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Easy Sudoku for 24/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page 2.
24/Jul/15 10:19 AM
Hey folks, post your birthday messages to people on their personal page so they have them to keep after this page goes into history!
24/Jul/15 10:30 AM
Holy cow, Peter! Here I was, thinkin' you were a life-long Taswegian? (Is that a real word? My spell-checker doesn't like it.)
So where are you really from? I'm thinking the Outback. Some place like Haig. Or maybe Deep Well.
Please don't tell me Queensland.
24/Jul/15 10:35 AM
24/Jul/15 10:47 AM
I see our spamming friend the LOAN LENDER from usa is spreading his love around.
24/Jul/15 11:24 AM
Hal, My guess about where Peter is from is Canberra since he barracks for the Brumbies, the local rugby union team, but this does not account for why he supports Geelong in the Australian Football league. What could (they beat my team last week, so that's just jealousy).
24/Jul/15 11:32 AM
Well, since I know little or nothing about Aussie sports (rugby and cricket are sports?), that didn't help.
I was hoping that he was from someplace like Broome, or Alice Springs, or Sydney, or even Albany.
Hi, Anne.
24/Jul/15 11:56 AM

Only have to bake one more item for my niece and her family tomorrow. I'm going to make a white chocolate cranberry Bundt cake. We made it 3 times last winter because it's so delicious. She loves white chocolate and she loves cranberries, so this should be a More...
24/Jul/15 12:02 PM
Sacky. I hope you have a great day!
24/Jul/15 12:03 PM
Peter was Hugh from Canberra until he retired and moved to an Island!
24/Jul/15 12:03 PM
Aw, June, you spoiled all my fun.
24/Jul/15 12:16 PM
Night all.
24/Jul/15 12:24 PM
2:00 Good morning one and all!

I've been up north for the school holidays then didn't have internet all this week, but all is fixed now.

Hello to you too, Hal.
24/Jul/15 12:54 PM

Enjoy the Aurora Australis. These shots were taken from Taroona which is just across the Derwent from where I live.


Watch out for rogue spaces.
24/Jul/15 5:33 PM
Nice video, Peter.
24/Jul/15 11:46 PM
About the snake: Mr. Will Dillman, Herpetologist with the SC Depth. of Natural Resources said, ''The snake in your picture is a Ratsnake... They are quite variable in pattern in this state [SC] and also exhibit a color/pattern change as they grow from juveniles to adults, making them tricky to identify.''
24/Jul/15 11:58 PM
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