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Easy Sudoku for 23/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Morning all. Good jokes, Cg and Hugh. Lauren, good luck with the tinsillectomy - lots of jelly and icecream! Rose, glad the knee is a bit better.
2:39 - I'm with you Anne - TGIF!!!

Rosemary - am completely exhausted after my first week. Was up last night making a cake for Mini Ant's birthday tomorrow, and tonight will be spent 'kiddy proofing' the house for the entourage of 9 three year olds!! Have you tried taking an anti-hystemine (sp?) it will help with the swelling in your knee.
just a reminder as the weekend is fast approaching...if you manage to catch a movie please visit 'at the flicks' (go to MORE first) page and share your thoughts. The page has become a tad artsy fartsy as there is an arts festival taking place in Perth at the moment. Many of the artists are international and maybe accessible to many of you in the future if it's your 'thing'. Have a good one. x
Good mAen to everyone. Yea...I've gotten my smilies and sp status back. Thanks Gath. Tauromachian= A machine which is made to look like a bull, and is found in some mid-western bars, where the customers attempt to ride them usually after too many drinks.
Toxophilite= a person with a toxic/poisonous personality.
Lauren, wishing you the best as you go off to the hospital. Think of it as a time when you have a great reason to eat all of the ice cream you want.
Rosemary, thanks for the fire update. those who fought the fires really did a wonderful job. Its also good news to hear that your knee is on the More...
HI Maggie
How bad are the O'Neill's at the moment!!!!! Mum with her knee and me off to hosp to get tonsils out.... hmmmmmmm must be the water.

Have stocked up on jelly and ice cream, said to Paul this morning about how much weight can loose or put on eating little but very fatty foods!!!!!!
I More...
Under 3min .. good enuf. Love the jokes today, have already copied & emailed to friends. Keep up the good work! Brilliant definitions for the word/s of the day .. you're all SO clever. Best wishes to all.
Lauren - with your surgery.
Oregbear - good to see you and ''ora et labora'' again
Sandra from LA - do you every get your dogs' names mixed up? Here Murphy, I mean Mac, I mean Maggie!! All M names & all white, too!!!
Rose - glad your knee & fire situations are under control.
Is there ANYBODY in the U.S. dying to try Vegemite or who loves it enough to wish they had more?? I haven't had any takers yet on the two large tubes left over from the care package sent by Victoria from Fernlands. Please contact our postmaster Ed & give him your address to send to me. Then I will be happy to mail the Vegemite to you.
the Qantas in-flight service has improved immensely........'Another one for me if you please!'
Tauromachian: A male who fancies himself as a bull fighter. Probably takes part in the running of the bulls in Pamplona.
Toxiphilite: A lover of poisons - or substances considered by others to be poison. Probably an American term for all Australian consumers of Vegemite.
Lauren - all the best and have a memphis meltdown with big nuts to make it all better...they are delicious.

Anne/jake/em/germany - my faith in humanity has been restored - some kindly soul has my mob phone and I will be reunited with it tonight...so much for your smashed to smithereens theory jake....

Ralph - see any movies whilst up there?
Hands off! Get your own English Patient. God is he patient. Whoops - cubicle's free!!
lucky for you that a good samaritan found your phone.
not sure Ralph was watching movies at the time
Susan/Ingham and Loza/ Melb.
My Boy has 3 x 9.00am and 2 x 10.00am starts at Uni. His timetable was worked out by the Engineering Faculty.
What happens in the cockpit, stays in the cockpit!
Rola, at JCU the lectures are at fixed times, but the tutorials and pracs are repeated 3 times during the week, and students can choose which ones they want to go to. I don't yet know whether you can change your mind each week or are fixed in once you choose them. They try to allow for those who have part time jobs etc.
Happy birthday to lisa/Toronto. Are you still around lisa?
Lisa, toronto
Happy birthday

Bet Liam keeps you very busy and he is growing into a big boy now.
Dear Alcohol,

First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the holidays, hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the More...
4. Furthermore: The hangovers have GOT to stop. This is getting ridiculous.

I know a little penance for our previous evening's debauchery may be in order, but the 3pm hangover immobility is completely unacceptable. My entire day is shot. I ask that, if the proper precautions are taken More...
Susan, his timetable for lectures, tutes and labs are all set times. with lots of gaps between through out each day. As a result can only work on Saturday. Just been down to Woolies to see if he can do some Night Fill. Looks like he can, just need to do some training first...
OK - I'm off to the beach for the weekend.

1. Rose, hope the knee feels better soon.
2. Lauren, good luck with the tonsil removal. Get spoilt over the next few days.
3. Lisa - Toronto - Happy Birthday
4. Mini Ant - happy birthday (Good luck Angry Ant)

To anybody I More...
Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Angie(Melb) and her family and was again welcomed like an Aunty. Angie and Bruce, you should be proud of your wonderful girls and your family life. And, once again, .........Thankyou
Good afternoon everyone. Thank you so much for the congratulations and well wishes you sent me on the birth of Veronica. I have been back home for a couple of days trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to get Elinor to forgive me for being away for so long.

It was More...
Great to hear from you Rose. A few of us have been there too, so know exactly how you're feeling. Take this chance to rest up, because she's not going to give you a lot of sleep time when she gets home! 8 feeds a day - you're going to be a busy lady. Best wishes to you and your little girl.
Rose - glad to hear that baby Veronica is doing well.
Also heard good news tonight from Ed's wife Barb who told me that her father is doing well after his surgery.
Glenn - how is YOUR dad doing?
Thanks Susan, Yes, We are very proud. I remember Tasha's 1st quarter at uni., I don't think she got any classes at her 'prefered' time. But, congrats again on his acomplishments...Bravo!
Anne, Thanks for the good laugh. That was short, to the point, and funny!
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been quiet for so long - I've been away & just generally busy, but hopefully now I'll have more time to spend on sudoku.com.au

To make up for it, here is something for the members - Now when someone posts on your personal page you are sent an email alert More...
Just got in from the fourth meeting today. Can't wait to go to my classroom. Probably the kids will make more sense than all of the adult lecturers I have listened to today. Yikees! Gath you're too much! Thanks!
Ed - I have your Eric Bogle CD. Email me your postal address.

For all those interested Ed mentioned a track by Eric Bogle called 'As If He Knows' on the CD 'The Colour of Dreams'. If you can get a copy have a listen. If you don't get a lump in your throat and/or a tear in your eye, then More...
Lauren, Good luck with the tonsillectomy. Lots of ice cream will cool and sooth the throat...I can't think of a better excuse to HAVE to eat lots of ice cream! My thoughts and prayers are with you today for your surgery and then for good healing afterwards.
Ah, HUGH ... you're a softie! Whoda thunk it? :)

Since you're a fisherman, check out my fishing story on medium!
Gee, Gath, that's one way of receiving e'mails.
Hi Brisbane Deb, how funny, my dog is 'Maggie' too. She is a border collie, and I don't think you could get her to stay still for long enought to get a 'sweater' on to her (and I think should would sweat in it).
Rose, Congratulations on the birth of Veronica. I agree with Susan, Enjoy some good nights sleep and maybe afternoon naps, too. 8 feeds a day...well she's worth every one. Best wishes for you and the baby. Again, Congrats!
Gath, It is nice to see you posting again. I would like to thank you very much for creating this site. I enjoy reading all the comments from wonderful people from around the world. I am now very addicted to sudokuing.
What a cute little Maggie and I think she feels quite cozy in her colorful sweater.
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