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Easy Sudoku for 24/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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24/May/07 1:48 AM
Judy - you've been off for more than a day...Did I hear you say, Up Spirits?

Thats a naval term indicating tot time (rum ration), so if that's the case, yes, I'll have a tot!

Linda, how do you cope with this HOB? You must have the patience of Job!
24/May/07 1:58 AM
Hugh - It's easy, I just take away her wiener stick and tell her to go to the mountains for a few months!
24/May/07 2:00 AM
Hugh - If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods let me know. My dad is retired and he spends his time fishing. Even in the winter when things are frozen solid, there is a damn near us that is open all year long. The Sudoku welcome mat is always out!
24/May/07 2:05 AM
Linda, you must have a real collection of sticks. Everytime I see her, she waving one around.
24/May/07 2:05 AM
Mamacita! I hope your day is filled with love and happiness.
24/May/07 2:06 AM
Becky - I think C Greg keeps giving them to her, I think he likes to hear her mating call while waving the wiener stick while twirling her tassles around
24/May/07 2:09 AM
Linda, how will we ever get a handle on those two? One waves a weiner stick and the other encourages her.
24/May/07 2:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wonderful day here, going up to 28 Celsius, and I'll play for awhile and then do some work in my garden (inspired by this picture of course).
24/May/07 2:12 AM
What's all this chatter Linda and Becky? Judy has her own fixation on weiner sticks! We need to borrow Billy's straight jacket for her at the next barbeque!
24/May/07 2:15 AM
Hi C Greg. I really have to get a conversion chart.
24/May/07 2:16 AM
Last shift Hugh! Woooo Hoooo!
24/May/07 2:16 AM
C Greg, Judy keeps finding weiner sticks. By the time we have the next barbecue, there'll probably be enough to make a huge bonfire.
24/May/07 2:18 AM
Hello again , all for your sympathy ,i live in Beirut and the fights are in the north ,but every body ,where ever we live is sad and thinking of our soldiers who are dying for no reason and of course many innocent people also .thanks for all,i will keep in touch .
24/May/07 2:19 AM

New You Tube, for Mamacita. Carole king wrote this song (but I think you gave her the words Mama). An aging James Taylor (check out the lack of hair) singing ''You've Got a Friend.''
24/May/07 2:19 AM
Greg - why aren't you are work?

Becky - they feed off each other like naughty siblings, kinda fun to watch isn't it?
24/May/07 2:19 AM
glad your ok jano!
and have a happy birthday mamacita!
enjoy your day. do somthing special for yourself.
24/May/07 2:19 AM
Linda, know what you mean. I finally got tired of chasing Judy down and with C Greg, what can I say?
24/May/07 2:22 AM
Linda, why should I be on a nice day like this? Vacation, a half day off!
24/May/07 2:25 AM
Have fun on this day.
24/May/07 2:27 AM
Jano: Glad you and yours are safe. I thought of you last night when I was watching the news. Hope things settle down soon in Lebanon. There's too much violence in the world today, so stay safe!
24/May/07 2:28 AM
HappyBirthday Mamacita!!! For my birthday me and the kid were gonna see Shrek 3 yesterday. He got a sore throat (and my back was killing me from sitting at doctors office for 1.5hrs)so we decided to go today. Now the poor baby is even sicker. You know a kid is sick when they go to bed midday.
24/May/07 2:28 AM
Jano, glad to hear you are ok. Read earlier that things are not good there. Stay safe and take care.
24/May/07 2:31 AM
Belated Angela. There seems to be a bug going around lately. Take care of him and yourself.
24/May/07 2:35 AM
Should I join the ranks of he CPs. Might as well. Here goes.
24/May/07 2:40 AM
Almost there. One more to go.
24/May/07 2:41 AM
Thank you again all .
Hugh ,why there are no jokes today , i always like your jokes ,but today i need them to change the scene .
24/May/07 2:41 AM
Did I make it?
24/May/07 2:41 AM
Greg - Must be nice, I get to look out the window
24/May/07 2:42 AM
24/May/07 2:43 AM
Jano, what type of joke would you like? Most of the ones I know are one-liners. Some clean some off color.
24/May/07 2:46 AM
Anything will do now , i just feel sad
24/May/07 2:51 AM
Mickey: Your family is on the Parents Page today. Wonderful looking kids!
24/May/07 2:53 AM
Well, here goes.
A man took his 2 pet monkies to the taxidermist.
The taxidermist asked, 'Would you like them stuffed and mounted.'
The man replied, 'No, shaking hands will do.'
24/May/07 2:53 AM
2:01 on a fabulous day here. Please stay safe, Jano.
Glad to have you back with us, Rob, and hope you were off doing exciting things during your absence.
You know it was a good party when people are still talking about it--oh, those weiner sticks!
24/May/07 2:53 AM
JUDY / SAN DIEGO: Too bad about Detroit. We face a real battle with Anaheim. Hope Ottawa is up to the task!
24/May/07 2:57 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMACITA!!!! Continuing the 'best' theme on youtube today ...enjoy!
24/May/07 2:58 AM

Be back later. Going out to enjoy this beautiful day! Cheers all!
24/May/07 2:59 AM
I love to start the day off with a laugh. Everybody here is so funny.
Mamacita, have a great one.
Jano, glad you are fine and stay safe.
Angela, I hope your son is better soon.
24/May/07 3:01 AM
This one's a groaner.
Did you hear about the butcher who backed into his meat grinder?
He got a little behind in his work.
24/May/07 3:06 AM
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