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Easy Sudoku for 24/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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24/Oct/17 12:12 AM
Yippie! Good Maen all. It's a madhouse here, trying to get ourselves organized for the great trek south. I have a few more things to bake (Christmas baking), for our girls. Most of the Christmas shopping is done, and I have 16 quilted placemats to finish for our church bazaar. Fingers crossed! 🤞Wish me luck.
24/Oct/17 12:16 AM
Is anyone else around? Guess I'll just ramble on to see who shows up.
24/Oct/17 12:35 AM
I have a busy day planned, so can't linger too long. There are 16 Christmas placemats waiting for me to finish and quilt.
24/Oct/17 12:36 AM
Must run now! That's my CP. Enjoy your day!
24/Oct/17 12:37 AM
24/Oct/17 12:41 AM
Two guys were drinking in the Rainbow Room at the top of the RCA building in New York City, eight-six floors above the street, when one of them mentioned that the air currents were so strong at that altitude a man could jump off the roof and be blown back into the building, suffering no damage.
24/Oct/17 12:59 AM
Snowbird, HalT & Neil - !
Overcast today.
Hope your day is sunny!
24/Oct/17 1:48 AM
24/Oct/17 2:33 AM
Everybody! Oops, high fire danger warning again! Here we are, late October and 90 degree weather forecast for next couple of days. Then 80's rest of week. Where is cool fall weather?!
24/Oct/17 2:39 AM
Yup, same here, Denny, mid-80s till Sat.
24/Oct/17 2:56 AM
Hey, guys. It's 'sunny California'...
24/Oct/17 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''North to Alaska, go north the rush is on....''
24/Oct/17 3:38 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'd gladly trade you guys our Michigan rain and temps in the 50s F for your extended summer. At least our ground is sufficiently soaked that wildfire danger here is low. Hope new fires don't break out and existing are soon brought under control.
24/Oct/17 4:04 AM
24/Oct/17 5:17 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
24/Oct/17 6:16 AM
Morning all, line up now and no pushing .
Neil ,😂😂😂
24/Oct/17 6:35 AM
I think I heard the starters gun......' G'.
24/Oct/17 7:32 AM
24/Oct/17 7:33 AM
My ambles must be pretty quick - no one else in sight.
24/Oct/17 7:34 AM
Where's Keith and all those other twenty two thieves?
24/Oct/17 7:34 AM
Zaaaap! Got it.
24/Oct/17 7:35 AM
Now I'm puffed so off to see te doc.
24/Oct/17 7:36 AM
Two skin cancers removed from either side of my neck - I feel like Frankenstein with his bolt removed.
24/Oct/17 10:10 AM
2:14 Hi All.
24/Oct/17 11:43 AM
Sorry to hear about your surgeries, Peter. Hope all is well now. I've also had one removed. Luckily it was all contained. Best of luck on your recovery.
24/Oct/17 11:46 AM
Peter, I've got a couple of lag-bolts in my tool chest that have gone unused for a several years. If it would help, I'd be glad to clean them up and send them to you.

Seriously, I hope the surgery was successful.
24/Oct/17 12:50 PM
Lizzy and Anne have met up and are now exploring Sydney. It is a lovely sunny day and tonight we will meet up with some other Sudoku folk for dinner at Kirribilli. A lovely spot looking over part of the harbour.
24/Oct/17 1:08 PM
Greetings to the 'Kirribilli Krowd' .
24/Oct/17 1:19 PM
24/Oct/17 2:20 PM
Snowbird, did I miss something? Why the Christmas rush in October? And why a great trek 'south' and how far south? I'm bursting with curiosity about something that's none of my business, but could you spare a Plum some details, please?
24/Oct/17 8:23 PM
I went to sleep early so woke up well before 5 am when Burl left for work. The girls won't be up for hours. I did the Tough on a small screen, which usually makes my eyes cross and puts me back to sleep, but not this time. If I take these morning hours as 'me' time I'll probably need a nap later More...
24/Oct/17 8:28 PM
If today is like yesterday, however, there will be a great degree of post-dawn darkness too.
24/Oct/17 8:55 PM
I want one more hour of sleep, so I've eaten a toasted bagel and had some decaf coffee and tucked my toes back under the warm covers. Let's see if this works.
24/Oct/17 8:57 PM
I'll take a cp for luck.
24/Oct/17 9:00 PM
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