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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Jan/16 8:33 AM
I thought Sack was trying.
24/Jan/16 8:35 AM
Sacky too.
24/Jan/16 8:36 AM
Good afternoon all - Have communicated with all the family in affected spots along the east coast...everyone faring OK. NC is free & clear of all the predicted peril.
24/Jan/16 8:59 AM
DC, as Sarah reports, is still being pounded, but at least most people are following suggestions to stay inside. But where would you eat if you were there as a tourist - are restaurants open, Sarah?
24/Jan/16 9:06 AM
Hello everyone
News of the blizzard are pretty scary to us downunder...
Interesting article here for anyone contemplating shovelling snow..
24/Jan/16 11:09 AM
Who do we know down New Jersey way being affected by the 7 meter waves and the flooding from storm surge.
I hope all our friends are safe
24/Jan/16 11:20 AM
Sacky keep us informed about your friends.
There are no words that I can use to convey the utter contempt for the low life that light fires.
I'd like to see them thrown in the path of the destructive force of their making. I can understand lynch mobs at times...
24/Jan/16 11:23 AM
Have a good day everyone
24/Jan/16 11:24 AM
Here are the heights of each state & territory - none nearly as as those in the rest of the world, although there are some that are much higher in the Australian Antarctic Territory!
NSW Mt Kosciuszko 2228
Vic Mt Bogong 1986
ACT Bimberi Peak 1912
Qld Bartle Frere (South Peak) 1622
Tas Mt Ossa 1617
NT Mt Zeil 1531
SA Mt Woodroffe 1435
WA Mt Meharry 1253
24/Jan/16 11:59 AM
Australian Antarctic Territory
Topping the list is Mt McClintock in the eastern sector of the Territory at 3490 metres with Mt Menzies in the western sector a close second at 3355 metres, both considerably higher than Mount Koscuiszko at 2228 metres. Elevations in excess of 4000 metres exist in More...
24/Jan/16 12:01 PM
24/Jan/16 12:04 PM
I didn't start late, it's just time just flew! So I accidentally met my brother at the nursing home. We both agreed that I would take the odd number Saturday and he would take the even weekend. Ooops! Some how we communicated and agreed but came away with a different thought. I thought we meant odd date and he thought we meant odd position of the weekend. ARGH!!!
24/Jan/16 12:07 PM
Oh well, we'll iron that out tonight, we're having our biweekly meeting (another place for confusion, according to the dictionary it could mean every two weeks or twice a week!) over trust business. It's middle bro's turn to treat.
24/Jan/16 12:10 PM
Night all.
24/Jan/16 2:36 PM
1:59 Good afternoon one and all!
24/Jan/16 3:12 PM
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