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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates,here's today's medical daffynition:
Cardiology - Advanced study of poker playing.

..And here's today's factoid:
Michael Jackson was awarded his first gold record when he was 11 years old.
25/Oct/12 12:00 AM
25/Oct/12 12:00 AM
Will need today!
Going to be warm here today, too - 70+ degrees.
It's what is called an 'Indian Summer' day.
25/Oct/12 12:00 AM
It turned warm yesterday afternoon, so I planted 90 red Tulips! I used a special Tulip planting tool to dig individual holes for each Tulip rather than digging a trench to put a bunch in at a time... but digging 90 holes is a bit hard on the hands, I've found!
(Talk about sore today!)
25/Oct/12 12:08 AM
They should look great next Spring, though!
25/Oct/12 12:09 AM
Good Maen! Darn...just missed 5!
25/Oct/12 12:12 AM
Are we sure they're not saying 'feed me'?
25/Oct/12 12:17 AM
Shiela - your tulips are going to look grand! I have a box of tulips from Brecks that I need to get in the ground...but it is raining again today.
25/Oct/12 12:17 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle is

Cloud ( ) Our Clout (T) Out
Chain ( ) Scam Chair (R) Scar
Onion ( ) Trick Union (U) Truck
Fume ( ) Lorry Fuse (S) Sorry
Beg ( ) Duly Bet (T) Duty

Congratulations to jamie, HalT, lonewolf, Sarah, and youkidme. A surprise prize is on the way. It’s great. Trust me.
25/Oct/12 12:22 AM
This site came up so teeny-tiny this morning that I can hardly read it. This is the first time this has ever happened.
25/Oct/12 12:24 AM
Vici - (Mind you, I'm not going to go out and dig them all up, but...) When planting Tulips, was I supposed to measure the 6 inch hole from the top of the bulb or the bottom of the bulb? (I think I finally compromised between the two on that measurement.)
25/Oct/12 12:24 AM
Somehow, Serena, yesterday's puzzle made no sense to me and after seeing the answer, it STILL does not make any sense to me! What am I missing?
25/Oct/12 12:27 AM
I think that means from the bottom of the bulb...but not to worry, I have found that it doesn't have to be exact...they are quite agreeable! I have to plant mine in metal baskets in the ground or in pots...otherwise the gophers and moles eat them.
25/Oct/12 12:28 AM
Tulips don't agree with me. In all my attempts to plant them I have only managed to get one bulb to come up. I counted that as success and moved on to other flower. Daisy's don't grow for me either.
25/Oct/12 12:29 AM
Shiela, you want to change one letter in each pair of words to make a new word. The new letter will be the same in both words. You place that letter in the middle. Once all the pairs are changed, there will be a new word down the middle.
25/Oct/12 12:31 AM
The first pair was cloud and our. The new letter in this case was t. Cloud was changed to clout and our was changed to out. This continues with all the pairs. The trick is that the new letters have to spell a word.
25/Oct/12 12:34 AM
Shosho’s math query made me want to post a math puzzle.

Apart from wanting a serious caffeine hit, why might a mathematician use the following phrase?

‘May I have a large container of coffee?

Answers to the ‘‘cream and sugar’’ inbox.
25/Oct/12 12:34 AM
I think I'll try for a cp before I give the computer to little boy.
25/Oct/12 12:35 AM
That's it for now. I hope everyone has a good day.
25/Oct/12 12:35 AM
and a Happy New Day to all. Our Trummpet Vine (Tree) has some lovely bloom now and so I took a picture yesterday. I have put 4 in my pictures.
25/Oct/12 12:39 AM
The story, so far. The Trumpet vine is about 6 years old. It had grown so large it needed a bigger container. Gpa decided to plant it and so it has grown even larger this summer in spite of the drought. It was watered daily. It had begun to bud the week that frost warnings came out. Gpa got More...
25/Oct/12 12:42 AM
Hello, all!
25/Oct/12 12:44 AM
Time to work the poozle.
25/Oct/12 12:45 AM
We were able to go fishing yesterday. I took pictures of the lake. No fish... it was catch and release and they were very small. I didn't catch any but I got some good sunshine on my too white skin.
25/Oct/12 12:46 AM
We are having a week of beautiful weather. It is Indian Summer in Middle Tennessee also. I am hoping the weather will stay nice until after the weekend. The Friends of the Library have a booth at the Halloween Party held each year at the football field. No trick or treating in our county. Very few sidewalks in town.
25/Oct/12 12:49 AM
It is still way to warm in our part of Texas - I am ready for some consistent (more than a day) fall weather.
25/Oct/12 12:52 AM
I believe it works better than house to house tricker treaters. Everyone has a good time and everyone gets to see everyone. The kids are safe and the adults get to dress up as well. I will see about getting those lake pictures on the site soon. Not today. Over and out, Karen, you are up next. Maybe?
25/Oct/12 12:52 AM
Done the puzzles and now I'm off to feed a friend's cats. The are huge long-haired black cats named Subrina and Diablo. Perfect for Halloween!
25/Oct/12 12:54 AM
Or should I have said 'purrfect!' for Halloween-time?
25/Oct/12 12:56 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Oct/12 1:08 AM
United Nations Day
25/Oct/12 1:10 AM
Getting spooked last night, did not make for a nice night. Heard every night noise possible, especially after Man left for work. When the first child joined me in bed, I nearly came unglued. She was sweet, and petted on me and said, 'It is alright, Mom, it is me, M.' Nice when your baby takes care More...
25/Oct/12 1:17 AM
maen, all Y'all.
25/Oct/12 1:17 AM
Perfect timing...
25/Oct/12 1:19 AM
Criminal Minds, only comes on one time tonight, at a time, I really cannot watch it, because the girls are still awake. Love the show, but it is not child appropraite.
Tonight's marathon is Flashpoint. Should not spook me as much.
25/Oct/12 1:19 AM
AWESOME! For any who missed the link Peter posted, yesterday, go have a look. It's Worth It! (definitely better if you have a hi-speed connection...)
25/Oct/12 1:19 AM
0720, here, and just starting to get light out.
25/Oct/12 1:21 AM
25/Oct/12 1:21 AM
Really, should not watch the marathons during the week, really makes it hard getting up in the mornings. Tomorrow is a field trip, hopefully, I do not over sleep in the morning. Need to paint my face on, so I do not scare the little darlings.
25/Oct/12 1:21 AM
Bye-bye page one.
25/Oct/12 1:22 AM
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