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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Speaking of turkey -- I'm in the Midwest and the Jenny-O TV ads for oven ready turkey are just great -- love the one where the small women tries to pick up the HUGE turkey - drops it on the floor and then flings it out the window and it hits the man -- just great -- I myself -- though not a small woman -- has "Fought" with the bird once or twice.
24/Nov/08 11:01 AM
on my, that's a first for me --
24/Nov/08 11:02 AM
I don't want to hog the site -- but I wanted to add the fact that I never won the big price on funniest home video -- and I saw someone take the top prize for guess what --- forgetting to take the neck and such out of the turkey prior to cooking it. All those who have done this raise your hand ---
24/Nov/08 11:05 AM
No, CP ... I'm winging it without hormones these days! Can you imagine what I was like before?
24/Nov/08 11:18 AM
No Grass-hopper, that's not what I flew. Those guys would be what we called 'Knuckle-heads' (or fighter pilots). Despite all the propaganda of films like 'Top Gun', all they do all day is punch holes in the sky and tell everyone how wonderful they are.
But the real work is done by the More...
24/Nov/08 11:31 AM
The mind boggles, Judy!!
24/Nov/08 11:33 AM
Yay - for the trashies, Ian.
24/Nov/08 11:34 AM
Good morning all -
Great jokes today, as usual, from Greg and Daplap. Thanks.
24/Nov/08 12:04 PM
Good maEn to everyone!

Yes, there must definitely be a story behind this picture! Interesting.
24/Nov/08 12:12 PM
Ian, isn't that often the case - the ones who do the hard slog get the least recognition.
24/Nov/08 12:19 PM
Ian, "in another lifetime" I relied on "bus drivers" to haul my a$$ around. The "jet jockeys did and continue to "get my attention" with their psychological passes. Actually, now days they are training. Go fast, Go LOW. <500'. I live in a sparsely populated More...
24/Nov/08 12:43 PM
Oh yeah, I'm not complaining. They have to train somewhere and I was career Navy...
24/Nov/08 12:45 PM
Hello everyone, a fantastic photo. CG and Daplap great jokes but the best of the reads today were the comments between Judy,Linda,Gmo and I've forgotten the rest with all my giggling great stuff girls!!!!
24/Nov/08 1:00 PM
Thinking of you Jane I have left a message on your page.
24/Nov/08 1:01 PM
Jerry we live near the RAAF base and have them training over the top of us as we are in their path to the bombing range great fun when I'm on the phone but I wouldn't change it for quids.
24/Nov/08 1:05 PM
Heaven help U.S.

This is a rush transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," November 17, 2008. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: On November 4, documentary filmmaker John Zeigler interviewed a dozen Obama supporters as they left More...
24/Nov/08 1:36 PM
men with big feet buy big socks
GannieMo...vive le France
24/Nov/08 2:28 PM
Daplap, thanks for the jigsaw site. It's a good one.
24/Nov/08 2:30 PM
Hello, you all. What's new?
24/Nov/08 3:11 PM
Jerry, the election is over. Your guy lost. We are all supposed to come together now and pull our doggone socks up -- gimme a hug, brother!
24/Nov/08 3:30 PM
Vici: Just had time to look at your photos of the SF party. Very nice!
24/Nov/08 3:47 PM
Daplap, that's a neat puzzle site -- have whiled away a happy half hour there. Thanks
24/Nov/08 3:55 PM
Every year in May Torrance has it's military parade. The actual street where the parade goes is one major street away from my home. The street where the military equipment go to prepare for the parade is the major street next to the street where I live. One year I forgot the day of the parade More...
24/Nov/08 4:12 PM
Judy, right back to you.

Sometimes, when I "play the devils advocate", I need someone to say "SHUT UP JERRY"!
24/Nov/08 4:27 PM
Shosho, I remember (a long time ago, when I was in the Navy) a friend riding a motorcycle, in San Diego, turned the wrong corner, at the wrong time and found himself riding behind the Salvation Army Marching Band. (The band used to march through The streets of San Diego, every Sunday afternoon.) Needless to say he was spotted by some of his shipmates. I'm not sure he ever lived that down....
24/Nov/08 4:35 PM
Jerry, giggle!!!
Nighty night everyone!
24/Nov/08 4:48 PM
Onya CP.
Susan, fraid so.
Jerry, noisy bu99ers, aren't they - in the air and in the Bar.
Amelia, as soon as I saw your address I knew your problem. The difficulty is that they are like kids - you can't live with them and you can't live without them.
24/Nov/08 4:56 PM
all. Got through the weekend in Sydney without my body falling apart and am now near the Sunshine coast at our retreat centre for a few days. All seems normal on site and I have a wifi connection to the internet. Life is good.
24/Nov/08 5:00 PM
Hi dino. Nice to hear things are going well for you. Me too.
24/Nov/08 5:08 PM
Gday Dino, great to hear from you...any chance you can get back by next Saturday???
24/Nov/08 5:19 PM
Maybe that aircraft has been plonked onto the muontain bakground - in which case a flying turkey would have more appropriate than a plane.
24/Nov/08 5:31 PM
Ian the best we have ever seen was years ago when the Malaysians used to come out here to train one flyboy decided lower was better my friend & I were practising our golf in my front yard and we both ducked my daughter was standing at the window and was looking into the tail of the plane he only did it once whew!!!
24/Nov/08 6:01 PM
Hi everyone.
Have a good day all.
24/Nov/08 6:14 PM
Amelia, the closer you are to the target, the easier it is to get good scores; but to hit the target with your aeroplane is considered bad form.
24/Nov/08 7:23 PM
Would consider that a major ouch! Ian?
24/Nov/08 7:29 PM
I think it's called a 'Terminal Ouch' Broni,
24/Nov/08 8:20 PM
Hello to everyone from Ventianne, Laos! We are having a wonderful time on our trip. The number of new things we have seen & done is overwhelming. We went from the huge city of Bangkok to the very rural & lost-in-time city of Luang Praban, Laos. We did not know until we got here that More...
24/Nov/08 10:24 PM
Sounds like you are having a great time Kathy and Rob. Wongerful to see you check-in.

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24/Nov/08 10:27 PM
Today is the day to meet Rena in Adelaide. Quite excited. Think I'll print her out a sudoku, she must be getting withdrawal symptoms on the train by now.
24/Nov/08 11:50 PM
Well it will be the day in 10 mins time.

24/Nov/08 11:51 PM
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