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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Clang, Clang, Clang

Down the hill we go!!!

OK - I did the same yesterday - but it was a lot latter.
26/Apr/10 4:18 AM
Plum - great job yesterday!

If you didn't read her post in amongst CP's - check it out.
26/Apr/10 4:20 AM
Good ones, CG!!
26/Apr/10 4:28 AM
It's very nice to have your clanging back, Eve!

Yes, great job, Plum! I, too, have read the All Creatures series more than once ... but I'm STILL not certain that I would want to spend the day with both of my arms up a goat's whoha!
26/Apr/10 4:30 AM
A glindagory:

There was once a pertumberous gillymorbluck who had no persememberance. "If only," it thought, "I could get to the other side, the far shore of Fisborish." But alas, to no avail. And so it sat on the shell-strewn beach, and strumming on its crypondick, More...
26/Apr/10 5:46 AM
Whoa, Plum, you have my complete admiration!!! I have read almost all of Herriot's work several times but I still don't think I could have done veterinary work like you did!
26/Apr/10 6:46 AM
Hi, Calypso! Looks like something I place on the edge of the glass holding my drink!!!
26/Apr/10 6:50 AM
A glindagory response:

And on hearing the song,
The Gollygulp said.,
"You can cross the gulf,
Without any dread."

"The winds seem unfriendly,
But they constantly change,
And any brave gillymorbluck,
Can easily range"

"To shores far More...
26/Apr/10 7:17 AM
Ah Sweet Mystery of Life....why the devil have I been gone so long and missed all of this wonder...Plum and C P, a wonder to behold for all creatures great and small leave us shaking our heads as we applaud the results, knowing full well how special it was..... then the creative duo, Glinda and More...
26/Apr/10 7:57 AM
2:01, my head's really struggling this morning! all.
26/Apr/10 8:05 AM
Morning - I too am doing a slow wake up this morning, it is a public holiday luckily.
26/Apr/10 8:49 AM
2:11 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy.
26/Apr/10 8:51 AM
tcefrep yrogadnilg x
26/Apr/10 8:54 AM
Good Morning All, hope all is well in your worlds. Now to do the puzzle, it has been a while, miss you all.
26/Apr/10 9:00 AM
CP - thanks for answering me the other day about Kathy's pearls. I was a bit worried. I had tried to make the page bigger, but it didn't work.

Gail (and anyone else) - Gramma is doing pretty good. Unfortunately, her body is wearing out. Her hearing and vision is starting to fail and 2 More...
26/Apr/10 9:54 AM
26/Apr/10 10:28 AM
Thank you Angie for the update. Though a little sad, I am pleased Gramma is ready for when her time comes. Fifteen years is a long time to be without your man. I hope when it comes it will be peaceful. May she eat burgers and drink beer till then!
26/Apr/10 11:14 AM
I'm back! After 20 months and a Master's under my belt, I am ready to play again. Seems like this place contains all the same wonderful, friendly people and friendly attitude!
26/Apr/10 11:30 AM
WOOHOO. Great cause for a Sudoku celebration!

Congratulations Virginia, great to have you back amongst us.
26/Apr/10 1:25 PM
Welcome back and congratulations to you, vwhite!!
26/Apr/10 2:13 PM
I have my cranky face on!
26/Apr/10 2:13 PM
Nobody say "What's new?"!!!!
26/Apr/10 2:15 PM
I asked Mr P to come to the movies with me, and he agreed (a bit grumpily!). So I chose our local cinema, a movie he'd like too, with a starting time that fitted in with our plans for the rest of the day (cooking a roast dinner).
26/Apr/10 2:16 PM
Yeah, well......
When we arrived at the cinema it turned out the starting time was an hour earlier than advertised in the newspaper!
I am so mad!!!!!!
26/Apr/10 2:18 PM
Taking my cranky self to bed for a nana nap now!
26/Apr/10 2:19 PM
Oh, CP don't be mad. At least you have a man who'll go to the theatre with you! Mine won't go to the theatre, complains the seats are too uncomfortable. Poor baby can't stretch out and prop his feet on an ottoman there. : P! So I go with friends and nieces and nephews instead!
26/Apr/10 2:32 PM
Don't get mad, get even! Isn't that the saying?
26/Apr/10 2:46 PM
Uh, Gail ... you want CP to vandalize the cinema??
26/Apr/10 2:59 PM
No Judy (said with a very condescending tone)...not read the paper ever again...DER!
26/Apr/10 3:02 PM
Shosho - I too have a husband who won't go to the cinema (unless Robin Williams is in the movie) - but I let him get away with it because he falls asleep anyway. Very embarassing!
26/Apr/10 6:18 PM
OK - crankiness has settled!
Just had no 2 daughter and son-in-law here for roast lamb dinner, and just before they went home there was talk of 2 great new movies coming out this week. She has to work this Friday and next (doesn't usually) only until 4pm, so he was offering to book premium More...
26/Apr/10 8:48 PM
And yes, girls, I do often go to the movies by myself or with friends - I was just trying to get him to do something with me to make up for some of his frequent absences from home this year!
26/Apr/10 8:50 PM
After the fates conspiring against me today, it will be just easier to go by myself or with friends and not bother with the angst of moving grumblebum out of his comfort zone!
26/Apr/10 8:52 PM
Because, you're right, he does whinge when we get there any way. Can't stand the noise volume (I make him take earplugs now), doesn't like queues, food and drinks too expensive.......
26/Apr/10 8:54 PM
26/Apr/10 8:54 PM
Slow day today????
26/Apr/10 8:58 PM
Whoa CP!! Sure got that off your chest now hehe!
26/Apr/10 8:59 PM
oh, are we talking Hockey -- mmmm the Blackhawks were coming up on Saturday ??
26/Apr/10 9:25 PM
CP, your hubby and mine are the same in that area!
26/Apr/10 10:19 PM
Yep - all vented now, thanks, Broni!!!!
26/Apr/10 10:33 PM
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