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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Kim, he could if Friday was his horse.
Kim, that's an easy old one(I think).
good job Cindy!!
Cee Cee answered befor I did!
I know I just like it.
Karen, good job too!!
It's too late to think any more tonight. Good night all.
Kim, why don't you head down I-95 on the tractor (with the brush hog) .. .I'll have the coffee ready. We can clean up my yard in no time. I'll even throw in a vaccum.
(I did really like the Victorian style B & B - but I sure wouldn't want to clean it!)
Looks like the homes in Cape May, New Jeeeersy. My neice Jen, runs one next to The Mad Batter in Cape May. Back to Cold Moubtain.
For you old timers, who are White Sox fans. Ozzie say it isn't so.
Ed, I got the email. I was wondering is that what you call a firm hand shake...? If so i will prepare Richard.
Braves beat Rays, who gives a rat's freckle.
A consensus taker comes into a small town and approaches a man sitting on a porch swing.
How many children do you have he asks the man. The man answers three.
What are there ages?
The man answers: The product of their ages is 72.
The consensus taker says: That does not tell me the More...
You should submit that picture for the hard sudoku puzzle
Eden, That's todays best comment. Better you show Richard than me. I'm glad you got it.
Eden, You gotta stop. Your topping yourself. It will be hard for that guy to explain himself. I'm sure everyone is giving him a hard time.
Kim/ Lisa - what tractor would you recommend if, say, I wanted to get the right guy??? Would it be inappropriate for me to be on it when cruising down the cappuccino strip?
André/Warren - I'm addicted to Hot chocs, have at least one a day:skinny milk, extra hot and 2 marshmallows. The ones in More...
Ed - just bought DVD of the making of Dark Side of the Moon - haven't seen it yet, have you got it?
What's the answer for Cold Mountain?!
Ed, I think I'll quit while I'm ahead, I have to put up some gyprock.
Billy I saved all the ones I saw.

Billy From perth
Mickey - 14th July, 10lbs....get those pelvic floor muscles working...

Jack White, of one of my favorite band's The White Strips. Good DVD. Do you agree Dark Side of The Moon is a bit over rated? Still is is a great album, just not in the league as Blonde on Blonde, The Band, Salty Dog, White Album, Moondance, maybe it is. Since I'm to tired to think of many more.
amma - you're a legend!
Mickey - DO NOT DO ANY CLEANING OR HAVE S E X before the 14th July OK????
Ed - again the album has nostalgic value for me, I would rate it as one of my favourites purely for the memories it brings back and a mispent youth perhaps?
Billy, The above was for you. Last three days I have been listening to Son Volt the album Straightaways. Love the lead singers voice. He will be part of tomorrow's music quiz. My lack of sleep is catching up on me.
See you later alligators.
Billy, I agree, and I may have over played it. As you know my two favorite bands are The Band and Pink Floyd. Do you have The Band's self titled album? Good night all you beautiful people.
No - I don't have The Band's, The Band - but shall now look for it!
Nite Ed - chat later - get some zzzz's now.

Please put mine in your book.

I said 16th July, 8LB 4oz - but I only said it in chat - I was told that I had to post it in here !
TO Deb

Well..............there's only one solution to your problem that I can see.

Move to Victoria immediately....do not pass GO.....do not collect $200.
I got you. But are you sure her doc. said she might come early my guess was for the 9th .
I have had a similar problem with Austar (pay TV) and will never deal with them again even though they must have spent a fortune to put a satellite dish on our roof and for all the wiring. What I learned was to make sure free offers are put in writing first. I hadn't heard about AOL.
To Amma

No - I'm not sure ! But I DID say it about a week ago - so I'd better stick with my guess. And if I'd known she was going to move all her furniture around her house yesterday - I would have said the 30th June ! - Oh well.
TO Susan

We have had Austar now for about 8 years - never had a minute's problem with them even though we have increased and decreased service, added additional points and had points taken out - as well as changed address. We've never actually tried to cancel yet - and with my hubby's love of all sports, not likely too in the near (or far)future !
Mickey, good to see you - can you remind me which day the predictions list was posted for the new baby?
hey people,
this is katie-the younger one( 13)
im changing my name to katieA for australia so you dont get confused :)
how do i become a supporting member?
Billy cruising down the cappuccino strip on a tractor, now I'D LOVE to see THAT!
Thank you fromm from from.....How do you know this about the specialist Drs...etc. Do you work in this area? I will contact the AMA and see about it. If I do leave where I am, I would like to do something different.
Hey Warren.....if your divorce was just finalised last week why would you want to be bitten again?...lol... ...and so soon!
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