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Easy Sudoku for 24/September/2008


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Kathy you have to remember to put the bags back into the car the moment you have unpacked the shopping. I have made a point of giving attractive re-usable bags as gifts to encourage others. If more people refuse to use the plastic ones the companies will soon stop their use. We cannot wait for More...
24/Sep/08 6:06 AM
I also try to buy loose products, e.g. bananas do not need wrapping they come in their own. Why put a melon in a bag? When buying magazines, I remove all the loose advertising leaflets and leave them in the store. When they are inundated the store will soon demand the publishers to discourage this kind of advertising. After all there is enough on the pages.
24/Sep/08 6:11 AM
If everyone start to do this instead of carryng all this rubbish home we may start to make an impression.
If you look carefully at all items you buy and remove all unnecessary wrapping you will be surprised just how much there is.
24/Sep/08 6:14 AM
We have Aldi here too. Same deal as for all you guys!
24/Sep/08 6:17 AM
We are lucky here in France, as Fiona said, there are very few shops who still give out plastic bags. You can buy a strong plastic one for about a euro and they agree to replace it as necessary, but I prefer the attractive, colourful ones, I even have a hand knitted string bag in shocking pink.
24/Sep/08 6:18 AM
Oops, CP stopped me cping about suitable shopping bags to aid the environment.
24/Sep/08 6:19 AM
I'm learning to use my camera too, Mary! Have just used it to take snaps of my snoozing co-workers. Even got video of one of them doing the old head jerking while sitting up snoozing!
24/Sep/08 6:20 AM
Sorry GMO!
24/Sep/08 6:20 AM
Was that a collective sigh of relief I hear and a mass thank you to CP?
24/Sep/08 6:20 AM
Some of the give aways at my conference last week were cloth shopping bags - with advertising of course for medical stuff.
24/Sep/08 6:21 AM
And the conference bag was a very nice fancy hessian shopper. I know, fancy and hessian? But it is a nice bag. Maybe I'll take a photo of it too to show you!
24/Sep/08 6:23 AM
My turn for an interrupted CP now, Mo. Really I'm just posting for the heck of it.
24/Sep/08 6:24 AM
Of course I could just keep going.....
24/Sep/08 6:24 AM
24/Sep/08 6:24 AM
And then I could go away and leave you all in peace! See you later!
24/Sep/08 6:25 AM
Good suggestions, GMo. Thank you.
Mymare, fall has arrived in Florida, too! It's still 90 deg. F. today, but the humidity is slightly lower & it feels much cooler outside, particularly in the mornings. We didn't sweat nearly as much as usual playing tennis today.
24/Sep/08 6:26 AM
It is fun trying a new camera isn't it. Snoozing colleagues reminds me of when I 'almost' got caught on night duty. The scene... Womens Medical 04.00 after a trying 8 hours into a 12 hour shift all 30 patients asleep, at last. I just closed my eyes for a moment. My assistant pokes me in the ribs More...
24/Sep/08 6:27 AM
Mmmm CP Hessian I have one advertising an animal charity. As long as the medical advertising isn;t for enemas or something worse they could be OK. If you don;t use them donate to you local charity fete or tombola
24/Sep/08 6:30 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the 'Timeout' errors that have been affecting the site over the last few days. I have been working to try & reduce them but have not yet found a solution . I will keep working at it.

