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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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4.21 ....... obviously not enough sleep
k from b thank you...wasn't sure if I had the brides correct since a lot of people think its trevene, but I do remember the other Amber asking andré to marry her. Whew (wipes the bead of persperation from my brow) glad we have that cleared up. Now if we could just find the runaway bride.
2:55 - Have a nice day.
3:33 now that is a beard. everyone have a great day!!!
I'm here
Amber: is definitely better :)
k from b I'm glad you cleared that up i was wondering who? does what to who in all these comments.
now about the hen night?
Brian from Wales hope your going to still wear the red stilletto's..
morning HH, Billy, Ted (with tell tale red marks)
Lily, Ginger, JH, Susan (Ingham), Evie, Crystal, Pam (big hug), where is my Mon (Mel)??, Mandy, and all others, QRP goes without typing.
Cee Cee glad your ok, hoping Jim will be orbiting soon x have to work. have done 3hrs was up early unlike the 'sun' which was having a lie in.
2:18, my best time yet! and lindsay, i'm happy to see that there is another kirkvillian doing this, although i wonder if we're from the same one...
Hi Guys, I think I will have to do a Dumb & Dumber and rob a couple of well stocked banks cos the wedding is gunna cost me a small(make that big) fortune. Mandy(Melb)are you sure you can handle all those 'fittings'? Please don't take anything'collect' until you check with me PLEEEEEEASE. Ain't life GRAND
8:19...What a weird and creepy guy!
5.22 Oh well! Who's g'pa is that anyway? Is he going to give the bride away?
How did they get my photo? I don't remember signing a model's release. André, when I conduct the wedding ceremony, I'll braid them!
Couldnt get back on yesterday for nothing so frustrating. By the way I forget who is getting married. Me perhaps? Donna you got the job plan my wedding and find me a good man.
I suspect every body is asleep and i talking to my self lol no problem there
EEk is all i have to say 4:08
Hi Trevene! Awake here! How's the building going? :)
Another one of my sleepless nights - ugh! Amber from MI - I see you're up bright and early! Has there been any word from Jupiter Jim, Miami nal, or FL Jenn? Ceecee, Glad you're OK - good luck with the cleanup. Is the threat of tornadoes gone? Been checking Jupiter's webcam, but it's been down More...
continued..... It's a newspaper from a city between Miami and Jupiter with hurricane and cleanup news.
hi jh work...?! er ah oh that. Here in Trinidad we dont get tornados (very rear) and very small ones but we do get hurricanes
this site is a bit tricky to get on to
nice site have been slacking though need to get up and running soon, cant do that without my daily sukoku. Congrats lisa on new baby, good luck to you and yours,
jsherp - I see you are also up very bright and early. You had better mind your P's and Q's, cuz my stepson is a correctional officer in the McLean County jail. He better not see you there! Trevene - Fortunately (or un....), I only work outside of home from mid Dec thru mid April. I am an income More...
Good evening. Got in so late from work yesturday, and then had to hand deliver a wedding acceptance (unfortunately not to Trinidad), that I didn't get time to post a joke. So, for SweetRascal, and in particular her children: How do you turn a drummer into a conductor? Just take away one of his sticks.
continued.... when I get sleepy, I can probably take a nap - thank goodness.
Andre - with regards to the wedding plans - I think that we may all need some etiquette lessons before hand, so a visit to QRP for the Hens Night could be a valuable experience (it sounds like she can keep us well supplied with wine, vodka, gin, or any other alcoholic beverage we may desire. Ofcourse, as Ted is picking up the wedding bills, he'll pay!
Trevene - should I send my hubbie over to help with the building? He is a wonderful home handy man, and I am sure that with his assistance you will be able to get more than one room ready. He will also acknowledge the need for a toilet, and a wonderful spa. Oh, and I have a lovely pair of bright red pattent slip on stillettoes for the person who was looking for red shoes!
pam - canada. my mum useb zyban, she had a fit - the reacted to her asthma pumps. be careful x x x
Trevene - what's your native language?
English dah
ok sorry didnt mean to be rude. We in the Caribbean generally speak english. So i make mistake in typing so sue me. Where is Champaign any way, and are you male or female?
Sorry, guess I ASSumed that Trinidad was so close to South America, that your native language was Spanish, Portuguese, or some exotic dialect of something. Made the same mistake with Kenya and Uganda - had no idea their native language was English. Just call me another ugly American - Champaign is in the middle of the US (Illinois).... and I'm female.
jh: Only go to the McLean County Jail to bail out friends I meet on the internet (grin). Yeah, up early; up late. I think I'm diurnal. 2 hour nap in the afternoon, 3 to 4 hour nap in the late night. Up between 4:30 and 5 to be at work by 7. (Got to get the sudoku in before I go to work.) May have to cut back on my sleep so I can read all the posts!
Gonna be late for work, again! Thank God my boss is in Chicago, and my Blackberry lets me answer his early emails as if I'm at my desk. If he calls my office phone, I'm screwed. Will be back at 4-ish (GMT-6).
How to make a fortune quickly :

Buy a Frenchman for what he is worth, Sell him for what he thinks he is worth
First I got website 'Service Unavailable' and now a blank grid - shouldn't take too long ;-)
Mon ask your husband if he ever worked with coconut branches he can offer suggestions.
jh this is so exciting we are learning about each other's country thank god for sudoku. I am female also still working on that villa, who is getting married again?
4:26 Oh Dear!
Nice smile though
they speak english in Kenya and uganda? wow go figure
Julius good one
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