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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Oct/15 12:02 AM
Hal, and other fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
25/Oct/15 12:05 AM
Good morning to all, and to you also BMW!
25/Oct/15 12:05 AM
Your promised weekend behead or curtail puzzle. You have two days to answer. Send your answers to my 'So Long Blue Jays' inbox please.

1. A gathering of witches is normally called this –> this device could be a Dutch, earth, gas or wood-fired one, among other types
2. The cry of a More...
25/Oct/15 12:07 AM
Yes, the Blue Jays lost last night. It will be the Kansas City Royals versus the New Your Mets in the World Championship. The Jays had a great run but came up short.
25/Oct/15 12:09 AM

I know technically its only Spring, but nobody has told the weather that!!! and as a result too many people are out and about which in turn keeps me busy at work
25/Oct/15 12:10 AM
sorry to hear that Greg, better luck next year
25/Oct/15 12:10 AM
Definitely not a car.

Hi Shosho.
25/Oct/15 12:54 AM

1 = Peck of Pickled Peppers that Peter Piper Picked.

In the today we have Kathy, Joyce, lonewoof, and Judy. I'm fresh out of pickled peppers but I do have .
25/Oct/15 12:59 AM
BMW needs a different hair style.
25/Oct/15 1:54 AM
Happy Saturday, but back to work for me Oh, well, somebody's gotta pay the bills!
25/Oct/15 1:54 AM

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Fall foliage is at its peak around here, but it's rainy and windy so it won't last.
25/Oct/15 2:47 AM
Look forward to doing your puzzle Greg, Later!
25/Oct/15 2:50 AM
Condolences to Greg. Isn't it odd that the Royals are not in the British Commonwealth? You'd have thought it would be the Royals in Canada, and a type of bird in the US.
25/Oct/15 3:16 AM

Lets give Keith a hand.......
25/Oct/15 3:17 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Oct/15 3:17 AM

Too far away to start gallumping...
25/Oct/15 3:18 AM

Good morning Karen!!
25/Oct/15 3:19 AM
I am not joining the insomniac club, but seems like I am visiting. My eyes opened at 3 this morning and would not close again. Well, about 7 when the rest of the family started stirring, I returned to my pillows and then they disturbed me around 10.
25/Oct/15 3:21 AM
Seriously, Lizzy. Do you actually think I am going to be down here and wait!

Good morning to you too.
Or is it good evening?
I am still kind of fuzzy headed.
25/Oct/15 3:23 AM
Well I have awakened as my family is getting ready to head out the door. They are just, impatiently, waiting for their dad to get out of the shower. My opinion, he needs to hurry. Girls have been cooped up inside for two days.
25/Oct/15 3:25 AM
And here we are.
25/Oct/15 3:25 AM

I only stopped because someone at work wanted to talk to me..
25/Oct/15 3:28 AM
And for those watching the weather, my area is just getting normal T-storms. There is flooding all around and there is a small pool forming in our backyard, but nothing major like two-ish hours away.
25/Oct/15 3:28 AM

Hope your on the improve soon Karen, fuzzy heads are no fun....(Im on site time 0329 Sunday morning)
25/Oct/15 3:29 AM

Hope it stays that way for you Karen, what is happening in Mexico is beyond comprehension.
25/Oct/15 3:30 AM
Good excuse, Lizzy. Stick to it. :)

I made it, then went into a sneezing fit. I think it has stopped for now.
25/Oct/15 3:34 AM
Oh, I am fine Lizzy. Thanks.
Just fuzzy headed from sleeping too hard and the sneezing because I think I am allergic to kids. They really have lost their minds. One is climbing on her book shelves, which she has been told it is dangerous and which she did not listen and which she has fallen off More...
25/Oct/15 3:39 AM
Hehehe. Just as I pushed submit, he actually asked if they were ready to go. So close enough.
25/Oct/15 3:41 AM
Not a car, but a cute kid instead.Hi BMW.
25/Oct/15 3:41 AM

Not soon enough by the sounds of it
25/Oct/15 3:41 AM
Well, the All Blacks are in the Rugby World Cup final. Way to do New Zealand.
25/Oct/15 3:57 AM
Morning all, maybe his name is ' Brian Michael Williams'.
25/Oct/15 5:53 AM
Has anyone heard from Jamie, was wondering how he has fared in the storm.
25/Oct/15 5:58 AM
Yes, All Blacks to their fourth Rugby World Cup Finals after such tense and grinding win of 20 - 18 against the Springboks! I predicted from beginning the Grand Finals will be All Blacks vs Wallabies! we'll see!!
25/Oct/15 8:38 AM
2:25 The Mets in the World Series? Aren't they the perpetual losers? GO METS!!
25/Oct/15 9:02 AM
Well, look at that! I came just in time!!!
25/Oct/15 9:35 AM
I guess I'll go for that!!!
25/Oct/15 9:36 AM
No one's around!
25/Oct/15 9:36 AM
25/Oct/15 9:36 AM
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