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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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and another one over the page - makes my 2nd CP of the day - and gets me TOP.
26/Nov/07 5:59 PM
I'm off to the naughty corner!!
26/Nov/07 5:59 PM
RayRay- I'm honored to have you memtion me in one of your poems. I hope you get a book together so we can buy it. I haven't tryed the Moa yet. My brother gave me a dodo, but it's really hard, like it's been kept in storage to long.
26/Nov/07 6:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

It seems that the company that provided the horoscope has gone out of business .

I've applied to several companies that provide horoscopes, and hopefully they will be back within the week.

Until then - anyone feeling particularly psychic and want to predict the future for everyone? .

26/Nov/07 6:06 PM
Dorthea - probably a little too long in storage. I wonder how old bones have to be, before they won't produce stock.
26/Nov/07 6:34 PM
Gath - are the Birthday's working since the site move? It's been awhile since we have had any. My list shows Julie (IL) for the 27th & Val (Eng) on the 30th.
26/Nov/07 6:37 PM
Jill our thoughts and prayers are with you. It looks as though the accident with the ammonium chloride was a disaster in disguise
showing up the blockage to his heart which can now be treated.
26/Nov/07 6:37 PM
Speaking of Birthdays - there is a party going on at Linda's - still a lot of food and frivolity going on over there http://sudoku.com.au/UserPage.aspx?Go=E24-12-1964&UID=14679
so stop on by and wish her a .

PS: She requested the party on her page.
26/Nov/07 6:59 PM
The clock is striking midnight
26/Nov/07 7:00 PM
I can see 12 zodiac signs
all going to be looking at a box type device
some will be seeing squares and others not
a ruler with a four letter name will be overseeing them.
26/Nov/07 7:32 PM
I will attempt to channel the great MOOHAJ - Elder Gpysy Seeress of late from Cleveland Ohio.
ARIES: A true Aries should have their oil changed today otherwise look out for bent spoons. Good day for trying something new like walking backwards. Lucky numbers: 1, 3476 and .13
TAURUS: More...
26/Nov/07 8:31 PM
PISCES!!! That was a CAR you win... so STILL at least ONE tire.
26/Nov/07 8:38 PM
Tahnks Jaffy, I thought there was something wrong with me! It would appear I need an oil change. Who knew?

Calling all Sudokuists: does anyone recall who has the incredible photos of Mammatus clouds. They are the eerie cloud formations that look like women's breasts. I have at some stage or More...
26/Nov/07 8:40 PM
Do(did) you guys have Plymouth Aries and/or Ford Taurus' down there? SHould have asked Madame Moohaj to check her sources...
26/Nov/07 8:50 PM
Now that's interesting... in North America there were Chrysler Aries and Ford Taurus cars. Wonder why they stopped there?? Is there a Scorpio somewhere?? How about Gemini? Is there a Chevy Capricorn in someone's future?
LAST THING: We completely forgot: SuDOUGHku.
26/Nov/07 8:54 PM

To all in Perth, I would like to invite you to a Xmas brekky on the 8th December. Please RSvP on my page and I will forward the rest of the details.
26/Nov/07 8:56 PM
Uhhh, Gail, just WHY do you need the photos of Mammatus clouds?
26/Nov/07 8:56 PM
Gail, MizTricia1...
We often see Mammatus clouds here in the skies over BRAzil.
GooD nightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
26/Nov/07 9:00 PM
Well MizT, I'll tell you. Just been out and about visiting again and looked at Vera from Alexandria's new photos. She has some amazing photos of incredible cloud formations on her page and I was showing them to hubby. I also wanted to show him these mammatus cloud photos, but can't because I can't More...
26/Nov/07 9:30 PM
Night Jaffy. Normally I would say sweet dreams but in your case, have some BRILL imaginative dreams please!
26/Nov/07 9:31 PM
Everyone I hope you have all had a great day/night where ever you maybe in this wonderful world of ours.

I've had a very busy last couple of days so I havn't been able to catch up on all the gossip, here. Anyone want to give me a quick version of whats happened?
26/Nov/07 10:34 PM

An Open Invitation
To all here at Sudoku.com.au

Melbourne Christmas Get Together

When: Sunday 2nd December 2007
26/Nov/07 10:39 PM

Melbourne Christmas update!

26/Nov/07 10:42 PM
26/Nov/07 11:00 PM
Gail, I have a photo of some mammatus clouds. I can't remember when it appeared but drop me a private note and I will email it to you.
26/Nov/07 11:02 PM
Thank you Ian. I can't wait to see it. I wish I could remember who had them, they had several pics. Very strange looking phenomenon. In fact, it was when I visited Dino, she and I were talking about them but I have not been able to find them again!
26/Nov/07 11:09 PM
Emels wish I could be there.
All you WA chocoholics - hope you all like the box of chocolates I emailed you? Perhaps you could send a few on to some of the other chocosudokuholics whose email addresses I don't have.
26/Nov/07 11:10 PM
Hey Mo, I don't remember getting any chocolates.
Boo Hoo, What about Me???
26/Nov/07 11:38 PM
Gath-Not a psychic, but I do have an idea. AA (along with any other self help groups) has a book of daily reflections, affirmations and/or motivators that are available online. Most (if not all) would let you use them without cost. Not to mention, they'd be usefull for most people regardless of More...
26/Nov/07 11:49 PM
27/Nov/07 2:01 AM
27/Nov/07 6:50 AM
29/Sep/12 4:53 AM
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