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Easy Sudoku for 24/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Howdy to all!
24/Sep/16 12:00 AM
24/Sep/16 12:00 AM
Happy Friday day off!
24/Sep/16 12:20 AM
Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviese, Lyon France. I think this is one of Chris's photos.
24/Sep/16 12:22 AM
Sunny and pleasant outside! Windows open!
Oktoberfest here this weekend!
24/Sep/16 12:23 AM
24/Sep/16 12:32 AM
Was going to run this morning, got out of bed and ouch!!! Could barely put weight on that right knee!!! Bummer!!!
24/Sep/16 12:33 AM
BUT . . .

24/Sep/16 12:33 AM
I'm sitting here with a hot compress on right knee. I have to be able to walk and walk quickly today. Got four classes to teach science to, today. And one of them includes making ice cream to learn how taking heat energy out of a liquid makes a solid!!!
24/Sep/16 12:35 AM
24/Sep/16 12:35 AM
Good morning.
24/Sep/16 1:01 AM
Present, shosho.
24/Sep/16 1:02 AM
preparations for Tasmania trip are in progress.
24/Sep/16 1:04 AM
Only 4 more sleeps (and another half sleep tonight if I'm lucky.) until we leave.
24/Sep/16 1:06 AM
So much to do before we go ......
24/Sep/16 1:07 AM
(just barely) everyone!
I've just saw Serena's puzzle from yesterday and have been working on that. Of course, one word was giving me fits.

I got my flu shot while I was at the doc's yesterday. Didn't feel the jab at all. Today is More...
24/Sep/16 1:43 AM
I've just saw??? I'll blame my throbbing arm.
24/Sep/16 1:44 AM
It's okay, Kathy. I didn't circle with my red pen. I've never had a flu shot, and so far, so good.
24/Sep/16 1:48 AM
I was just thinking we should have an ''edit'' option for posts. But, then we wouldn't have some of the funny sudoku slang. ''Poozle'' comes to mind.
24/Sep/16 1:55 AM
I'm going to get flu shot early next week. Hopefully my doctor still has some left! I didn't want to get it just before my H.S.reunion and for got to do it this week.
24/Sep/16 2:09 AM
I wonder... Should I wait?
24/Sep/16 2:10 AM
(Hi, Keith!)
24/Sep/16 2:10 AM
When renovating, I have discovered that it snowballs into all kinds of other projects. Drapes and reupholstered chairs are no longer compatible with the new rugs. So we are now choosing upholstery and drapery fabrics. Seriously, the dining room chairs need redone badly - they are about 40 years More...
24/Sep/16 2:21 AM
If you love your lace curtains, ignore the designer! Tell the designer to work around the curtains and whatever else you happen to love! You don't want a cookie cutter design in your own home!
24/Sep/16 2:38 AM
My parents once bought 2 new lamps for the living room. Then didn't like the end tables the lamps were on....new end tables followed. Then didn't like the couch with the new end tables....new couch followed. The finishing touch was a new rug to match everything else. I still have one of the lamps.
24/Sep/16 3:02 AM
Hi Shiela.
24/Sep/16 3:48 AM
Lovely building. They don't make 'em like this any more.
24/Sep/16 4:10 AM
Nice picture! Thanks for identifying it, June.
24/Sep/16 4:24 AM
Morning all, beautiful buildings and thanks to June I now know where it is.
Shosho, I had a knee repair done on Thursday and I'm almost back to walking normal this morning.
24/Sep/16 4:24 AM
Sheila- that's how it goes!

While watching tv, we saw a commercial for an Ashley Furniture sale. My husband glanced over at the ratty sofa arm next to him and said, 'well, I suppose you could go shopping for new furniture'. That's all he needed to say.

Well, found a new sofa set, More...
24/Sep/16 5:59 AM
And that's the SHORTENED version of the story!
24/Sep/16 6:00 AM
I've been up quite a while & accomplished a whooole lot of 'putting-away-summer' chores, but after your renovation tale, Cake Lady....now I need a nap!
24/Sep/16 6:40 AM
Fall came today within an hour - no more grousing about TOO hot; now I'm shivering!
24/Sep/16 6:41 AM
Windows are all closed....
24/Sep/16 6:42 AM
Hammock's stashed away......
24/Sep/16 6:42 AM
Well picked June, that is one of my photos (and it definitely had a caption when I uploaded it!)

1:37 for the Sudoku this morning.
24/Sep/16 6:53 AM
Not good to hear about your knee Shosho, I hope it gets better soon!
24/Sep/16 6:53 AM
Well... if you must take a nap, Joyce....
But it looks great! So comfy. And what a big improvement from the ugly grey walls and very worn-down pickled oak floors! Hubby and I fought over colors for many years! He wanted bright pink or orange. I told him if the walls were bright More...
24/Sep/16 7:30 AM
When I have a flu shot I usually get a big swelling around the site. Now the nurse always puts an ice pack on straight away and voila - no unpleasant side effects!
24/Sep/16 7:35 AM
Here I am, just joining the site and it is on 39, so I might have a chance to end page 1.
24/Sep/16 7:44 AM
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