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Easy Sudoku for 23/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
23/Feb/09 12:00 AM
Morning all! Night all!
23/Feb/09 12:01 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
23/Feb/09 12:02 AM
Interesting Rock!
23/Feb/09 12:05 AM
2:48 from Beijing.
23/Feb/09 12:33 AM
3:10 every one
23/Feb/09 12:47 AM
Good morning everyone, sunny and cold here!
23/Feb/09 12:51 AM
23/Feb/09 12:52 AM
Good Maen! Ah, Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia! Beautiful state. Stately mountains. Gotta go get ready for church, see y'all!
23/Feb/09 1:10 AM
Good morning Worldly People--It is a wonderful day to be here today.
Hope all is doing well.
23/Feb/09 1:13 AM
C'mon yumob, You're not trying! I've been off to do all the puzzles and I come back and your still only up to 10 comments. Gannie Mo!! YOu mean you have something more important than racing for 22 on a bright French morning?? I'm actually not going to hang around. Work in the morning and the clock is ticking towards midnight. Night all.
23/Feb/09 1:18 AM
Good Morning The sun isn't up yet. And neither am I.
23/Feb/09 1:20 AM
OK it's a rock called Dolly ? Time to make coffee.
23/Feb/09 1:28 AM
We have morning visitors outside. I don't think I like having a bunch, about 5, buzzards knocking at my door so early.
Gives me a strange feeling.
23/Feb/09 1:36 AM
Hello, Dolley. It's so nice to see you again.
Dorthea, there's an explanation, and I'd go back and get it in the archives from the past week or so, but my i'net connection's too slow today.
Dolley is a corruption of the original land owner's name and its an area with low growing plants, hence the sod. Someone gave me a MUCH better description. Maybe someone can help out?
23/Feb/09 1:50 AM
2:09 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

It is better to err on the side of daring than the side of caution.
23/Feb/09 1:57 AM
It's better to know weather to be cautious or daring.
23/Feb/09 2:00 AM
I'm drinking a cup of Rooibos, Strawberry and Vanilla tea. I suddenly thought, oh my, I have been responsible for the death of Rooibos; willingly boiling them in my brew. How many Rooibos have suffered under the fate of my kettle water? I hope the 'legume' family will forgive me. Should I start a 'Save the Rooibos' campaign as a way of showing how sorry I am, even though they were very tasty?
23/Feb/09 2:06 AM
I might just stick to the Blackcurrant Hibiscus flavour instead, it is quite fruity.
23/Feb/09 2:08 AM
André I looked or I should say I glanced at what Rooibos was, since I have know idea. It just says it is tea, so you should be drinking it--I think.
23/Feb/09 2:12 AM
So close--should we put people out of the pain of waiting?
23/Feb/09 2:13 AM
It is so surprising a waddler can do this.
23/Feb/09 2:14 AM
I thought when the pressure was off, the posts would just start flying in.
23/Feb/09 2:19 AM
Good Maen all!
Beautiful rock formations - lovely picture!
23/Feb/09 2:25 AM
Missed it by .... that much!
Congrats Karen - very swift of you!
23/Feb/09 2:26 AM
Nobody about this morning? Interesting rock formation.
23/Feb/09 2:31 AM
André, I prefer a simple Earl Grey.

Interesting rock formation in West Virgina, looks like "High on a Mountain Top."
23/Feb/09 2:59 AM
Oh my gosh...I've just learnt that you can bathe in Rooibos tea...not sure I want to share my private moments with a load of tea bags even if they are strawberry flavoured.
23/Feb/09 3:00 AM
But you could drink your bath water, Andre ...
23/Feb/09 3:02 AM
Jim please don't share your bath with 'Earl Grey'...I have it on good authority that he wears a whig...
23/Feb/09 3:04 AM
André, but it's the only naturally decaffeinated tea I like drinking!!! I have Lupicia Jardin Sauvage tea, it's Rooibos tea with citrus fruit and some kind of flower in it, too. I also like the Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos latte! It's the only Starbucks I can have after 4PM.
23/Feb/09 3:13 AM
Oooh forgot everyone!

23/Feb/09 3:14 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Brenda!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

23/Feb/09 3:15 AM
But I like to watch the Coriolis effect...
23/Feb/09 3:16 AM

André is tangled in tea bags in her bath??? She's diving in the Rooibos??? What a strange English custom. I'll just use a mug, thank you.
23/Feb/09 3:24 AM

'Dolly Sods' seems an appropropriate name for that nasty looking woman in the picture today.
23/Feb/09 4:12 AM
Been a long time since I made page 1. Wishing all a great day. André and her tea bags. The image will haunt me all day.
23/Feb/09 4:12 AM
Hmmmm, just chatted with Andre so she must have got herself untangled from the tea bags, unless she was in the tub and still tangled
23/Feb/09 4:14 AM
Dolly Sods?????

23/Feb/09 4:17 AM
H-H-h-huh-Hi Heidi.
I like the pig-gas-sow cow
23/Feb/09 4:21 AM
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