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Easy Sudoku for 25/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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So sorry for the wind as we landed.
I saw your looks of dismay
As your lace and curls and fancy dresses
Were blown into disarray

Now where’s the birthday girl in disguise?
Is she hiding under that sheeting
I think her eyes are telling lies
Hey COL. here’s birthday More...
Rub n scrub thats all I do
rub n scrub for the length of the cruise
rub n scrub clean up the mess
rub n scrub look after the guests
Them never seez the life I suffer
long as they get cold bolly for supper
Hocolate themz want mornin noon n night
what some do with it dont seem right
I'll rub n scrub n do what them expect
n when thats finished I'll start on the decks
sorry cherry pie Col is not aboard,
coming on so early she could not afford.
she is at work and cant get away
sometime on wednesday she will say g'day
I've managed to find a few bottles still on ice, Country Bumpkin. The chippendales have taken a break and are in need of some TLC.
Since Angie and Mickey are about to arrive, I've ordered for more bolly, so come on back down to the stateroom and get jolly
col is it your birthday happy birthday

mine is tommorrow on the 26th
whats this all about a cruise tell me what has been going on here
Crystal my dear have no fear.
You have come home from a holiday only to find yourself aboard our lovely Lady Sudoko Ice Cruise.
An extended holiday for you thats clear. Don't bother to unpack just send up a Beacon and the chopper will collect you, plenty of bolly and ocolate aboard, the spa is full but always room for one more.
exotic diamond im on my way,
running down the halls im coming to play.
had a spray on tan to get rid of the white,
now i wont shine bright like the moon during the night.
Bolly you say, kahula i will bring,
get angie on it and we are in for a sing.
Look out i have a friend for on More...
thank you exotic daimond would love to come along but have to pack again lol
i'll hurry up just a few more thing ok there done you can pick me up now
can any one tell me what that girl above the timer is looking at.
Whoops - dropped out for a bit
Must have tripped on the upper deck.

I know I’m looking grotty
I probably look deranged
I have in here an evening gown
Just give me a mo to get changed.

Now here am I resplendent
Just Goigeous in a scarlet gown
Oh you naughty pilot!!
This instant put me down!!
Wot fill one spa with hocolate?
The lyfe of them that haz.
Cherry Pie, be an angel and send your handsome Pilot over to pick up Crystal.

I'm in the middle of doing the shuffle.

Scurvy Bill, please help me here. Where is the spa with hocolate?
Ah! That’s better! You raucous thing!
Let me regain composure.
Now let me get my shawl just right
Or I’ll blush from over exposure.

Now Biggles (That's his nickname)
Can I trust you well?
To make the flight
all through the night
To pick up the lovely Crystal?
almost there just can't wait
Well Biggles has checked his compass
And Biggles has checked his map
And Biggles thinks it’s far too far
To fly to the Netherlands and back!!

But Biggles’ mate, Ol’ Flying Fox
Has a jet in Belgium to rock your socks
If Crystal is willing
And pays him some schilling
He’ll jet her back here to the closest docks.
Oh my lord Cp'an Depp you have my full attention
and please oh please my ice it needs a mention
Can you smooth my ice sheet fore the glacier advances
Come stay with me a little while I don't get many chances
I'll cool your brow and maybe map an iceberg or two
My fronds will sooth More...
Hey wait for me, I’m coming aboard in style
With so much luggage- it’s over there in a pile
Here I am in my golden canoe
A jeweled dress and my hair in a do
My boat is rowed by ten handsome men
Feeding my sweet grapes by hand and then
Massaging my feet with coconut oil
Oh they More...
Vodka on the rocks tis time you put him down
Your'll overspill your vodka and end up with a frown
The cruisers filling nicely nothing much left to do
Except frolic with Scurvy Bill and have a glass or two
He keeps those decks oh so clean
Never a frown always a glean
Those black teeth should be scrubbed today
If you want a wench to come and play
Up the mast I must go
To bring ice bucket down below
Did they not see what was in it?
The plastic soaking for a minute.
Someone watch out for fiona
She'll be after me when she sees it gone
And penguin haggis I might be
Until then I'll spend cheerily
Walk the plank for her I think
Or toss her straight into the drink.
Castalia mamm
The spa be not quite the right temperature as all the hocolate has not melted yet, though if I may be so bold as to say that with you in it it'll be boilin in no time.
On the East Coast heading through the reef ...

Hang on a mo,
I’ve lost my thong,
It’s sure to be
where it doesn’t belong

Oh bother, it’s gone
right over the side
It’s floating away
on the evening tide

Well I may as well chuck
away the other
and go barefoot
It’s a bit of a bother.
Cherry Pie, oh my oh my
Biggles has found me in the hololate spa
What a handsome Pilot he really is
No wonder your all in a tiz
Damm this wooden leg.
allo allo!!! so sorry about le ice bucket and le yellow ice, po opie non!!! why ave you lace in your teeth?

aaah a spa pour moi - why ees it brun? po opie?
Here I am oh party party
I am such a clever smarty
strutting my stuff for the boys to see
so they weill come and dance with me
where are they now have they all gone
the disco dancing has just begun
Chippendales my oh my
makes your eyes wanna cry
handsome things all covered More...
Can someone send for Batman
To sort out that thief Penguin?




Ouch! Oh Whoopsie!
I've tripped on the Poopsie,


Off I toddle
What else can I find?
Thongs on my flippers
Will keep them clean
On the poop deck
You know what I mean.
Oh there you are in the hocolate!
What a funny place to hide?
Could you go back out to the Chopper
And bring those supplies inside!!
At last the party has started!
So many have come up back on deck.
I have found many an empty bottle
Perhaps a game of Spin the Bottle
Welcome aboard one and all. I see some have silpped into their alter ego and have started having some fun with the crew mates. I think it'time PDPete vanished for the time being.
To my cabin it is then.
mon cherie , does my a ss look big in dees thong?
Round and round I spin today having fun its true
stuffing myself with chocolate whats a girl to do
May have another tipple to get me in the mood
and maybe just a nibble of this wonderful food
I might lie in the hammock and have a little snooze
Its gone right to my head drinking all this booze
HIC.... who is in the hammock??
Been up the mast after the ice
Been in the spa that was sure nice
Went fore and aft in search of rum
Starbord and port, never did find some
The pusser has vanished I'm in such a state
I'm off to my hammock I'll probably sleep late.
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