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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Stella, just read your posting, all life is precious, take care xx
25/Jul/07 1:35 AM
I'm doing fine Linda, thanks for asking. How are you doing?
25/Jul/07 1:38 AM
Adorable pooch!

Corporal Christopher Scherer, prayers are with your family.
25/Jul/07 1:41 AM
EVE, love the new avatar, it is sooo you! I spent a long time on your Safari last night, OH MY! Some lovely photos you have posted, I did enjoy! Thanks for sharing.
25/Jul/07 1:53 AM
I love Max!
25/Jul/07 2:15 AM
Good Afternoon Max - Nice hat!

Stella - I am so sorry to hear about your friend's son. I will remember all of you in my prayers.
25/Jul/07 2:19 AM
MIZ T, added Strawberry Pie to my site, for all to enjoy. The new Avatar - took some work on the learning curve - but finally got there. Thanks for your help on the first.
25/Jul/07 2:37 AM
25/Jul/07 2:40 AM
Good maEn!
Cute dog.
Stella, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son death.
25/Jul/07 2:57 AM
Hope your day is going great.

I, too, extend my sympathies on the loss of your friend's son, Stella. But, it's aways awesome to hear that someone came home safe as in the case of Lnda's 'other' son. More...
25/Jul/07 3:03 AM
Sorry about that duplication -- my mouse wasn't working, and I am worthless with my laptop's touchpad!
25/Jul/07 3:08 AM
Oh Stella, I'm so sorry for the family of Corporal Christopher Scherer. I know the anxiety that they've felt while he was in Iraq. I felt it the two times he's gone. I'm sitting here in tears, crying for Christopher and scared silly for my own.
25/Jul/07 3:23 AM
2:11 Cute picture.
Stella, so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends son.
Shosho, I hope yours comes home safe.
25/Jul/07 4:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've heard of the cat in the hat, but a Max in a hat!
25/Jul/07 4:05 AM
Stella: The loss of any life is sad. My sympathies to the friends and loved ones of all those suffering loss.
25/Jul/07 4:07 AM
Good afternoon everyone! Just returned from lunch, catching up on posts and then back to .

Shosho, I'll add my prayers that your loved ones come back safe. I know we are glad Tom is back, now it is off to flight school in April for him.
25/Jul/07 4:08 AM

Does anyone out there remember the Left Banke? No? Well then does anyone out there remember the song ''Walk Away Renee''? Check out my YouTube and enjoy!
25/Jul/07 4:09 AM
Max .
You forgot to put on your sun glass !!!
Nice Maen to all.
25/Jul/07 4:17 AM
There is a full front page photo of Corporal Scherer on Newsday (the LI newspaper)today, as well as photos of the family and a story inside. How sad. I was already praying for him and them today, and will continue to do so.
25/Jul/07 4:20 AM

Very very sorry.Our prayers for Corporal Christopher Scherer.
25/Jul/07 4:22 AM
Stella: My heartfelt sympathy to your friend and her family. Corporal Scherer was a true hero as are all the military serving overseas.
Shosho: Blessings to you and prayers for your loved one's safe return.
25/Jul/07 4:34 AM
25/Jul/07 4:36 AM
Greg - I certainly do remember 'Walk Away Reneé'. Great tune!
25/Jul/07 4:45 AM
It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely filthy money is!
25/Jul/07 4:56 AM
Yes Greg, although I was just a mere child, I remember Walk Away Reneé.
25/Jul/07 5:02 AM
Okay, I forgot the accent in my song title, so here it is .... é. Cheers!
25/Jul/07 5:07 AM
Linda, if the money is that filthy, send it to me and I'll figure out a way to get rid of it.
25/Jul/07 5:13 AM
I have learnt a very important lesson today. Do not leave this site unvisited for 5 days and over a weekend.......it takes hours to catch up on all the posts!
The house we sold when we moved here 18 years ago is now in the middle of the floods just outside Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. In all the More...
25/Jul/07 5:14 AM
Greg - what would you do with dirty American money? Besides, it is mostly 1's, so really just piddly little stuff.
25/Jul/07 5:19 AM
Hello LInda It was great meeting you Just wanted you to know Rob will be back late nonight from Yellowstone
25/Jul/07 5:21 AM
Hi Char, it was great to meet you also. I am sure they had a great time!
25/Jul/07 5:44 AM
Good Morning all ............5.43am and I can't sleep.

What exciting stuff and controversy will be dredged up today do you think? Oh well, as I'm off work, I've got all day to watch and learn.
25/Jul/07 5:45 AM
There once was a lady who was very concerned about her missing parrot. Not knowing what to do, she called 911, the emergancy help line.

'You gotta help me find my parrot!'

The operator patiently replied, 'We can't help you with that, ma'am. This number only deals with emergencies.' More...
25/Jul/07 5:51 AM
Please all say a prayer for all the suffering people in Zimbabwe. Cheers
25/Jul/07 5:56 AM
Hello world...hope the day/night is going well for all.
Corporal Christopher Scherer: May you Rest in Peace! To your family and friends, May peace soon find you!
To those still serving, seperated from family and friends: Thank You! May you soon be reunited with your loved ones, phyically More...
25/Jul/07 6:06 AM
CG, I remember Walk Away Renee, and that it was sung by the Left Banke. I can remember every one-hit wonder group from that era, but ask me where my car keys are and that's another story ...
25/Jul/07 6:29 AM
Little Max looks like he is being driven to a Bulls game

Hope Jano posts. Bad days in Beirut.

Well said, Mamacita!
25/Jul/07 6:38 AM
Cathy - funny you should say that. Friends and I were just talking about memory this weekend. Ask me about an incident from years ago and I can tell you what day, date, and time it took place, but ask me what happened yesterday, well, you know....
25/Jul/07 6:48 AM
I forgot what I was doing - something about company coming.
25/Jul/07 7:09 AM
Ok, now I remember - let's fly to the top....Here we go...
25/Jul/07 7:10 AM
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