurge dogs of the sea
Joke of the day:
2 peanuts were walking down the street. 1 was a salted.
3:04, but should have been 2:50!
2:33 - Thanks Glenn - I tried 9 to 1, and shaved almost a whole minute off my time. Now, back to work.
on to medium
Yvette big hug for you get better soon and Trevene we need that heat.
Delta you make me laugh :)
Hi to all lily etc and for HH where ever you are on your travels we wait with baited breath for your reveal and Ted of course and who else m'mm?
Billy, Mon, Lisa where ever you all are, hope all is ok with you much love x
4.08 not bad, but how early am i up? i have an exam today! :(
3:50. Tres peros! 'Chilly' here in South Florida today- it is only 70F. Locals in long sleeves and jackets, tourists in swim suits at the beach.
1:47 my advice for a finishing your sudoku very fast is to eat a giant bowl of opossum stew. nothing makes the brain work better than a tummy full of nutritious opossum stew.
Piracy is often the occupation of dogs. Specially in the kitchen. Perhaps are the three dogs on the lady sudoku to steal 'hocolate?
hi fiona, peux-tu m'expliquer la blague de Delta: deux cacahuètes marchent dans la rue. mais a salted, un salé je ne comprends pas.
on gèle dans l'est.
à catherine From france
Puis j'expliquer, 'a salted (peanut)' des bruits les mêmes que 'assaulted'. SVP, regardez l'assaut (assault) en votre dictionnaire.
Cute pirate puppies!
Heard they are currently shooting 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2' and 'POTC 3'. Maybe these are some of the extras?!
One of our part-timers at work is an extra in 'Fast and Furious 3'. We hope his shots don't end up on the cutting room floor!
Ahhhggg, the dreaded Pirate Puppies of the Carribean, the most dreaded buccaneers this side of the Indies. They burn and pillage and sink ships. They are reported to have the biggest hoard of dog chewy things in the world. Beware the Pirate Puppy. Woof!
merci Bill. Ca y est j'ai compris: les cacahuètes sont salées.J'ai été attaqué. a salted (salé) ressemble à assault(attaquer)C'est un à peu prés, un jeu de mots qui ont les même sons. bonne soirée Bill, je pense que pour vous il est aussi 22 heures.
The dreaded Pirate Puupies of the Carribean - the scourge of honest sailors everywhere and the most fearsome pirates this side of the Indies. They rape, burn and pillage and are reported to have the worlds' biggest hoard of dog chewy things. They cannot be collared (mmm?). They live in the Far Kennel. Beware the Pirate Puppies. Woof!
Ahhhgg...the dreaded Pirate Puppies of the Carribean - the most feared canines this side of the Indies. They rape, burn and pillage and sink ships and are reported to have the biggest hoard of dog chewy things in the world. They hide out in the Far Kennel. Beware the Pirate Puppies. Woof!!
maintenant ici 21:37 la soirée
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