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Easy Sudoku for 23/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Truth be told, I put the seat down every time ... it just makes life easier. But I'm a believer in equality, not like the 70s Women's Lib movement that demanded equality ignoring when it wasn't to their benefit.
23/Jul/07 4:42 AM
Oh, lunula! Not luna-something or moon
Do I get credit for instep? Guess not. One doesn't have ''fallen insteps'', does one?

Okay Ian, I concede
23/Jul/07 4:52 AM
Re: seat up, seat down discussion...

We use different bathrooms. Problem solved
23/Jul/07 4:56 AM
2:30.nice picture.Appy 1 instep;2 moon; don't know the other two.
23/Jul/07 5:08 AM
Hi Val! Thanks for the welcome back. It's always nice to come home.
In case some of you missed Jano's brief note about new photos on her Flickr page, you should go take a look at them. She is such a lovely lady & has three handsome sons for you to meet!
appy & sweetie from India - what is your opinion of the new woman president in your country?
23/Jul/07 5:32 AM
Beautiful shot looking down onto the various mountains.
23/Jul/07 5:35 AM
My husband conceded that in the pink bathroom, seat and lid down and I agreed that in the blue bathroom, both up. Makes the both of us happy. Cat did try drinking from toilet but once she slipped and fell in, she's never tried it since.
23/Jul/07 5:39 AM
Some of you have asked about . I didn't want to talk about her much while Nal was dealing with poor Rocko's broken leg, etc. Ebony has some ongoing health problems, too, but hers seemed minor compared to Rocko's. She developed demodectic mange More...
23/Jul/07 5:44 AM
This Harry Potter craziness has extended to the grocery store. While I was shopping, over the PA system I heard an announcement that the latest Harry Potter book was on sale at the register for $20.95!
23/Jul/07 5:45 AM
Well done, Kathy, we will all toast to Ebony upon her graduation!
23/Jul/07 5:47 AM

Another slow day on the site, so some good Canadian music to enjoy if you come on and visit, The Guess Who performing ''These Eyes.''
23/Jul/07 6:21 AM
All the best to Ireland and Harrington for his win at the British Open! I do feel sorry for Garcia though. Another chance at a major gone astray.
23/Jul/07 6:28 AM
I have some fantastic memories of driving the 'going to the sun road' in Glacier National Park back in the 1980's. Magnificient Scenery.
23/Jul/07 6:57 AM
Good Maen, 1:50 my fastest time ever
23/Jul/07 7:06 AM
23/Jul/07 7:57 AM
Thanks for inspiring me to search for Ian and Sylvia on Youtube, CG. An early performance of ''Old Blue'' on my page.
23/Jul/07 7:57 AM
1.58 nice photo
Ebony is lucky to have such caring owners, prepared to do the hard yards to make sure she is as well as possible.
23/Jul/07 8:51 AM
jigsaws still not working for moi ...
23/Jul/07 9:11 AM
President, shmesident. India is a parliamentary republic, and the president is just a figurehead. The real power goes to the Prime Minister, the first Sikh head of government in Indian history.

The same is true of Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, and a whole bunch of other countries.
23/Jul/07 9:13 AM
oh we are very close to doing you know what!
23/Jul/07 9:15 AM
so here we go
23/Jul/07 9:15 AM
oops cant count rofl

mmmmmmm thinking of the convo th eother day
23/Jul/07 9:16 AM
oops that would be 'the other'
23/Jul/07 9:17 AM
so a CP instead
23/Jul/07 9:17 AM
My horoscope is the same today as it was, yesterday ( anyone else found that?!?
23/Jul/07 9:18 AM
Can't do jigsaws, either!
23/Jul/07 9:19 AM
23/Jul/07 9:28 AM
Good Morning

23/Jul/07 9:43 AM

All, jigsaws are back on my pooter now.
23/Jul/07 9:50 AM
Lovely picture, too!
23/Jul/07 10:15 AM
Hey, Aussies, you still have one cyclist left in the Tour de France! He was doing well, last I heard, third overall. Sorry about the other three, bad luck, ouch! After Armstrong's departure, the field is wide open with Spain, Australia, France teams in the top.
23/Jul/07 10:24 AM
Hey Shosho, we had a Tour party last week with french food and wine and a big screen tv to watch the race...great fun
23/Jul/07 10:36 AM
lycra, berets and smelly cigarettes optional!
23/Jul/07 10:37 AM
Some questions -
1/. does anyone use the chatroom anymore?
2/. where have all the fun idiots from this site gone?
23/Jul/07 10:41 AM
Two excelent questions, sausage. Two excelent answers are in order. I'll wait.....
23/Jul/07 10:48 AM
Thank you for the belated birthday wishes for Kalleb, he had a good day on Saturday, even though he fell asleep while we were cutting the cake so he didn't get any.
23/Jul/07 11:17 AM
So will I, jeb.
23/Jul/07 11:22 AM
silly sausage from sydney
for my part I have very busy life at the moment and rarely get to the chatroom during our daytime, sometimes our night we congregate in the chatroom for some fun.
Also with so many other things to do on site each day not as much time to spare.
those on the other More...
23/Jul/07 11:30 AM
hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you are in this wonderful world of ours.

23/Jul/07 11:41 AM
hi to all and a very good morning hope your morn is gud .
23/Jul/07 12:04 PM
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