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Easy Sudoku for 24/August/2010


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I like our discussion today, though we may have ran some people off, but we gave our opinions, stories, and theories (guess that could be an opinion), did not seem to tick anyone off and we learned a little more about each other. That is not always the case, there are times when one person believes More...
24/Aug/10 1:41 PM
Hm-m ... I guess that "hairy, howling mountain" people would consider as outsiders those who are "hairless, quiet flatlanders"!
24/Aug/10 1:43 PM
Goodness, turned another page, without realizing we were going over.
24/Aug/10 1:44 PM
Judy, its the opposite in this house thats why its taboo.lol
24/Aug/10 1:46 PM
Well, then Judy, we should be able to discuss any topic. While brushing Thing I's hair this evening she was sitting in my lap, complaining that my legs were poking her.
24/Aug/10 1:48 PM
Karen, you just asked a question, I'm the one who stirred the pot and started the discussion. But then I did mention that a bible verse quoting person told me I was headed waaaaaaay south!
24/Aug/10 1:55 PM
So, Karen ... do you have pointy knees ... or does #1 have a skinny butt?
24/Aug/10 1:56 PM
Good grief, I had a brain dead moment, just now and told my girl's teacher, I would be more than happy to bring a snack for the little darlings tomorrow.
Any quick, simple ideas. First thought was to go get a water melon, and cut it up for them.
24/Aug/10 1:56 PM
Hehehe, she has a skinny tush and I cannot remember the last time I was allowed to shave my legs.
24/Aug/10 1:58 PM
Keep in mind, that these people are under the false belief I like to go into that sadist room and make grand creations. Never store bought cookies or treats or boxed juices.
24/Aug/10 2:00 PM
I will NOT pursue that comment ...
24/Aug/10 2:00 PM
Hehehehe, Ah Judy, did I do a TMI.
24/Aug/10 2:02 PM
Fruit is always good. I was thinking celery sticks and peanut butter but I know the whole'peanut allergy' thing could nix that. Pointy knees,lol. I was just asking someone why we couldn't inject collagen into our kneecaps so they didn't look so saggy ( or is it Botox?).
24/Aug/10 2:04 PM
That was one of my first question, any known food allergies. Last year, there was one child allergic to milk products. She is not hear this year, but there are two or three new one in the class. The teacher did not know, yet. Need an answer to that question before I dazzle them with my creations. More...
24/Aug/10 2:09 PM
Heelllooo Everybody. Unfortunately for you all I'm back. Eight days where the maximum ranged from 23 to 27. Only 1 wet day. I've even got a slight tan. Everyone says it was about the worst week in Hobart of the winter that we missed. Snow on Mt Wellington.
24/Aug/10 2:10 PM
Hello Saylz, did you enjoy your time away, even though it was the worst week in Hobart? Are you all rested and when should we expect pictures?
24/Aug/10 2:13 PM
Karen , How about the Australian favorite, savoury sticks. Spread bread with vegemite then sprinkly with grated cheese. Slice bread into fingers then bake until cheese melts and bread goes crispy.
24/Aug/10 2:14 PM
Snow on Mt Wellington in winter...that's nothing! I have visited Hobart in December, AND THERE WAS SNOW ON THE TOP THEN!
24/Aug/10 2:17 PM
Sounds yummy, but need to wait till I find out if any of the little darlings have food allergies. Isn't vegemite chocolate?
24/Aug/10 2:17 PM
Unbelievably we forgot to take the camera. Have one photo on the mobile. A view of the Coral Sea from our balcony. There were whales playing just offshore one day. Had a great rest and read about 8 books.
24/Aug/10 2:18 PM
That sounds so relaxing.
24/Aug/10 2:20 PM
Ugh, I don't know how you guys eat that vegemite. Karen, I believe you're thinking of Nutella
24/Aug/10 2:20 PM
Good morning Gail.
How have you been? Only seen you in passing. (Guess that could be on purpose).
24/Aug/10 2:21 PM
Vegemite is a yeast extract spread which tastes a little like Marmite or Bonox if you know those products or a bit like a beef stock cube. It's the colour of dark chocolate but tastes very salty. You either like it or hate it. Most Australians like it but everyone else seems to hate it.
24/Aug/10 2:23 PM
You are so right, Shannon.
24/Aug/10 2:23 PM
OH, Do you think 4 year olds would eat it?
Off to empty some machines and restart two of them. Fair warned, I will return.
24/Aug/10 2:25 PM
We tell our kids that eating vegemite grows hairs on your chest like bars of chocolate, and that's just the girls.
24/Aug/10 2:26 PM
Will we make page 6 today.
24/Aug/10 2:27 PM
Meant to start with welcome home saylz. sounds then like you were smart to take your family and absquatulate to warmer climes. any good book recommendations out of that pile?
24/Aug/10 2:27 PM
Here is a slightly risque offering that was waiting in my inbox when I returned to work.
At the end of the tax year, the Tax Office sent an auditor to audit the books of a local hospital. While the auditor was checking the books he turned to the CEO of the hospital and said, "I notice you More...
24/Aug/10 2:33 PM
I've never seen hairs that resemble bars of chocolate.....(ba-dum bah...)
24/Aug/10 2:36 PM
24/Aug/10 2:38 PM
Hi Shannon
I'm an Agatha Christie fan so a friend lent me a pile of Dorothy Simmons novels. The main character is Inspector Thane. I don't know if you get Taggart in the USA. A Scottish detective series but they are a bit like that. Written in the 70's and 80's. No cerebal activity required.
24/Aug/10 2:41 PM
great joke. I've hit the wall and kitty is 'headbutting' me to take the laptop out of his position...so off to bed I go....g'night all.
24/Aug/10 2:52 PM
Loved the joke.
I think it has been over 4 years since I have read a book appropriate for my age.
Think I will get a watermelon, cataloupe and honey dew and make melon balls. Simple and semi quick.
24/Aug/10 2:53 PM
Good night Shannon.
I need to go too. After waking up late for the first day of school, I definitely do not want to do that again tomorrow.
Nice chatting with you Salz.
Good night people of the world.
24/Aug/10 2:57 PM
saylz, I too am an Agatha Christie fan. I have also enjoyed the Inspector Thane books by Dorothy Simmons.
24/Aug/10 2:59 PM
Sorry Karen, just saw your hello. It has been a long time since we have chatted. Love reading that Thing I and II are doing well.
24/Aug/10 3:02 PM
Yes, I know I went to bed earlier but the sinus med doesn't seem to be working. I still have a headache from H#*%. Don't want to take any more for another hour so thought I would come back there. My eyes are hurting also, so guess it is time to give my pillow anither chance.
24/Aug/10 3:03 PM
Hi and bye Gail.
Goodnight Karen
24/Aug/10 3:03 PM
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