to everyone that has wished Kym, Flynn & I More...
24/Sep/08 6:31 AM
No, nothing terrible, Mo. I'll use them. Going to make a label to go on my car near keys to remind me to take bags in to shops. One shop here has on the end of the checkouts - " A green bag isn't a green bag if you leave it in the car!".
And with that I really am off! An hour until I knock off!
24/Sep/08 6:34 AM
GMo... Here in Kentucky it's still pretty backwards. I have never seen anyone using their own bags, not only does everyone use plastic, but a lot of baggers put one item per bag!
Maybe I should start something, and bring bags........... hmmm.
24/Sep/08 6:34 AM
Thanks Gath for the update for both home and here. Don't forget to keep the photos updated as soon as all is back to normal.
24/Sep/08 6:35 AM
Oh, Gath.... I wish we had known about Kym's return to Hospital. How awful for you both. I'm glad she's doing better now.
24/Sep/08 6:38 AM
CP A green bag..... wouldn't be Coles by any chance? I have a collection. Did have 2 more but someone pinched them out of my shopping trolley.
Heidi someone has to make the first move. It is pointless the world pointing a finger at the third world when the first world is still doing so much More...
24/Sep/08 6:41 AM
OK whilst I;m up here, on my soap box. How many of you throw away the plastic rings from a six pack with out cutting them? They can become a tourniquet around any small animal and bodies have been found where the animal starves to death while it is slowly strangled by these things. PLEASE cut More...
24/Sep/08 6:46 AM
Kathy... About ALDI
they are around Oz... selling mostly local products, bring your bags, no fancy display, not everthing available as they sell what is available on the market for a lower price. From around here some love it others can't stand it but all agree; it is less expensive.
24/Sep/08 7:00 AM
I have always cut up the plastic from a six pack, Mo. I also ask for paper bags at the store, then re-use them for recycling newspapers. I am amazed at how many people put newspapers in plastic bags for recycling!
Off to a pot luck dinner. I'm taking a chicken and wild rice casserole....
24/Sep/08 7:00 AM
That IS something I have done for years.
24/Sep/08 7:01 AM
Cut up the 6 pack rings, that is....
24/Sep/08 7:02 AM
Well done girls but it is amazing how many don't
I have found a lot of old plastic bags during this house move. Any ideas as to what to do with them. One suggestion I have been given is to cut into long strips and either knit or knot into a rug or mat. Has anyone done this?
24/Sep/08 7:08 AM
GannieMo... Glad there is other are where they go green. I wa use to it in Montreal, big recycling of papers, plastic, glass, even metal and clothes.
here in Oz, I see recycling of bottles, less plastic bag... but a lot of product are found into non recycling plastic container... wich I do not More...
24/Sep/08 7:13 AM
Hello Ivan!

Good maEn to everyone around the world!
24/Sep/08 7:17 AM
I am still making sugar water for my hummers. It seems late in September to have them still around. Has anyone had theirs leave yet?
24/Sep/08 7:32 AM
We have recycling of plastic bottles, cans, paper and cartons and glass. We are encouraged to compost all uncooked food waste and garden waste. There are tax breaks if you install solar panels for water heating and to aid central heating also heat exchangers and insulation. We will be having all More...
24/Sep/08 7:35 AM
As there is a quite strong prevailing wind I would like to lookinto a possible small wind turbine maybe to power external lights and more if poss.
24/Sep/08 7:37 AM
With clothes there is a large group of mainly expat Brits here who twice a year hold a sale of clothes we each take up to a dozen items to sell or swap. When there are weddings we swap hats and outfits. After we have finished there are collections by Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul and others. More...
24/Sep/08 7:42 AM
I recycle almost everything! Cans & tins to the scrap merchant; food - meat to the animals & veggies to the worm -farm; paper & plastic in the recycle bin. Very little is left for the normal bin!
When I buy veggies that need a bag I put them in the mushroom paper bags. I am not a rampant 'Greenie' but like to do my bit.
24/Sep/08 7:51 AM
Yes..that is the kind of recycling I was use to do in Montreal. I became very concern with recycling and bying only what I can use when I went on vacation in a country where I saw mountains of garbage waiting to be pick up eitherto be sent away or drop at sea.
24/Sep/08 8:00 AM
I have a friend who recycles tea bags by laying them flat sprinkling them with grass seed then uses the little patches to repair her lawn. She has a very nice garden.
24/Sep/08 8:02 AM
I think I will do my little bit to save electricity as Australia wakes it is after midnight and I must sleep. Goodnight all.
24/Sep/08 8:04 AM
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