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Easy Sudoku for 25/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Nov/10 12:00 AM
25/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Hi, Chris.
Let's just say ... It's not going to be unseasonaly warm today.
25/Nov/10 12:01 AM
Well, getting the battle plan down for tomorrow, but full day of afternoon work, so have to go shoping now - have a great day.
25/Nov/10 12:01 AM
1:44. The bottom left photo looks more like a dog!
25/Nov/10 12:03 AM
Hi Shiela. Just popping by on my way to bed - I may just do the medium puzzle first though.
25/Nov/10 12:04 AM
Good Maen friends!
Chris ends yesterday and starts today!
Been without power for 3 days...big bad storm hit the mountains where I live.
Glad to be back up and checking in.
25/Nov/10 12:04 AM
but I think I see the ranch dog in there also, who is bigger then his charges -
25/Nov/10 12:06 AM
I think you're right about that bottom left picture, Chris...must have had a doggy papa!
25/Nov/10 12:08 AM
Good Maen, good people. I got distracted from the page turn this morning. I am Thankful for the technology that helps me connect with fine people around the globe. God bless you all.
25/Nov/10 12:09 AM
I think I may set up a system to use my combo of numbers that seem to fall into a pattern as I play the puzzles, as my lottery number choices, I don't usullay play the lottery - but something is drawing me to do it -- maybe I have a win coming --- of course, I havn't won the bowling pot yet .... if you have no bad luck you have no luck at all
25/Nov/10 12:09 AM
I also love the Willie's saying of
If you have the money honey, I have the time,
got no money honey, I got no time

off to the store
25/Nov/10 12:10 AM
2:21 Good evening all.
25/Nov/10 12:11 AM
Good to have you back Vici, how on earth did you cope without your daily fix?

Good night everyone.
25/Nov/10 12:12 AM
Yes, it does look more like a dog than a pony. Poor thing will get an inferiority complex.
25/Nov/10 12:14 AM
I am thankful for... the letter 'F'!
Family, Friends, Food ...
(But I be thankful if today's 'Peace between Nations' was NOT an 'F' word!)
25/Nov/10 12:19 AM
I = I'd
25/Nov/10 12:27 AM
Thanks Chris! I ended up reading an entire book when there was enough daylight to read. I did miss my web-life, but it was also kind of peaceful without the computer drawing me in!
25/Nov/10 12:34 AM
We have a generator, which kept our frig and freezer in tact...but our phone lines were down...as well as cell service - so there was no way for me to get on-line.
25/Nov/10 12:35 AM
Uhhh ... guys ... check the caption in the photo. It says the dog's name is Princess and that she's a friend and guardian to the herd.
25/Nov/10 12:46 AM
Vici - thank goodness you had a generator and a book worth reading. Our freezer makes it through fine in the winter. It's our well that we have worries about when the electricity is out in winter.
25/Nov/10 12:49 AM
25/Nov/10 12:51 AM
Good to see I haven't lost my touch.
25/Nov/10 12:51 AM
Good Maen, everyone! I'm off to pick up my new wheels today.
25/Nov/10 12:52 AM
maen all Y'all. Coffee's on...

25/Nov/10 1:15 AM
Photos, Jane, photos ...
25/Nov/10 1:21 AM
HI all! I see Sheila is thankful for the letter F - does that include me???! Ah, how sweet!
25/Nov/10 1:27 AM
I know I do, Fiona ... right along with all of the other "F" words ...
25/Nov/10 1:29 AM
Yesterday's puzzle was obviously again soooo easy that nobody bothered to submit an answer...yeah right! Well at least Greg and Phantom got the right one but they didn't have much in the way of competition either.
25/Nov/10 1:30 AM
Maen from frozen Portland, at -7C! Thank you, La Nina!
25/Nov/10 1:31 AM
Another 'easy' one - let's see how many takers there are today. Answers to the "Fabulous F" inbox please!

Take the given words, and by moving a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of synonyms, or near synonyms. For example, given: Boast - Hip, move the 's' from More...
25/Nov/10 1:32 AM
Of course I do, Fiona!
25/Nov/10 1:32 AM
I got as far, Fiona, as admiring the fact that you taught me a new word, truel, evidently being a duel between 3 people. I shall use that word next time I rewatch the appropriate Pirates of the Caribbean installment. For a reward, you get to borrow my copy of the dvd and watch it first.
25/Nov/10 1:33 AM
Vici, Sounds like you guys are as prepared as possible, for winter. The water supply / piping are my second greatest concern, right after me staying warm. I've had a lawn sprinkler running for two days and nights, now, to keep things from freezing. (I don't have the pressure tank, etc. in the wellhouse, yet. The trench from the well is still open, also.
25/Nov/10 1:34 AM
Thank you Shiela, it's nice to be appreciated, rather than always have someone squeaking 'it's too easy' or 'it's too difficult"!
25/Nov/10 1:34 AM
You can keep the DVD Plum, just send me Johnny!
25/Nov/10 1:35 AM
Not sure I like truel very much Plum, and Mr Collins doesn't either, so maybe we'll put it back in its box.
25/Nov/10 1:37 AM
OMG - Judy just swiped the box of havanas. Must have been mega easy today!
25/Nov/10 1:40 AM
I do miss the added security and comfort of having a wood stove. But then, ya can't have everything in a tt (caravan).
25/Nov/10 1:41 AM
Good Maen all you early risers
25/Nov/10 1:44 AM
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