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Easy Sudoku for 26/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
26/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Good morning!
26/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen, All!
26/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Hi John! Wow you beat me in!
26/Oct/08 12:01 AM
Hi Shosho and John! Good to see you guys here early with me on a Saturday!
26/Oct/08 12:01 AM
Is this Sue's picture? Oklahoma University??
26/Oct/08 12:04 AM
Can't stay and play today. We are off to buy grape juice to make wine. I'll be making a Pink Catawba, which is a local specialty. It is a sweet light fruity wine. Not sure what Jack will pick. Have to clean my pails first. Good Day to all.
26/Oct/08 12:15 AM
Here I am, on page 1 - and I'm not even at work. Just up late. About to head to bed, it's late!
26/Oct/08 12:28 AM
From: Alexandria.

Hi everyone and have a very nice day all of you.
26/Oct/08 12:34 AM
26/Oct/08 12:35 AM
Great picture but not mine. Yes, The University of Oklahoma [in Norman] not to be confused with Oklahoma State University [in Stillwater]. Most just say OU or Sooners.
26/Oct/08 12:36 AM
Good Morning everyone! It is a beautiful sunny day here but possibility of snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning!

Sue, we prefer Cyclones!
26/Oct/08 12:51 AM
Sweet dreams, CP
Jill - sounds like fun - good luck with your process!
Wadgy - are you on holiday in Alexandria?
Jerry - looks like you could use another cup
26/Oct/08 12:51 AM
Hiya Linda! I've been thinking about you - looking forward to 11/15 in SF!
Can't wait to see snow here, but it probably won't be for a month or so.
26/Oct/08 12:53 AM
Sudokuland friends!
A brisk, cloudy day in SE Michigan.
Day of the Michigan State University - University of Michigan football game.
May the best team win! Spartans!
Go Green! Go White!
26/Oct/08 12:53 AM

Our good buddy Bill Clinton was assigned a new intern named Sally.

Being the polite gentleman he is, Bill went to visit Sally and ask her if she needed any questions answered. She said no, so Bill asked, "Have you seen the presidential clock yet?"
26/Oct/08 12:58 AM
2:32 to you all from Beijing.

I have posted another entry on my blog, "I Voted!"

As always, I look forward to your comments.
26/Oct/08 1:05 AM
The way they're playing, this will probably be in vain, but ...

, Michigan Wolverines!

Go Maize and Blue!!

Good grief, boys ... it was bad enough losing to Toledo ... don't lose to MSU!
26/Oct/08 1:14 AM
[tears out of coffee!!!! Guess it will be tea now
26/Oct/08 1:16 AM
lost my crying face
26/Oct/08 1:17 AM
Are we there yet?
26/Oct/08 1:18 AM
26/Oct/08 1:18 AM
guess I need to go boil some water for tea
26/Oct/08 1:20 AM
Jane, seems you got 22, congrats!
26/Oct/08 1:21 AM
Who would believe that our sweet Jane has a witch's cauldron? ... yeah, right ...
26/Oct/08 1:25 AM
Wow! Two days in a row! Must be the Bailey's in my coffee!
26/Oct/08 1:25 AM
Judy, it's a great place to stash the Bailey's.
26/Oct/08 1:26 AM
Nearly ready for bed. Watched Die Hard with my 14 yr old. At first I was worried she might be offended by the violence and bad language but realised it was the putrid sex ads - "ph FREE for hot girl on girl action" and " ph HOTNIGHTS for auto downloads to your ph to see LovelyLucy More...
26/Oct/08 1:28 AM
But don't the bats' wings and eyes of newt corrupt the Bailey's?
26/Oct/08 1:28 AM
Nah. That's what the cat's there for - to filter out the animal parts.
26/Oct/08 1:33 AM
Then again, a little protein in the Bailey's might do me a world of good.
26/Oct/08 1:34 AM
I wonder what baileys would taste like in tea?
26/Oct/08 1:40 AM
Only one way to find out, Linda.
26/Oct/08 1:40 AM
elsie.... You have a great 14 year old there. You must be proud. You did a good job raising her.
26/Oct/08 1:42 AM
I've heard that Bailey's is great in coffee.
26/Oct/08 1:44 AM
Missed yesterday and early today - I went to visit my son - he had a jazz concert last night - my little baby is growing up - he lost some weight in his face and is growing a beard that you can actually see - looked very nice - but of course,I'm his mother
26/Oct/08 1:45 AM
could you pass some of that Bailey's down here please, I could use a little pick me up
26/Oct/08 1:46 AM
My you witches are at the brew early! (and I use "witches" in the most respectful way!)
Congrats on 22 Jane!
Linda - if I were out of coffee I would be out the door, tea would not suffice. I just hate when I have to do a fasting blood work up.
26/Oct/08 1:47 AM
baileys and tea, not good
26/Oct/08 1:47 AM
Help yourself, mymare. Just scoop some out of my cauldron.
26/Oct/08 1:48 AM
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