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Easy Sudoku for 24/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Mamacita - don't encourage her!!!
24/May/07 2:07 PM
He's ba-ack! Are you making sissy drinks again today?
24/May/07 2:09 PM
Yeah! - want one...

Dunno about Mamacitas champers but the oysters probably worked!!!
24/May/07 2:11 PM
I've got an Irish cocktail here if you'd like....a Guiness with a spud stuck on the side.
24/May/07 2:13 PM
Hello Hugh. If you are offering to make some.
Can I have a Tea please...English Breakfast, to have with my lunch.
a little milk, and no sugar - am sweet enough
24/May/07 2:15 PM
Many years ago the girls in the bars in Hong Kong used to ask me to buy them green drinks...'you buy me gleen dlink, sailor?'...I don't think they meant green tea either...
24/May/07 2:27 PM
2:19 Good Afternoon All. Such a perfect day in Sydney
24/May/07 2:30 PM
Mamacita: you look GREAT!!
(and, the weight loss always shows). Glad you had a good day.
24/May/07 2:34 PM
Hugh, for a man your age, you're not getting enough......

24/May/07 2:42 PM
Did EVERYONE go take a nap?
24/May/07 3:46 PM
You're probably right CP....but no more night shifts, so I should be able to rectify the problem of whatever it is that I'm not getting enough of.......
24/May/07 4:06 PM
'rectify the problem'
Ooh, that sounds painful, Hugh.
24/May/07 4:20 PM
all , you are wonderful people , i love you all . things in the north are still the same , the explosion of last night was big ,i heard the sound from my house ,thanks God nobody is dead ,many people were wounded ,and of course many shops and buildings were hit.
Your words are touching , and encourging ,i will stay in touch ,God bless you all
24/May/07 4:21 PM
jano: I join with others all around the world in wishing you and those you love safety in this frightening time. We will watch news broadcasts and think of you all with love and concern.

24/May/07 4:32 PM
Is this some kind of record? Among today's junk mail; a toy store catalogue urging people to lay-by now for Christmas!!! For goodness' sake, it's 7 months away!
24/May/07 4:38 PM
A very happy birthday mamacita and a wonderful year filled with all your favourite things.
24/May/07 4:54 PM
24/May/07 6:36 PM
apologies if this has been posted before...

Global Terror Levels

As many are aware, the French government recently announced a raise in its terror alert level from 'Run' to 'Hide'. The normal level is 'General Arrogance', and the only two higher levels in France are 'Surrender' and More...
24/May/07 6:54 PM
Good one, Billy. Though hubby who works in that area thinks it a 'bit cheeky'!
24/May/07 7:16 PM
24/May/07 7:36 PM
Hello to all. Have a great day/night where ever you are. Sunny but very chilly here at the moment.
24/May/07 7:49 PM
My first time on the site for two months - hello everyone. 2:03, not bad after such a long break.

When I get time I'll start posting photos from our wonderful trip to France in March/April.
24/May/07 10:49 PM
yay. another day. warm and sunny
24/May/07 11:27 PM
clock test
24/May/07 11:38 PM
24/May/07 11:59 PM
G'day MAEN
24/May/07 11:59 PM
Maen...windy and warm here. Have a great day
25/May/07 12:49 AM
25/May/07 10:57 PM
26/May/07 7:23 AM
02/Aug/07 8:16 PM
25/Feb/12 7:14 AM
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