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Easy Sudoku for 25/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Merry christmas to all..
25/Dec/10 12:00 AM
May you have a Wonderous day!
25/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Merry Christmas, Appy!
25/Dec/10 12:05 AM
My best wishes to all regardless of the time zone that you are across the world. Enjoy the spirit of the season. CHeers!
25/Dec/10 12:06 AM
Merry Christmas to you all!
25/Dec/10 12:08 AM
Merry Christmas appy, Shiela and Greg!
25/Dec/10 12:09 AM
The cake is out of the oven, smells great.
25/Dec/10 12:09 AM
Have put out the pressies.
25/Dec/10 12:10 AM
And now I really do have to go to bed.

25/Dec/10 12:10 AM
Goodnight, Santa! ... I mean CP!
25/Dec/10 12:13 AM
Merry Christmas everyone! May you find peace and joy, love and laughter, good food and lovely surprises, all shared with your family and friends!
25/Dec/10 12:16 AM
Merry Christmas to all.
25/Dec/10 12:16 AM
Good Morning and Merry Christmas to everyone!

This is a pretty flower considering it smells like turpentine! Thanks, Kate!
25/Dec/10 12:19 AM
Merry Christmas Eve Day here... and a Joyous Christmas to those around the globe!
25/Dec/10 12:28 AM
Well it's Christmas in some parts of Australia already - not here in Qld for another half hour. Our guests have left and I've taken the last 20 minutes restoring my laptop - my grandies were on it tracking Santa Claus (he ought to bi in Australia by now) - goodness knows what they did to it.
25/Dec/10 12:33 AM

Merry Christmas everyone, wherever you are, enjoy it, and be safe!
25/Dec/10 12:35 AM
If the birth happened today....


(I'm so glad it happened when it did!)
25/Dec/10 12:35 AM

- M E R R Y . C H R I S T M A S -

to one and all!

Have a

H A P P Y . H O L I D A Y

Celebrate ye well - with reverence, cheer and glad tidings, and above all

25/Dec/10 12:39 AM

Let's all remember the reason for the season, be kind and love one another. Peace on earth is the best present we can have.
25/Dec/10 12:51 AM
"Merry Christmas" to all my sudoku friends who are celebration. I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends.
25/Dec/10 1:19 AM
I had a bit of a funny tummy yesterday which means I will have to watch what I eat today. When I think of all the goodies there will be. (drool)
25/Dec/10 1:21 AM
Keith must be getting ready for Santa.
25/Dec/10 1:22 AM
25/Dec/10 1:26 AM
Merry Christmas to all.
25/Dec/10 1:32 AM
Good Christmas Maen, good people!
25/Dec/10 1:42 AM
Shiela - loved the YouTube. I will play it again later for the social networking people in the household.
25/Dec/10 1:44 AM
Good Maen and Meowy Catsmas Sudokuland!
25/Dec/10 1:45 AM
Well, according to NORAD, Santa has come and gone from Harston - and didn't swing by here ...

Memo to self: re-define 'naughty'.

Merry Christmas to Sudokuers everywhere - naughty OR nice.
25/Dec/10 1:52 AM
25/Dec/10 1:59 AM
Love your Santa cats, Vici!
My late, black & white Tuxedo (RIP), would wear a Christmas collar made of red and green wooden beads on an elastic band. Surprising for a cat who normally didn't wear any collar at all the rest of the year. He'd almost strut around in front of our other More...
25/Dec/10 2:00 AM
Good morning all. I still have the chore I dislike more than most to do today. Tried to get Crystal to do it last night, but we got busy editing the pictures she took at Dickens Faire, and then it was 12:30 and she went home leaving me with the chore of getting the neck out of the turkey. Oh well... after I have at least 1 cup of coffee.
25/Dec/10 2:03 AM
Good Maen, all. And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I had a wonderful time at the Low Country Boil and Oyster Roast Party last night. Poor Jaime couldn't go because of his cold, but at least he's feeling much better this morning, so we are hoping he'll be well by tomorrow. It's a good thing I baked two More...
25/Dec/10 2:06 AM
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I'm taking it easy this year, just turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and cheese plates. But I do have enough food to make a full dinner if the kids don't bring the salads and greens.
25/Dec/10 2:13 AM
Good morning worldly people.
25/Dec/10 2:20 AM
Excitement is building around here. I love that the girls are driving Man crazy this morning and they are in full force.
He had the nerve to say, he cannot get anything done. DUH. Does he ever listen to me?
25/Dec/10 2:21 AM
Sounds yummy, Dorthea! We'll be doing a turkey, too - on the Weber - the first one Jaime's cooked for quite awhile.
25/Dec/10 2:22 AM
Lots of yummy Christmas food being described here! After the traditional turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving, we are looking outside the box for a more California-esque Christmas dinner ... prime rib and Alaskan King Crab legs! With a bunch of innovative side dishes, it will be a gastronomic delight! A wonderful day to all of you!
25/Dec/10 2:23 AM
I owe a huge Thank You to Sue.
Thanks to this wonderful woman, Man has taken an interest in my Worldly friends. I have been sharing you all with him for over 4 years and he has always given me this look. You remember the ax murder comments. These days it is, "Is that lady you met on?" More...
25/Dec/10 2:25 AM
I'm hungry reading all your posts!
I've been baking 6 different kinds of Biscotti...some for gifts, some for family gatherings. Today I'll be baking a cheese cake...Mr. VV will be doing the turkey and fixin's tomorrow. Lucky me!
25/Dec/10 2:29 AM
25/Dec/10 2:30 AM
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